Tue May 26 11:00am
Come to Your Senses!(Season 3, Episode 14) NIK

Nonny breaks his glasses and relies on his other senses to get to the eyeglasses store.

Tue May 26 11:30am
The Bubble Bee-athalon!(Season 3, Episode 15) NIK

The kids use teamwork to turn nectar into honey in time for the queen bee's afternoon tea.

Wed May 27 11:00am
Party at Sea!(Season 3, Episode 16) NIK

The kids celebrate boats with a bash at sea, but the festivities are threatened by snow-cone ice.

Wed May 27 11:30am
A Dolphin Is a Guppy's Best Friend!(Season 3, Episode 25) NIK

The kids befriend a young dolphin and escort it to its birthday bash.

Thu May 28 11:00am
Construction Psyched!(Season 2, Episode 13) NIK

Goby loses his toy dump truck at a construction site, where it's in danger of getting crushed by a bulldozer.

Thu May 28 11:30am
The Amusement Parking Lot!(Season 3, Episode 10) NIK

A field trip to an amusement park is halted because of Mr. Grouper's car troubles, so the kids work on fixing the problem.

Fri May 29 11:00am
Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish!(Season 3, Episode 11) NIK

A substitute teacher acts grouchy, so the kids try to show him the joy of singing about fun things.

Fri May 29 11:30am
The Glitter Games!(Season 4, Episode 1) NIK

A princess-in-training befriends Molly, who helps her practice skills that will earn her a crown.

Mon Jun 1 11:00am
The Wizard of Oz-tralia!(Season 3, Episode 5) NIK

The kids meet an Australian nature-show host and learn about animals from his part of the world.

Mon Jun 1 11:30am
Bubble Scrubbies!(Season 3, Episode 17) NIK

Mr. Grouper catches a cold, so the kids combat germs by practicing good hygiene.

Tue Jun 2 11:00am
Tue Jun 2 11:30am
Bubble Kitty!(Season 3, Episode 23) NIK

A lost kitten is found by the kids, who learn about the link between domestic cats and big cats.

Wed Jun 3 11:00am
Wed Jun 3 11:30am
Only the Sphinx Nose!(Season 2, Episode 17) NIK

The kids journey to Egypt in search of a missing nose.

Thu Jun 4 11:00am
Thu Jun 4 11:30am
Puddleball!(Season 3, Episode 21) NIK

Rain ruins a kickball game, so Gil creates puddleball, which can be played in wet weather.

Fri Jun 5 11:00am
Fri Jun 5 11:30am
Mon Jun 8 11:00am
Bubble Guppies NIK

Schoolchildren with fish tails sing, dance and explore the animated underwater world.