Comic-Con 2013 Panel: Returning Guest Voices
02:40 — Past guest voice Jeffrey Tambor asks the panel if his character will return in future episodes.
The Lost Interviews: Convincing the Unbelievers to Love the Belchers
01:15 — Who doesn't love BOB'S BURGERS? The cast talks about their varied approaches for dealing with the rare non-supporter.
Comic-Con 2013 Panel: Overhearing Tina
02:25 — Fan's recognize Dan Mintz once he opens his mouth because Tina's voice is essentially his own.
The Lost Interviews: Life Lessons & Overpriced Shirts
01:10 — John Roberts paid how much for his shirt? The cast discusses what they’ve learned from working on BOB'S BURGERS.
Fun False Fact: Bob's Burgers
00:10 — John Roberts, voice of Linda Belcher on FOX's Bob's Burgers, is delivering misinformation at Comic-Con.
The Lost Interviews: the Life-Changing Effects of BOB'S BURGERS
01:15 — Could Kristen Schaal's face BE any more expressive? Kristen, H. Jon Benjamin and John Roberts talk about the impact BOB'S BURGERS has had on their car (more…)
Comic-Con 2013 Panel: The Songs of Linda
02:40 — Creator/executive producer Loren Bouchard talks about the joys of writing for a character who bursts into song at any given moment.
The Lost Interviews: If Not Bob's, Then What?
01:00 — What would H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts and Kristen Schaal be doing with their lives if they weren't on the show?
The Lost Interviews: Fan Letters
01:10 — Take a peek at the super cool art Kristen Schaal received from a viewer as the cast dishes about their fan mail delivery.
Slap Therapy
01:32 — Tina is devastated when she finds out that her favorite boy band has broken up.
Drawing Attention
00:57 — Linda calls Teddy for help when Bob gets stuck to the toilet.
Scaredy Cat
01:10 — Bob runs away from a pigeon in the restaurant.
Tap That
01:16 — Warren tells Bob that he wants to invest in the restaurant.
Sofa Queen
01:46 — Bob suggests that they should get a new couch.
00:57 — Tina is made the new female soloist of the Hormone-iums while the lead is out.
A Plaque
01:06 — Bob and Linda get some historical news about their restaurant location.
The End
00:48 — The couch finally breaks before family TV night.
Suckling Duckling
00:53 — Tina brushes up on her nursing skills.
The Man
01:41 — Bob gets a phone call from his childhood friend.
01:25 — Tina reminisces about the time she first met Jericho.
00:56 — Bob and Linda play a game of H.O.R.S.E.
Reality Check
01:03 — Tina has some difficulties with her horse.
Kill Me
00:59 — Teddy breaks down the door to the restroom to help Bob who is glued to the toilet.
Spoon Puppets
01:56 — Tina, Gene, and Louise get to a birthday party and find out that there is no bounce house.
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