A widower with three sons marries a widow with three daughters. It's a sitcom family for the ages, with plenty of warmth and fuzziness (and constant fighting for the bathroom). The series debuted in 1969, but in many ways was a throwback to the '50s. It originally ran for five seasons on ABC, has remained popular in syndication and inspired theatrical (and TV) movies and a number of spin-offs. The series was created by Sherwood Schwartz, who also conceived `Gilligan's Island.'


Guest Stars

Jim Backus
Mathews, Zaccariah
Lindsay Workman
Grossman, Mr. Watkins, Principal, Teacher
Jack Collins
Mr. Phillips, Phillips
Snag Werris
Mr. Foster, Repairman, Salesman
Hal Smith
Kartoon King, Santa
Hoke Howell
Gas Station Attendant, Gast Station Attendant
Marcia Wallace
Mrs. Robbins, Saleswoman
Pitt Herbert
Driscoll, Mr. Driscoll
Ruth Anson
Miss Perry, Mrs. Ferguson
Tracy Reed
Miss Sherry Marlowe
Leon Lontoc
Mayoral Representative
Joe Ross
Duane Cartwright