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Eastern healing mixes uneasily with Western medicine in this culture-clash medical drama set in an Ohio hospital. Representing the East: Dr. Rachel Griffen, who returned from a two-year stint in Asia as the hospital's `resident New Age shaman.' Chief surgeon Isaac Braun, her one-time mentor, didn't like this development much, and viewers didn't think much of the show: It was canceled after eight episodes.

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Guest Stars

Wallace Beaton
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Jerry Donovan
1 Episode (2002)
Cora Kilabrough
1 Episode (2002)
Lawrence Taylor
Mike `Fury' Crenshaw
1 Episode (2002)
Carson James
1 Episode (2002)
David Sutcliffe
Barry Matheson
1 Episode (2002)
Jake Thomas
Raymond White
1 Episode (2002)
Susan Sullivan
1 Episode (2002)