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Latest Episode: The Pilgrim of Hate

Dec 28, 1998 Season 4 Episode 3 watch on (Paid)

Amid the throng of hopeful pilgrims flocking to Shrewsbury Abbey on "Cripples' Day," a body is found in a leather sack. Brother Cadfael boils the body down to bones searching for clues to the victim's fate. But in the excitement of the day's festivities, the bones are stolen and the chief robbery suspect disappears, leaving Cadfael to unravel a twisted tale of retribution and murder. Sir Derek Jacobi stars as Brother Cadfael, a twelfth-century monk whose worldly past and keen intuition make him a natural sleuth. A PBS Mystery! favorite.

The Potter's Field

Sep 06, 2000 Season 4 Episode 2

After the local potter's field is given to the abbey, a plowman unearths a skeleton with long thick women's tresses unceremoniously buried there. Suspicion immediately falls on the newest monk, Brother Ruald, who lived on the land with his wife until abandoning it, and her, for the monastic life. The abandoned wife, a lovely young woman who pleaded with her husband not to leave, has been missing since shortly after Ruald left to answer his calling from God. But Cadfael remains puzzled, as he sees no signs of foul play on the remains. A young novice fleeing warfare that has invaded a nearby monastery further complicates the picture.
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The Holy Thief

Aug 30, 2000 Season 4 Episode 1

Brothers from Ramsey come to Shrewsbury looking for money to rebuild their monastery, which has been ransacked by rebel soldiers. They claim that a loan of Saint Winifred's Holy Relics, which are housed at Shrewsbury, would be suitable generosity. Cadfael and the Abbot opt to provide the men with a gift of precious gems instead. Then, during a cataclysmic night of violent storms, the Holy Relics disappear. Cadfael is dispatched to recover them and unearths a wrong much greater than he expected. Sir Derek Jacobi stars as Brother Cadfael, a 12th century monk whose worldly past and keen intuition make him a natural sleuth. A PBS Mystery! favorite.
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