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Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures Season 1 episodes

Epic Seal Season 1, Episode 26

The boys lose their school's seal mascot, so they recruit Skinner's animal-loving cousin to help them find it. read more

Epic Showdown Season 1, Episode 25

The boys learn martial arts from Piper and accept a challenge to fight, unaware that their skills are lacking. read more

Epic Cupids Season 1, Episode 24

The boys create a mysterious admirer for Coach Briggs, hoping this will make her more pleasant. read more

Epic Cheer Season 1, Episode 23

The guys join the cheerleading squad and accidentally sicken their teammates with food poisoning, so they need Aloe to fill in at a competition. Elsewhere, Piper feels lost when her cell phone goes missing. read more

Epic Chicken Season 1, Episode 22

Bucket is humiliated when Kelly discovers his fear of chickens, so he stages an incident where he can put his bravery on display for her. read more

Epic Copycat Season 1, Episode 21

Bucket and Aloe want to ask the same girl to a dance after she ends her relationship with her boyfriend. read more

Epic Crush Season 1, Episode 20

Bucket recognizes his new classmate as a girl from camp who was obsessed with him, and he fears she now wants revenge. read more

Epic Christmas Season 1, Episode 19

Bucket refuses to get into the Christmas spirit, and then he's visited by three ghosts who allow him to see Christmases of the past, present and future. read more

Epic Break-Up Season 1, Episode 18

Conclusion. The boys head to a rock festival on the wrong bus and accidentally enter a military facility. Elsewhere, Kelly's prom plans go astray when her old childhood pal shows up and Piper ruins her dress. read more

Epic Break-Up Season 1, Episode 17

Part 1 of 2. The boys head to a rock festival on the wrong bus and accidentally enter a military facility. Elsewhere, Kelly's prom plans go astray when her old childhood pal shows up and Piper ruins her dress. read more

Epic Haunting Season 1, Episode 16

The boys stay overnight in a fabled haunted house, but things take a spooky turn when they learn that Aloe is responsible for only some of the terrifying things occurring. read more

Epic Crashers Season 1, Episode 15

Skinner pretends to be rich to impress an heiress, but Aloe wants to sabotage his ruse. Elsewhere, Kelly and Piper sneak out while grounded and win a contest at the taco shop. read more

Epic Cuffs Season 1, Episode 14

The boys unintentionally handcuff themselves to Kelly when a magic trick doesn't go as planned, so they're forced to accompany her to a boring dinner party. read more

Epic Dates Season 1, Episode 13

Skinner gets an ear infection, which sidelines him from surfing. Meanwhile, Bucket is bummed that Kelly has found bliss with Blake. read more

Epic Takeover Season 1, Episode 12

Bucket forgets to renew the surf shop's lease, so Aloe rents the space and opens his own store. Bucket and Skinner then enter a surfing contest to try and win the space back. read more

Epic Bobo Season 1, Episode 11

Bucket lends Aloe his uncle's most treasured surfboard, which Aloe accidentally ruins. read more

Epic Babysitters Season 1, Episode 10

The boys tackle a babysitting job in exchange for two concert tickets from Kelly, but before long, the task overwhelms them. read more

Epic Wingman Season 1, Episode 9

Bucket agrees to help Aloe by going on a double date with him and two senior girls, but the evening doesn't go smoothly because the boys get competitive with one another. read more

Epic Escape Season 1, Episode 8

Bucket devises a crazy plan to free Skinner from detention so they can go surfing. However, his scheme hits some snags and lands Kelly in trouble as well. read more

Epic Rockstar Season 1, Episode 7

Sara Bareilles comes to town and holds a songwriting contest, which Bucket and Skinner win. However, Bucket soon regrets entering the contest when he realizes the winning entry was about his love for Kelly, so he tries to retrieve the song. read more

Epic Musical Season 1, Episode 6

Bucket auditions for the school play after learning that Kelly will be kissing her costar. However, Aloe also decides to go out for the same role. read more

Epic Dancer Season 1, Episode 5

Bucket gets jealous of the senior who's taking Kelly to the dance, so he tries to derail the guy's romantic efforts. However, Bucket soon realizes he may have misjudged the guy. read more

Epic Brains Season 1, Episode 4

The boys accidentally get put in a program for gifted kids, so they play along and enjoy early school dismissals, but then get hit with a reality check when they're asked to complete a challenging science project. read more

Epic Jobs Season 1, Episode 3

Skinner slacks off while working at the taco shop, yet he scores a promotion and is ordered to fire Bucket, who's been a model employee. read more

Epic Girls Season 1, Episode 2

The guys sneak into Aloe's exclusive party by dressing as girls. However, they forget to bring a change of clothes, and Sven takes a liking to Skinner in disguise. read more

Epic Election Season 1, Episode 1

The series premiere of a comedy about two surf-loving pals named Bucket (Taylor Gray) and Skinner (Dillon Lane), who are navigating high-school life in a California beach town. First up: Bucket runs for school president to impress Kelly, a girl he likes. read more

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Premiered: July 01, 2011
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Premise: Two best friends who are surf enthusiasts navigate high-school life in a California beach town.


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