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Prior Commitments Season 2, Episode 16

Here we are at Brothers Sisters second season finale and we really have come full circle Tonight the show started with a family meeting to inform everyone that Rebecca is not a Walker by birth We end the show with Sarah and Kevin informing Nora that they think there is another Walker sibling somewhere out there Shades of the first season dont you think To that I can only say are they seriously going to do this storyline again While it was nice to see Tom Skerritt reprise the role of William in Kevins flashbacks his reappearance kicks off the hunt for Ryan and elevates William to the level of total skank himbo cheat Meanwhile Justin and Rebecca have made up and are now making out Awkward but you know anything for ratings Overshadowing all of these subplots was Kevin and Scottys commitment ceremony which was to be held at Noras with Kitty officiating Kevin really has come a long way from the neurotic commitment-phobe we met in the fir read more

Moral Hazard Season 2, Episode 15

I know Brothers Sisters is trying to squeeze in a lot of story because of the writers strike-induced short season but there was so much happening in tonights show that I feel like I have to type really really fast to get it all in On top of that theres a 48-hour time limit on these stories starting with Kitty and Roberts fertility window and ending with Ojais near-miss with bankruptcyThe thing about close families is that they can be as cruel as they can be supportive In the wake of Ojais disastrous business deal Sarah took all the blame for Sauls reckless fraudulent decision regarding the companys expansion into China With that came some scathing remarks from Nora on down regarding Sarahs skill as a decision-maker and leader of the company She bore it well even suffering the humiliation of asking Tommy and Holly to help out Their help came in the form of a merger with Walker Landing courtesy Hollys devio read more

Double Negative Season 2, Episode 14

I feared this day would come The DNA results are back and Rebecca is not a Walker She is not Williams daughter She is not Justins sister She is however Davids offspring and now that the news has been confirmed he has left the building Holly is alone again and Rebecca is yet again fatherlessYoud think news like this would spread like wildfire especially in this family but the thing is the Walkers need at least a clue that something is up to set the phone-tree off and lil sis aint talking Either shes taking a page from her mother and intends to hide another secret from the Walkers or shes taking some time to absorb the new before she tells everyone Or maybe she is just waiting for a hint from Justin that hed prefer it if she were not a blood relation I cant tell are you happy she asked him A little fishing perhapsOver at the senators house Kitty was expressing her displeasure a read more

Separation Anxiety Season 2, Episode 13

After a long break Brothers Sisters is back and we can finally begin to get answers to the pressing questions that have been plaguing fans Will Robert win the nomination Is Rebecca truly a Walker Will Nora move cross-country with Isaac While that last one may not have been weighing on our minds it was the central issue in tonights show Word leaked as it always does that Isaac was going to ask his lady love to move in with him and immediately all the little Walkers began to fret that Mommy might finally cut the apron strings Never fear After crashing Nora and Isaacs romantic dinner and playing dumb as to its purpose the clan set out to keep Nora at home A golf outing with the boys turned into an inquisition for Isaac How much do you owe on your home Is your prostate fine Then Kitty supposedly Isaacs dear friend told him that he was asking too much and that Nora would not be happy Nice Were not surprised tha read more

"Compromises" Season 2, Episode 12

There was a little bit of everybody in the show tonight Blah blah blahpolitics Boy do I wish Robert would pull out of the race but I guess thats not going to happen now that hes taken Michigan And he even did that without the governors endorsement and sporting a gay brother How do you like them apples Jason confronted Robert about his sexuality being a burden on Roberts campaign and they had an all of one minute fight over it Never fear they kissed and made up by shows end I wonder if things will go so smoothly for Saul and Milo if the implications behind a goblet of wine and good conversation shared between the absent Milos housesitter friend and Saul are any indication of a tryst in the makingSpeaking of trysts the newly divorced Sarah hit the sheets with Graham after a drunken night of karoake spent with the uptight Kevin and Scottys friends The prize for best exchange of the night goes to these two Graham attempted to rebuff a kiss from Sarah with read more

Episode recap "The Missionary Imposition" Season 2, Episode 11

This is a family show right And no Im not asking because of the over-abundance of romantic storylines in this episode That Ill attribute to the approach of Valentines Day Its just that family is what supposedly lies at the crux of this show yet I was hard-pressed to see the Walkers together at all tonight Kittys in the car Sarahs in Cisco Nora is home alone Who knew Id miss those family dinners so much Coming from a rather large family myself Brothers Sisters held the thats so us appeal for me Though there have been no requests for sperm donors or nearly incestuous love triangles in my own clan weve been known to have a squabble or two and family gatherings well thats whole other blog So whats my point Its losing it appeal Tonights show featuring flirtations recriminations second dates and dangerous liaisons was the closest Ive come to watching a soap read more

