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Burn Notice Season 1 episodes

Loose Ends Season 1, Episode 13

Conclusion. Michael tracks down the location of Sam's kidnappers and launches a rescue mission with Fiona's help. Elsewhere, Michael moves his family to safety after the agent who burned him is killed just as he was about to hand over information. read more

Dead Drop Season 1, Episode 12

Part 1 of 2. Sam agrees to help a woman who's being forced to smuggle heroin into the country. Meanwhile, Michael tries to set up a meeting with the man who burned him (Richard Schiff). read more

"Loose Ends" Season 1, Episode 11

I've been looking forward to this season finale all week. We finally got to meet the mysterious Philip Cowan; that definitely didn't go as planned. Sam's double blackmail case gets more and more complex until ultimately it puts him in mortal danger. Michael finally understands why his mother is so needy and learns that in a crunch he can count on family. And lastly, I think we finally understand why Michael needs to find out why he was burned: His job was his family. He could count on them to have his back and be there when he needed them.Let's start at the beginning. Michael's feeling a little jumpy, as evidenced by him pulling a gun on Sam while he's working out. Cowan burned him, sent someone to kill him and is now off the grid. When Cowan calls him to meet, they start a kind of high-stakes scavenger hunt — Cowan leaves sophisticated clues that Michael must interpret and follow to get a face-to-face meeting. Michael's first mistake is taking Sam as backup. Cowan spots Sam an... read more

"False Flag" Season 1, Episode 10

I enjoyed the U.S. Open but I’m not nearly as passionate about tennis (well, any sport really) as I am about this show.... I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: Stop your yappin’, Kara, and get to recappin’. Well, here I go.I enjoyed Evelyn the client turning into Evelyn the assassin. And what do you know? She’s got some history with Michael. We don’t see enough of Lucy Lawless in general (I can’t wait for her return on Battlestar Galactica next year). It was nice, if not a little strange, to see her mix it up and play a different type of character even though her facade didn’t remain in place for long. But let me back up. Michael is pulled into his latest case because he needs his friend Lucy, whom he trained in the fine art of spying, to set him up with a fake identity, or a "false flag," after an earlier plan falls through. Even though he’s not supposed to leave Miami, Michael wants to travel to D.C. to confront Cowan. Luc... read more

"Hard Bargain" Season 1, Episode 9

I don't know about you, but I was very excited when I saw Michael and Fi holding hands at the beginning of the episode. I thought maybe Michael finally realized Fi's the girl (sorry, woman) for him or that he was just so tired of fighting her on it that he's giving it a chance. I wasn't too disappointed to find out their coupledom was only a cover. I think part of the fun, maybe the charm, of their relationship is seeing them apart. And at least they don't have relationship issues like Nick and his fiancée Dawn.So Dawn's been kidnapped by Reyes. I had to back my DVR up when I saw that Reyes is none other then Steven Bauer. I love me some Steven Bauer. So anyway, he's the lead bad guy. He has his man Lucio scout targets to kidnap. Once they have their victim in the hideout, they demand a ransom. He's made a lot of money from this endeavor and only one target was killed, and that was unintentional. Michael presents himself as the hostage negotiator — and gets a massage and a... read more

"Wanted Man" Season 1, Episode 8

Things are a little different this week. Michael and Fi have had their romantic encounter and Fi’s looking to play house. Michael has more interest in his dossier than her and Fi isn’t about to put up with it. When she asks Michael for help with a bounty, she turns that situation to her advantage. Fi doesn’t want to turn this guy, Thomas McKee, over to the cops. He says he’s innocent and she believes him. But more importantly, he’s attractive and maybe she can use him to make Michael jealous. In the meantime, they have to keep Thomas away from the other bounty hunter on the case, Wayne Ray. That is one big dude and he doesn’t play around.Let’s get back to the case. Thomas is being framed for the theft of a $2-million brooch. He had access to it and all circumstantial evidence makes him look guilty. The real thief, Lawrence Henderson, owns the hotel the brooch was stolen from. He’s been cleared by the police but he’s got a slightly shady p... read more

"Broken Rules" Season 1, Episode 7

I know this blog is coming a little late in the game, but I’ve been watching this show since the beginning. So whether you’ve been a fan from the first episode or a Johnny-come-lately, welcome to the party.The PlayersMichael Westen: a former spook who’s been burned. He's deposited in Miami without any money, credit or job references. He takes on local cases to make money while he tries to find out who burned him.Fiona: Michael’s former flame, who still carries a torch. Her accent in the first episode (and her name) might have us believe she’s Irish, but she can fake an American accent pretty well. She’s former IRA and met Michael on the job.Sam: a spy buddy of Michael’s forced to keep tabs on him. Sam’s living comfortably off his pension and can’t have his friendship with Michael interfere with that. When Michael discovers his duplicity, the agency sends in new surveillance.Jason Bly: the new guy. He works for a branch of the NSA and isn&... read more

Family Business Season 1, Episode 6

A family of gunrunners threaten an airport supervisor, so Michael infiltrates their organization in an attempt to scare them away. Elsewhere, Sam is pressured by the FBI to gather more info on Michael. read more

Old Friends Season 1, Episode 5

Michael helps a friend's daughter escape a prostitution ring while protecting himself from assassination attempts. read more

Fight or Flight Season 1, Episode 4

A woman who witnessed a brutal beating receives threats from the drug dealer who carried out the crime. Michael tries to get her out of Miami to safety, but the woman's teenage daughter refuses to leave the city, forcing him to try a risky plan to alienate the dealer from his cartel. read more

Identity Season 1, Episode 3

Michael agrees to help Madeline's friend recover money from a scammer in exchange for information about a listening device planted in his mother's house. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 2

Conclusion. Michael is stuck in Miami with his ex-girlfriend, his mother and a retired agent when he learns he's been terminated, so he takes on local cases to fund his investigation into who, or what, caused him to be fired. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. Michael is stuck in Miami with his ex-girlfriend, his mother and a retired agent when he learns he's been terminated, so he takes on local cases to fund his investigation into who, or what, caused him to be fired. read more

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Premise: A spy attempts to uncover why he was kicked out of the business while helping Miami locals who can't rely on the police for justice in order to fund his investigation into who, or what, caused his termination.



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