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Latest Episode: Willaura & Megan

Oct 11, 2013 Season 10 Episode 22 watch on (Subscription)

Phony socialite Willaura has a meltdown on her wedding day. Meanwhile, cocky Megan makes dubious choices after blasting her helpers.


Oct 14, 2007 Season 4 Episode 18

4...3...2...1 - Phebie is preparing for her New Year's Eve wedding.
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Oct 07, 2007 Season 4 Episode 17

Michelle throws a Pity Party. Athena plans a circus-themed wedding.
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Sep 30, 2007 Season 4 Episode 16

Candice brawls and insecure Michelle lacks social graces.
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Sep 23, 2007 Season 4 Episode 15

Candice's wedding day may be sabotaged by her fiance's sisters!
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Sep 16, 2007 Season 4 Episode 14

Tension is high as Chris attempts to re-plan her entire wedding.
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Sep 09, 2007 Season 4 Episode 13

Watch out! "Queen" Melisha is on a tear, while Gina kicks her man to the curb.
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Sep 02, 2007 Season 4 Episode 12

Melisha continues the "royal airs." Suzanne waits for test results.
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Aug 26, 2007 Season 4 Episode 11

Stephani fights her bridesmaids and Melisha thinks she's a "queen."
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Aug 19, 2007 Season 4 Episode 10

Danika battles the church coordinator while Stephani melts down.
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Aug 12, 2007 Season 4 Episode 9

Tasha's wedding is filled with mishaps while Stephani's anger flares.
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Aug 05, 2007 Season 4 Episode 8

See why Denise's attitude may make her literally go overboard.
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Jul 29, 2007 Season 4 Episode 7

Monica's secret is a bright red gown. Tasha wants it all her own way.
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Jul 22, 2007 Season 4 Episode 6

Monica finally reveals a shocking secret to her fiance.
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Jul 15, 2007 Season 4 Episode 5

Maria wants 38 cakes and recruits her 8 sisters to bake them!
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Jul 08, 2007 Season 4 Episode 4

Alicia loses it when her caterer cancels and her car breaks down.
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Jul 01, 2007 Season 4 Episode 3

Kaileema throws a fit over everything including the wrong nail polish.
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Anita & Alicia

Jun 24, 2007 Season 4 Episode 2

A first in Bridezilla History! Anita is left at the altar when her crazy family pushes her groom-to-be too far. Alicia's mother-in-law may be her biggest critic, but it seems everyone is trying to push Alicia to the limit.
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Jun 17, 2007 Season 4 Episode 1

An adult daughter objects to her 46-year-old mom's upcoming nuptials.
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