Tough female cops fight crime on the streets of New York City while battling chauvinism in the workplace. When the going gets tough they seek refuge in the ladies' room, where only viewers can see them let down their guards and show their vulnerability. For the depth they brought to the roles of best friends and trusted partners, Sharon Gless (Cagney) and Tyne Daly (Lacey) collected seven Emmys between them, saw the show revived from cancellation twice and starred in four made-for-TV movies.

Active Cast

Tyne Daly Det. Mary Beth Lacey
Meg Foster Det. Chris Cagney (first six episodes)
Sharon Gless Det. Chris Cagney
Al Waxman Lt. Bert Samuels
Carl Lumbly Det. Mark Petrie
Martin Kove Det. Victor Isbecki
Harvey Atkin Sgt. Ronald Coleman

Former Cast