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Thu May 5 11:00am
The New Year's Dragon!(Season 4, Episode 8) NIK

The kids are eager for China's Lunar New Year Festival because they get to participate by operating a festival dragon in the parade.

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Fri May 6 11:00am
Have a Cow!(Season 1, Episode 15) NIK

The kids learn about the animals and foods found on a farm.

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Mon May 9 11:00am
The Wizard of Oz-tralia!(Season 3, Episode 5) NIK

The kids meet an Australian nature-show host and learn about animals from his part of the world.

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Tue May 10 11:00am
Sheep Doggy!(Season 4, Episode 9) NIK

A lamb wanders off in the midst of a popcorn storm, so Bubble Puppy transforms into a sheepdog and searches for it.

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Wed May 11 11:00am
Guppy Style!(Season 4, Episode 11) NIK

The kids go to a concert to see Stylee, a very fashionable music star, and soon they each learn to appreciate their own unique styles.

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Thu May 12 11:00am
Guppy Movers!(Season 4, Episode 4) NIK

The gang help Skip move after his moving-day plans go off track.

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Fri May 13 11:00am
Check It Out!(Season 2, Episode 10) NIK

Gil loses his library card, so he and his pals search the pages of his favorite books to find it.

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Mon May 16 11:00am
The Running of the Bullfrogs!(Season 3, Episode 22) NIK

Gil and Goby bring a tadpole to school to watch it grow into a frog.

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Tue May 17 11:00am
Temple of the Lost Puppy!(Season 4, Episode 6) NIK

Bubble Puppy vanishes after biting an old magic bone, so the kids set out to find him, encountering booby traps along the way.

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Wed May 18 11:00am
Who's Going to Play the Big Bad Wolf?(Season 1, Episode 8) NIK

The kids learn about the theater before attending a play, and then Deema fills in for an actor who's unable to perform.

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