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Thu May 12 10:00am
Ms. E-Mergency(Season 4, Episode 12) WE

The sisters are stressed about the surgery their mom must undergo; and Tamar is especially hit hard when her schedule won't allow her to be there on the day of the operation. Meanwhile, Trina's divorce takes a turn for the shocking during a court appearanc (more…)

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Thu May 12 11:00am
No Time to Panic(Season 4, Episode 13) WE

Traci has a rough rehearsal before an important show; Trina discovers that Gabe has sunk to a new low by not paying their bills; and Tamar feels left out of the family loop.

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Thu May 12 12:00pm
Forty, Free and on Fleek(Season 4, Episode 14) WE

Trina brings a surprise of her own to her 40th birthday bash; and Tamar remains out of sync with her sisters.

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Thu May 12 1:00pm
Taste for Chocolate...(Season 4, Episode 15) WE

Trina looks forward to resolving some issues with Tamar; and goes on a first date with someone she discovers doesn't drink alcohol. Also: Toni calls Traci out for drinking too much alcohol; and receives support from her sisters on the night of the Grammys (more…)

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Thu May 12 2:00pm
Sisters Strike Out(Season 4, Episode 16) WE

The Braxton sisters bond; and Toni prepares for a show, while Traci seems to be enjoying herself a little too much, which threatens to get her in big trouble with her big sis.

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Thu May 12 3:00pm
Queens of the Everglades(Season 4, Episode 17) WE

Towanda gets her sisters to agree to go on an adventure tour through the Everglades; efforts to get Trina to open up prove unsuccessful; and Toni invites Tracy to her hotel room for a chat.

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Thu May 12 4:00pm
Divine Intervention(Season 4, Episode 18) WE

Pastor T.D. Jakes is called upon by Evelyn to help her daughters make peace.

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Thu May 12 5:00pm
One Wild Ride(Season 4, Episode 19) WE

Michael surprises the sisters with a family vacation in a RV; and T.D. Jakes offers his brutally honest opinion during a heated counseling session with the Braxtons.

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Thu May 12 6:00pm
In the Hot Seat(Season 4, Episode 20) WE

Trina stresses over her divorce and Bar Chix; Toni offers feedback on Tamar's single; and Traci is encouraged to deal with her issues.

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Thu May 12 7:00pm
Last Call(Season 4, Episode 21) WE

Traci is freaked out about taking the stage with Toni for a big performance; and she tries to tell her sisters how she's feeling, but Tamar doesn't make it easy.

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Fri May 13 12:00am
It's a Family Thing(Season 4, Episode 22) WE

Tamar spills a secret that she has been keeping from her sisters; Traci resorts to drastic measures when dealing with her kid; and Trina introduces Jacent to her daddy during what feels more like an interrogation than lunch.

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Fri May 13 1:00am
The Feud(Season 4, Episode 23) WE

Traci tries to show Kevin and Oliviah want kind of responsibilities they'll face if they get married.

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Fri May 13 2:00am
Restraint Thineself(Season 4, Episode 24) WE

Tamar is concerned that Trina's boyfriend wants a private meeting with their father; Towanda shocks all with her role in a new theater project; and the sisters are in attendance for Bar Chix's soft open, during which a bartender has a meltdown.

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Fri May 13 3:00am
An Engaging Question(Season 4, Episode 25) WE

Trina's relationship takes a major turn as she deals with another stressful delay with Bar Chix; Tamar has an ambitious photo shoot for her new release, but the wardrobe is all wrong; and Toni proposes recording a Christmas album with her sisters.

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Fri May 13 4:00am
Making Fetch Happen(Season 4, Episode 26) WE

The sisters work on Toni's Christmas album; busy schedules and past issues stir up drama; Traci reaches a boiling point and storms out; and a gift from Jacent thrills Trina.

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