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I'm just wondering how summer ...

Question: I'm just wondering how summer television (specifically The Closer, Burn Notice and Army Wives) will be affected by the strike? Also, will the fall TV shows air originals during the summer, or will they end abruptly and pick up where they left off in the fall? Answer: If I knew, I'd tell you. But I'm not a fortune-teller, so the answer, as it is with most strike-related issues, is: We have to wait and see. If the strike goes on too long into the new year, it will affect the production start dates of series that were planned for the summer, and their runs may also be affected. What happens after that is anyone's guess. As for the network prime-time shows that have been airing since fall: Again, it depends on how many episodes they'll be able to produce once the strike is over and how soon they'll be ready to air. It's possible some regular-season shows could run into the summer, but everything hinges on when everyone can get back to work ... read more

Any idea when the second ...

Question: Any idea when the second season of Burn Notice will premiere?

Answer: It's slated for June, but as a result of the — all together now — writers' strike, that's subject to change. Shooting was scheduled to get under way in mid-January, but that start date will be delayed for as long as the strike lasts (i.e., a two-month strike would push back production to mid-March). I'm told that as long as the strike is resolved by the end of February, the second season will debut on schedule. (Last year, Burn Notice didn't start shooting until April and still premiered in June.) In the meantime, Jeffrey Donovan is currently lensing the Clint Eastwood drama The Changeling, opposite Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich.

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First of all, I want to thank ...

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Question: First of all, I want to thank you for all that you do. It's wonderful to have a sane voice in this crazy world of television (especially when it comes to the Emmys). I agree with practically all of your insights (though I'll admit that I'm a Dwight fan) and I appreciate your recommendations. I just started the first season of Dexter and I have to say that I'm blown away. It's an amazing show, and though House is still my favorite, Michael C. Hall is giving Hugh Laurie a run for his money. Maybe it's just the Miami flavor (who would have known Miami would be such a great spot for awesome television?) or the freelance geniuses using their "unique" cache of knowledge to make the world a better place, but there seem to be several similarities between Dexter and Burn Notice. And then there are the voice-overs: the often humorous narration offering helpful hints and insights into their respective worlds. Try a mini-marathon of each back-to-back — even if you don't see the ... read more

Seeing as how Law & Order: ...

Question: Seeing as how Law & Order: Criminal Intent moved from NBC to USA Network, is there any chance that a USA Network original show could move to NBC? The most enjoyable TV I've watched since 24 first arrived would have to be Burn Notice, which is much better than most of the stuff the networks trot out, and I think it could really thrive on NBC. Watching it from late September to May would be a real treat. Any chance this could happen to Burn Notice, Psych or any other cable-TV show? Answer: Interesting question. But the answer is: Probably not. These shows were developed for USA and work very well for that brand, and while you're absolutely right that most of the networks would be lucky to have a show as enjoyable as Burn Notice on the fall lineup (NBC is instead saddled with bummers like Journeyman and Life), why punish USA by stealing it away? USA Network is not an insignificant player in the NBC/Universal empire. And it's also true that a show that looks like a hit on cable may ... read more

Why haven't ABC, CBS and NBC ...

Question: Why haven't ABC, CBS and NBC copied the cable networks with new summertime programs like The Closer, Damages, Burn Notice, etc.? Don't they know the public is clamoring for good programs to watch during the summer hiatus? Answer: The networks often say they'd like to put good stuff on in the summer months, not just failed burn-offs and shows they've otherwise given up on (Traveler, for instance). And the trades continue to announce provocative projects (like a horror anthology for NBC) that could air in the off-season. But for the most part, I'm betting we'll still see mostly reality on the networks in the summer. Some good (So You Think You Can Dance), some awful but popular (America's Got Talent), some hateful (Big Brother), and many that come and go without a ripple (Pirate Master, anything on ABC). The reason: economics. Cable networks see the summer as an opportunity to promote and produce some of their best work, to establish their brands and make noise. The networks will ... read more

Is it just me, or is Burn ...

