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Tue May 31 7:00am
Big Beast, Brownie Blunders & Back to Baking(Season 7, Episode 3) TLC

Singapore's 50th birthday is celebrated with a cake that has a lion's head and a fish's body. Meanwhile, Mauro returns to the bakery.

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Tue May 31 7:30am
High Tea and Hot Rods(Season 7, Episode 10) TLC

British expatriates ask for a cake to celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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Tue May 31 8:00am
Lights, Camera, Cake(Season 7, Episode 11) TLC

The Tribeca Film Festival is honored with a cake that features popcorn-flavored filling, and Buddy's sisters insist on tagging along on the red carpet.

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Tue May 31 8:30am
Cake of Thrones(Season 7, Episode 4) TLC

Ralph's secret life as a live-action role player is revealed when Buddy is asked to make a cake that resembles a griffin. Meanwhile, Mauro gets a makeover; and a cake is made for exchange students.

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Wed Jun 1 7:00am
College, Cherry and Challenges(Season 7, Episode 12) TLC

A cherry blossom cake is created for a local park to mark the arrival of spring. Meanwhile, Grace and Joey celebrate their son's graduation; and a culinary student from England says he can make a better cannoli than Buddy.

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Wed Jun 1 7:30am
Sweet Chicken and Sweeter Revenge(Season 7, Episode 6) TLC

A chicken-and-waffle eatery wants a cake to celebrate their anniversary; a monster cake is created for a day-care center; the women play a prank on Frank.

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Wed Jun 1 8:00am
Mother's Day and Men in Uniform(Season 7, Episode 13) TLC

Buddy's mom returns from Florida and sees the bakery's renovations for the first time. Meanwhile, Buddy makes a cake for the U.S. Navy celebration of Fleet Week; and Grace finds a new hobby.

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Wed Jun 1 8:30am
Best Buds and Baseball Gloves(Season 7, Episode 14) TLC

A 50th-birthday cake order comes with a twist; Buddy makes a cake for his son's Little League team; Buddy Castano puts an emergency plan in place following his father's health scare.

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Thu Jun 2 7:00am
Crabs, Communion, and a Comeback Pastry(Season 7, Episode 15) TLC

A marina orders a crab cake to kick off the local crabbing season; Buddy's son Marco reaches an important milestone; Joe and Mauro share advice for making zeppoli.

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Thu Jun 2 7:30am
Miss Richfield, Matryoshkas and a Meltdown(Season 7, Episode 16) TLC

Drag performer Miss Richfield 1981 orders a cake for New York City's Gay Pride Family Night. Meanwhile, Buddy makes a cake to celebrate Russian heritage month that features matryoshka dolls; and a busy wedding season takes its toll on the staff.

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Fri Jun 3 7:00am
Stained Glass & a Surprised Danny(Season 5, Episode 3) TLC

Buddy races against the clock when a priest wants a cake to honor a parishioner; Danny's 50th birthday comes with more than a few surprises.

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Fri Jun 3 7:30am
Fast Hands & a Flaming Pearl(Season 5, Episode 4) TLC

Buddy goes to Chinatown in New York City with a dragon-theme cake for the Chinese New Year; the team works on a punching-bag cake for mixed-martial-arts fighters at a local gym.

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Fri Jun 3 8:00am
Fitting In, Fed Up & a First Birthday(Season 5, Episode 1) TLC

In the Season 5 premiere, Buddy makes a cake for his son Carlo's first birthday; Marissa learns a lesson about teamwork; and Mary's tardiness irks Grace.

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Fri Jun 3 8:30am
Bar Mitzvah, Beads & Oh Baby!(Season 5, Episode 6) TLC

A cake for a bar mitzvah features a working slot machine; the crew make a Mardi Gras cake, complete with beads.

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Mon Jun 6 7:00am
Silly Seuss & Surprise!(Season 5, Episode 10) TLC

A Dr. Seuss cake is equipped with unbreakable gears and levers; the family plan a surprise for Buddy.

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Mon Jun 6 7:30am
Beer, Buttercups & Bumbling(Season 5, Episode 7) TLC

A tropical wedding cake is made for a pair of florists who are tying the knot; Joe fields an order for a cake that looks and tastes like beer; a delivery results in bad news.

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Mon Jun 6 8:00am
Liberty, Layups & a Loaded Dinner(Season 5, Episode 5) TLC

Buddy bakes a cake with a Statue of Liberty theme; Mauro becomes a U.S. citizen; Mary vents her anger over dinner.

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Mon Jun 6 8:30am
Presidents, Peanut Butter & Popping-in(Season 5, Episode 8) TLC

A Mount Rushmore cake tests Buddy's sculpting abilities; Marissa makes her peanut-butter cake to impress Buddy's wife and sister; Mary's return to the bakery could be short-lived.

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Tue Jun 7 7:00am
Going Up?(Season 5, Episode 12) TLC

Buddy makes an elevator cake for a birthday; Mauro is in charge of a cake for a spelling bee in northern New Jersey.

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Tue Jun 7 7:30am
Working at the Car Wash(Season 5, Episode 9) TLC

A car-wash cake features edible autos that can actually get cleaned; a couple celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.

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Tue Jun 7 8:00am
A Bittersweet Homecoming(Season 5, Episode 16) TLC

In the Season 5 finale, the Valastro family rally around its matriarch after Mama is diagnosed with a serious illness, and Buddy dedicates a special cake to his mother on Easter.

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Tue Jun 7 8:30am
Ice-ing on the Cake(Season 5, Episode 11) TLC

Buddy tours Blue Sky Studios with his kids for a preview of "Ice Age: Continental Drift," but mixes business with pleasure when he designs a cake inspired by the movie that includes a floating pirate ship.

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Thu Jun 9 7:00am
Under the Sea(Season 5, Episode 13) TLC

Grace's daughter turns 16 at a birthday party with a nautical theme, and her uncle Buddy creates an aquarium cake with edible reefs and sharks.

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Thu Jun 9 7:30am
Cakes on a Plane(Season 5, Episode 15) TLC

Skydivers eat a cake from Carlo's during their descent; Buddy bakes a cake for his niece after she wins the top prize in a writing competition.

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