Mon Jul 6 7:00am
Baby Special TLC

Buddy and Lisa prepare for the arrival of their fourth child by getting the nursery ready and choosing godparents. Meanwhile, the bakery is booming on one of the busiest days of the year: Valentine's Day.

Mon Jul 6 8:00am
Pucks, Pastries & Pushy Grace(Season 4, Episode 7) TLC

A life-size cake replica of an arcade table-hockey game, complete with playable figures, is made.

Mon Jul 6 8:30am
Designer, Deadlines & Diagnosis(Season 4, Episode 10) TLC

Designer Isaac Mizrahi orders seven fashion-inspired cakes that models will carry down the runway. Also: Buddy checks on the construction of his new factory; and a visit to the doctor reveals that Buddy will need surgery.

Tue Jul 7 7:00am
Tulips, Taxes & Take It Easy(Season 4, Episode 11) TLC

Buddy constructs an 8-tier cake for the Philadelphia Flower Show, which doesn't leave him with much time to rest before his hernia operation.

Tue Jul 7 7:30am
Competition, Complications, & Communion(Season 4, Episode 17) TLC

A bowling cake leads to a guys-vs.-gals match on the lanes; Buddy's daughter Sophia celebrates her first communion; complications arise at the new factory.

Tue Jul 7 8:00am
Moving Cake, Marbles & Mess Ups(Season 4, Episode 19) TLC

A moving go-cart cake is constructed. Also: Buddy works on a special birthday cake for a family friend who's turning 101.

Tue Jul 7 8:30am
Campfires, Computers & Concerns(Season 4, Episode 21) TLC

Buddy builds a camping-theme cake, complete with a real fire for roasting marshmallows. Also: a high-tech cake is wired by phones and a computer.

Wed Jul 8 7:00am
Prize Cow, Pop-Tarts & A Predicament(Season 4, Episode 22) TLC

A cake replica of a live cow is made. Also: a special cake is made to cheer up a homesick boy whose family just moved to Hoboken, N.J.

Wed Jul 8 7:30am
Chandelier Cake & a Christening(Season 4, Episode 24) TLC

Buddy works on one of his most challenging cakes to date: an edible chandelier cake that will be hung upside down. Also: Buddy's son is baptized.

Wed Jul 8 8:00am
Paleontology & Popping the Question(Season 4, Episode 25) TLC

Buddy and Lisa celebrate their 10-year anniversary. Meanwhile, a dinosaur-theme wedding cake is made for a couple who are getting married in a museum.

Wed Jul 8 8:30am
State Fair, Syracuse Bound & Special Anniversary(Season 4, Episode 26) TLC

A silver anniversary cake for the State Fair Meadowlands; a Syracuse University-themed cake for Joey's college-bound son.

Thu Jul 9 7:00am
Transport Troubles & Two Brides(Season 4, Episode 27) TLC

A huge Chicago-theme cake is constructed to celebrate the opening of a Rolls-Royce dealership in the Windy City. Also: Buddy works on a cake for a very special couple from Long Island.

Thu Jul 9 7:30am
A Funny Regis & Fifty Weddings(Season 4, Episode 28) TLC

Regis Philbin stops by the bakery for a lesson on cake decorating. Also: a bride requests a cake for her 50th wedding; and Joey's visited by his old fire chief.

Thu Jul 9 8:00am
Bees, Beware & Business(Season 4, Episode 29) TLC

A giant beehive cake is made with real honey. Also: a client seeks Buddy's help in pranking her husband.

Thu Jul 9 8:30am
Chocolate Race Cars & Choosing a Dress(Season 4, Episode 30) TLC

Race-car driver Danica Patrick stops by the bakery with a special request. Meanwhile, Lisa and her sisters head to Kleinfeld Bridal in search of a dress for her vow-renewal ceremony.

Fri Jul 10 7:00am
Spirits & Spumoni(Season 4, Episode 31) TLC

Buddy goes ghost hunting with some professional ghost hunters. Later, Joey resurrects an old recipe for spumoni ice-cream cake.

Fri Jul 10 7:30am
Coffins, Costumes & Cake on a Gurney(Season 4, Episode 32) TLC

A self-proclaimed vampire stops by the bakery on Halloween and requests a life-size coffin cake. Also: an engagement cake is created.

Fri Jul 10 8:00am
Soap, Sonograms & Surprise(Season 4, Episode 33) TLC

A young couple expecting a baby request a gender-reveal cake; Buddy tackles a washing-machine cake for a laundry-detergent giant; Lisa gets worked up about the vow-renewal ceremony.

Fri Jul 10 8:30am
Props, Pies & Party Time!(Season 4, Episode 34) TLC

A movie crew needs a cake for a film; the guys go all out for Maurizio's 21st birthday by building a tiki bar, including a volcano that serves drinks.

Mon Jul 13 7:00am
Church Cake, Carats, & a Castano's Pool Party(Season 4, Episode 35) TLC

Lisa goes ring shopping with Buddy for their vow-renewal ceremony; Buddy C has a pool party for his birthday; Grace is shocked by a replica of her wedding cake.

Mon Jul 13 7:30am
Bling, Barbecue & Blueprints(Season 4, Episode 36) TLC

Buddy sees dollar signs when he tackles a cake with diamonds and pearls; the construction crew at the new factory is treated to a barbecue; Grace begins her redecorating project at the old bakery.

Mon Jul 13 8:00am
Cake Block, Cruise & a Carlo's Ceremony(Season 4, Episode 37) TLC

Lisa and Buddy renew their vows on a cruise, but inclement weather could spoil their beach ceremony.

Tue Jul 14 7:00am
Touchdowns & Tattoos(Season 4, Episode 38) TLC

Buddy tackles a replica of the Heisman Trophy to be presented at the annual dinner honoring college football's best player. Meanwhile, Mauro has a plan for his and Maddalena's 20th anniversary; and the "Next Great Baker" winner shows up for the first day o (more…)

Tue Jul 14 7:30am
Cakes on a Plane(Season 5, Episode 15) TLC

Skydivers eat a cake from Carlo's during their descent; Buddy bakes a cake for his niece after she wins the top prize in a writing competition.

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