Question: Is it just me, or is Burn Notice similar to The Pretender? Michael Westen is seeking answers from a covert organization, but at the same time he is running from that organization (much like Jarod and the Centre). He also spends every episode using the skills that organization taught him to help an innocent person and bring a perpetrator to justice (just as Jarod did). Maybe the connection seems stronger to me because Jeffrey Donovan played Jarod's brother in The Pretender and I'm still pining for the third and final Pretender movie, but I definitely see similarities (although Burn Notice takes a slightly more lighthearted approach). Given the success of Burn Notice, it seems to me that The Pretender was simply ahead of its time. Would you agree? Do you think there is any chance Pretender fans will ever get any closure in the form of a final movie or miniseries? Answer: You Pretender fans never give up. Not that you should. I mean, they're still making Highlander movies over at ... read more

I love Burn Notice! It's so ...

Question: I love Burn Notice! It's so funny (I especially like the way they introduce new characters), and the stories are really smart. I have one question for you. Make that two: What is the significance of the yogurt? Every time Michael or Fi grab something to eat, it's yogurt, and there have been a few comments about the yogurt as well. If you know or find out the backstory on that, I'd love to hear it. My second question is: Why isn't Burn Notice coming back until next summer? It seems like a long time to wait for new episodes and I'm concerned it will lose viewers. A show this good shouldn't get canceled anytime soon. Answer: Don't fret over the long hiatus. Burn Notice is a keeper. It opened up an entirely new night (Thursday) for original programming for USA Network, which sees it as an asset to be protected and not "burned" out, so to speak. For the moment, as with other hot cable series like The Closer, new episodes will primarily air only in the summer, with plenty of ... read more

The summer-season shows on ...

Question: The summer-season shows on USA (Burn Notice, Monk, Psych, The 4400), as well as Eureka on Sci Fi and The Closer on TNT, were so awesome I find I'm not so excited for the "new" fall shows. The season finale last spring of Ugly Betty was such a downer, such a change from the normal mood of the show, that it really turned me off. Grey's Anatomy was a mess other than the Alex and Bailey characters. I am puzzled by the buzz that Pushing Daisies is getting. As someone who lost a family member to vehicular homicide, I don't see the appeal of waking the dead only for a few moments then losing them again. So I will truly miss the summer fare. It set a high bar for the new and returning shows this fall, one I doubt they will reach. I hope the summer shows start getting the respect they deserve. Answer: If you've been reading me, I hope you saw I gave the summer shows all kinds of respect. I wrote several columns in the magazine and certainly online about this very thing. I admit it ... read more

Exclusive: Sharon Gless Gets a Little Nip/Tuck

Sharon Gless by Kevin Parry/WireImage.com

One of these days, stunt-crazy Nip/Tuck is going to give a role to an unknown actor. This, however, is not one of those days.Sources confirm to me exclusively that FX's slice-and-dice drama has sewn up two-time Emmy winner Sharon Gless for a four-episode arc to air during the show's upcoming fifth season (launching Oct. 30). The ex-Cagney & Lacey star will play Colleen Rose, an all-business talent agent who sets her sights on Sean. No, not romantically &mdas; professionally; she wants to represent him. (Although in the Nip/Tuck universe, the thought of Sharon Gless and Dylan Walsh having sex doesn't seem so strange. Icky? Yes. Strange? Nah.) Gless' Nip/Tuck duties won't interfere with her costarring role on Burn Notice; production on the second season of the USA Network smash doesn't start up until mid-January, long after Gless' Nip/Tuck episodes are in the can. read more

"Loose Ends"

I've been looking forward to this season finale all week. We finally got to meet the mysterious Philip Cowan; that definitely didn't go as planned. Sam's double blackmail case gets more and more complex until ultimately it puts him in mortal danger. Michael finally understands why his mother is so needy and learns that in a crunch he can count on family. And lastly, I think we finally understand why Michael needs to find out why he was burned: His job was his family. He could count on them to have his back and be there when he needed them.Let's start at the beginning. Michael's feeling a little jumpy, as evidenced by him pulling a gun on Sam while he's working out. Cowan burned him, sent someone to kill him and is now off the grid. When Cowan calls him to meet, they start a kind of high-stakes scavenger hunt — Cowan leaves sophisticated clues that Michael must interpret and follow to get a face-to-face meeting. Michael's first mistake is taking Sam as backup. Cowan spots Sam an... read more

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Premise: A spy attempts to uncover why he was kicked out of the business while helping Miami locals who can't rely on the police for justice in order to fund his investigation into who, or what, caused his termination.



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