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Mon Aug 1 11:00am
The Bubble Bee-athalon!(Season 3, Episode 15) NIK

The kids use teamwork to turn nectar into honey in time for the queen bee's afternoon tea.

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Mon Aug 1 11:30am
Bubble-Cadabra!(Season 2, Episode 14) NIK

A magician vanishes, so the kids fill in for him and try to make an elephant disappear.

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Tue Aug 2 11:00am
The New Doghouse!(Season 4, Episode 3) NIK

When Bubble Puppy's doghouse is destroyed, the Guppies and the entire neighborhood pitch in to build a new dream home.

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Tue Aug 2 11:30am
Super Guppies!(Season 3, Episode 24) NIK

A comic book inspires the kids to become superheroes, and they try to foil a villain's plot to make the entire city smelly.

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Wed Aug 3 11:00am
A Tooth on the Looth!(Season 2, Episode 8) NIK

Deema gets tips from her dentist as she awaits a visit from the tooth fairy.

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Wed Aug 3 11:30am
Bubble Baby!(Season 4, Episode 10) NIK

Molly gets a new sibling and her pals visit the newborn at the hospital.

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Thu Aug 4 11:00am
The Unidentified Flying Orchestra!(Season 3, Episode 13) NIK

The kids form an orchestra led by a conductor who's from a different planet.

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Thu Aug 4 11:30am
Super Shrimptennial Celebration!(Season 1, Episode 16) NIK

The kids head to a huge bash their town is hosting at the top of Big Bubble Building.

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Mon Aug 8 11:00am
Swimtastic Check-Up!(Season 3, Episode 18) NIK

The mayor gets a stomachache while training for a marathon, so she heads to the hospital for a medical examination.

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Mon Aug 8 11:30am
Bubble Kitty!(Season 3, Episode 23) NIK

A lost kitten is found by the kids, who learn about the link between domestic cats and big cats.

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Tue Aug 9 11:00am
X Marks the Spot(Season 2, Episode 1) NIK

The kids help a pirate use a map to find buried treasure.

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Tue Aug 9 11:30am
The Grumpfish Special!(Season 1, Episode 6) NIK

The kids try to perk up a grouchy customer at their restaurant.

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Wed Aug 10 11:00am
The Running of the Bullfrogs!(Season 3, Episode 22) NIK

Gil and Goby bring a tadpole to school to watch it grow into a frog.

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Wed Aug 10 11:30am
Space Guppies!(Season 4, Episode 7) NIK

Major Bummer wants to rid the galaxy of music, so Molly attempts to bring back peace and harmony by teaming up with sci-fi versions of her pals.

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Thu Aug 11 11:00am
The Summer Camp Games(Season 4, Episode 13) NIK

The kids play outside as summer gets underway, and Gil makes use of his camping skills when he saves Bubble Puppy.

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Thu Aug 11 11:30am
Bubble Duckies(Season 2, Episode 15) NIK

Flying ducks get lost in a storm cloud and must be rescued.

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Fri Aug 12 11:00am
Fishketball!(Season 1, Episode 10) NIK

The kids prepare for a fishketball game by practicing their skills and teamwork.

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Fri Aug 12 11:30am
Puddleball!(Season 3, Episode 21) NIK

Rain ruins a kickball game, so Gil creates puddleball, which can be played in wet weather.

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