Fri May 8 1:55pm
F. the Neighborhood(Season 1, Episode 1) MTV-E

Anna, Katie and Cara throw a party; Tyler and Shain compete for the same girl.

Fri May 8 2:30pm
Dump Truck Pool Party(Season 1, Episode 2) MTV-E

Tyler and Cara's romance causes turmoil; Shain presents a memorable house-warming gift.

Fri May 8 3:05pm
Sexts, Lies & Chicken Wings(Season 1, Episode 3) MTV-E

The gang build a water park; Shae questions whom she can trust.

Fri May 8 3:40pm
Paint the Town Hyperglow(Season 1, Episode 4) MTV-E

Shae is disappointed by her boyfriend; Tyler's flirting makes Cara jealous; and Shain feels out of place while the gang party in the city.

Fri May 8 4:15pm
Double Trouble(Season 1, Episode 5) MTV-E

Shae confronts her boyfriend.

Fri May 8 4:50pm
Birthday Wishes Can Come True(Season 1, Episode 6) MTV-E

Tyler and Joey experience a setback with their lawn-mowing business.

Fri May 8 5:25pm
Raging Bulls(Season 1, Episode 7) MTV-E

The gang enter a bull-riding competition.

Fri May 8 6:00pm
It's Not a Date(Season 1, Episode 8) MTV-E

Joey and Shae go on a date; Shain bids farewell to his favorite truck.

Fri May 8 6:35pm
Pitching a Tent(Season 1, Episode 9) MTV-E

The guys take the girls camping.

Fri May 8 7:10pm
Ghosts in the Holler(Season 1, Episode 10) MTV-E

Cara's ex-girlfriend visits.

Fri May 8 7:45pm
Fast & the Curious(Season 1, Episode 11) MTV-E

Tyler meets Katie's mom.

Fri May 8 8:20pm
Ramped Up(Season 1, Episode 12) MTV-E

Shain tries to win over Cara.