"The Feast of Epiphany" Season 2, Episode 10

How fitting that in this time of striking writers and absent first-run programming Brothers Sisters should return to the air however briefly with an episode about coming together and catching up Yes its true that nearly every episode of this delightful show features some sort of Walker gathering but this time the family is getting together at Noras nudging simply because they havent seen each other in a while Well thats not entirely true Nora has a crush on Kittys friend Isaac and has invited him to dinner with her whole family as backup However things rarely go according to plan around this clan and by the end of the evening the gangs baggage is all on the table by dessert Would we have it any other wayThe wedding cliffhanger was the prevarication hanging over Roberts campaign which of course makes him a perfect fit with this family that has a tendency to have its secrets exposed The politicos arrived at dinner after the Senators live town read more

Family Secrets Season 2, Episode 9

It is Kitty and Roberts wedding and sure enough here comes the drama Remember way back when Kitty and Kevin handled a certain situation that had come up regarding the senators not so sterling military heroism Well it has reared its little head again and has Kitty so rattled that she had to interrupt her wedding to spill her guts to her betrothed about her mishandling of the situation Something about blackmailLuckily Kitty has her man Isaac to watch her back Yes thats right Danny Glover is back in the form of Isaac and when hes not handling things for his best gal hes making eyes at her mother Nora who was unceremoniously dumped at the wedding by her long-ago love and current date Stan Chevy Chase Im fine with that given Stans rather abrupt appearance on the scene Theres no need in investing in a relationship that has no future right Thats along the lines of Hollys thinking with regards to Saul read more

One Big Happy Family Season 2, Episode 8

Episode Recap Something NewThere are some remarks only family can get away with saying Mom you slut is one of them While these are words that would never come out of my mouth they barely raise an eyebrow in the Walker household Truth be told their being uttered during a family discussion recalling what music was playing when they each lost their virginity took the sting out of such a declaration but it also goes to show the comfort level in this family This week we were in full wedding preparation mode with Kitty feeling that all planned elements for her big day were recycled From her dress to her first dance with Robert who of course had done this before She had a point so were happy that she found a perfect dress to wear instead of Noras outdated and oversized hand-me-down This also was a perfect moment for ABC to subtly remind viewers of the upcoming Dancing with the Stars finale by featuring a ballroom dancing sequence In read more

36 Hours Season 2, Episode 7

More family secrets emerge when the Walkers rally around Justin as he grapples with another bout of drug addiction. Meanwhile, Kitty and Robert gain a new outlook on their relationship. read more

Two Places Season 2, Episode 6

A Walker family setback compels Kitty to call on another adviser (Danny Glover) to help with Robert's campaign. Meanwhile, Sarah encounters a new wrinkle in her custody battle with Joe. read more

Family Matters Season 2, Episode 5

Episode Recap Domestic IssuesWell its the top of the eighth so Ill keep this quick as Id like to watch the Red Sox win the series Right off the bat Kittys pregnant Joe is suing Sarah for full custody and Tommy is still sucking face with Lena Things arent looking good for the Walkers Justin that gossip has spread the news of Kittys pending motherhood to nearly every family member leaving only Nora in the dark though she was the first to suspect Robert the republican baby daddy was the last to know and was quite nasty about it once he did But come on Kitty only found out that morning Give the woman a chance to mention the news in between your debate prep and your lecture on how this would affect the campaign I dont know about these two Robert pays a lot of lip service to their relationship usually after the fact in some over-the-top heart-warming and very public speech I wonder sometimes what hes m read more

States of the Union Season 2, Episode 4

Kitty, Sarah and Nora make an ill-advised visit to a spa; Rebecca is worried about Justin's rate of recovery; Kevin wants Saul to come clean about his past; Tommy finds a distraction from life at home. read more

History Repeating Season 2, Episode 3

Nora and Rebecca take charge of Justin's convalescence; Kevin has dinner with an old flame; Kitty has an encounter with Robert's ex-wife (Marin Hinkle); Tommy is shocked by Julia's request for some time alone with their baby. read more

An American Family Season 2, Episode 2

Kevin, Kitty and Nora greet Justin on his return from Iraq; Tommy struggles to meet the demands of being a good father; Sarah's relationship with Rebecca begins a new chapter. read more

Home Front Season 2, Episode 1

The Walkers celebrate Kitty's birthday and remember William. They are mainly preoccupied, however, with waiting to hear from Justin three weeks after he left for Iraq. read more

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Premise: The ongoing saga of a well-to-do but down-to-earth California clan of diverse personalities, from a liberal gay lawyer to a conservative talk-show host, and how their lives change after the death of a patriarch reveals that the family business is in trouble.



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