Bob the Builder Episodes

1998, TV Show

Episodes: Bob the Builder (282)

10/14/2013: Barn Raising; Naughty Spud
11/27/2011: Scrambler to the Rescue
11/5/2011: Following Clues
10/29/2011: Following Clues
10/22/2011: Following Clues
10/15/2011: Believe in Yourself
10/8/2011: Listen to Your Friends
10/1/2011: Share Your Problem
9/24/2011: Take Your Time!
9/17/2011: The Big Dino Dig Special
9/10/2011: The Big Dino Dig Special
9/3/2011: The Big Dino Dig Special
9/4/2010: Part of the Team
8/28/2010: Dizzy and the Wheely; Scratch Goes Solo
8/21/2010: Muck's Beach Tower: Scrambler's Stage Surprise
8/14/2010: Scoop's Sea Rescue; Scratch's Star Turn
8/7/2010: Staying Cool
7/31/2010: Night Time Scratch; High Time for Lofty
7/24/2010: Compromise & Competition
7/17/2010: Being Helpful
7/10/2010: Fun at Work
7/3/2010: Developing Confidence
2/14/2009: A Very Important Visitor
2/7/2009: Splasher to the Rescue
11/29/2008: The Botanical Gardens
11/22/2008: Scrambler's Scouts!
11/15/2008: Spud Hits the Airwaves
11/8/2008: Tumbler's Big Day
11/1/2008: A Cold Day in the Valley
10/25/2008: Bobland Bay Takes Shape
10/18/2008: Scoop's Challenge
10/11/2008: Two New Machines!
10/4/2008: Work, Rest and Play
9/27/2008: Lofty's Big Day
9/20/2008: Lofty To The Rescue; Dizzy's Bird Watch
9/20/2008: A Brand New Shelter
9/14/2008: Bob's Big Surprise; Wallpaper Wendy
9/13/2008: Bob's New House
8/31/2008: Roley's Important Job; Trix and the Bug
8/30/2008: Spud the Musketeer; Wendy's Magic Birthday
8/24/2008: Roley To The Rescue; Spud's Big Splash
8/23/2008: Trix's Tiles; Mr. Sabatini Picks Up The Pieces
8/17/2008: Lofty and the Giant Carrot; Bob's Egg and Spoon Race
8/16/2008: Mr. Beasley's Vegetable Patch; Lofty and the Rabbits
8/10/2008: Bob's Pizza; Wendy's Moving Company
8/9/2008: Bob of the North; Bob's Metal Detector
7/27/2008: Mr. Bentley's Trains; Wendy's Big Night Out
7/26/2008: Dizzy Goes Camping; Bob the Photographer
7/20/2008: Spud the Pilot; Bob and the Badgers
7/19/2008: Scruffty the Detective; Watercolor Wendy
7/13/2008: Farmer Pickles' Pigpen; Roley and the Rock Star
7/12/2008: One Shot Wendy; Bob and the Bandstand
7/6/2008: Scoop Has Some Fun; Scoop's Stegosaurus
7/5/2008: Pilchard's Breakfast; Trailer Travis
6/29/2008: Bob's Day Off; Roley's Tortoise
6/28/2008: Pilchard Goes Fishing; Bob's Boots
6/22/2008: Wendy's Big Game; Wendy's Tennis Court
6/21/2008: Dizzy's Birdwatch; Wallpaper Wendy
6/15/2008: Bob's Big Surprise; Lofty to the Rescue
6/14/2008: Bob's Birthday; Bob's Barn Raising
6/8/2008: Bob Saves the Porcupines; Bob's Bugle
6/7/2008: Scoop Saves the Day; Buffalo Bob
1/1/2008: Built to Be Wild
11/9/2007: Christmas
10/13/2007: Dodger's Surprise
10/6/2007: One for All...
9/29/2007: Introducing Dodger
9/22/2007: Muck's Dairy Chaos
9/17/2007: Watercolor Wendy    Season 4, Episode 13
9/15/2007: Packer's Risky Delivery
9/13/2007: Roley and the Rock Star    Season 4, Episode 1
9/12/2007: Farmer Pickles's Pigpen    Season 4, Episode 9
9/11/2007: Bob and the Bandstand    Season 4, Episode 8
9/10/2007: One-Shot Wendy    Season 4, Episode 6
9/8/2007: Adventures in the Valley
9/6/2007: Trailer Travis    Season 3, Episode 13
9/5/2007: Pilchard's Breakfast    Season 3, Episode 7
9/4/2007: Scoop Has Some Fun    Season 3, Episode 9
8/31/2007: Bob's Day Off    Season 3, Episode 3
8/30/2007: Bob's Boots    Season 3, Episode 1
8/29/2007: Pilchard Goes Fishing    Season 2, Episode 11
8/28/2007: Wendy's Tennis Court    Season 2, Episode 12
8/27/2007: Wendy's Big Game
8/24/2007: Wallpaper Wendy    Season 2, Episode 2
8/22/2007: Bob's Big Surprise    Season 2, Episode 4
8/20/2007: Lofty to the Rescue    Season 2, Episode 6
8/16/2007: Bob's Birthday    Season 1, Episode 10
8/15/2007: Bob Saves the Porcupines
8/13/2007: Scoop Saves the Day    Season 1, Episode 1
3/30/2007: Mr. Beasley's New Friends; Ballroom Bob; Lofty the Artist.
3/16/2007: Scoop Knows It All
3/16/2007: Where's Muck; Scruffy on Guard; Bob the Goalie
3/15/2007: Bob's Three Jobs
3/14/2007: While Bob's Away, Robert Will Play
3/13/2007: Muck's Convoy
3/12/2007: Spud's Bumper Harvest
3/11/2007: Scrambler and the Colorful Cave
3/8/2007: Roley's Round Up
3/6/2007: Benny's Important Job
3/5/2007: Scrambler in the Doghouse
3/4/2007: Wendy's Party Plan
3/3/2007: Muck's Mud Hut
3/2/2007: Meet Marjorie
3/2/2007: Travis's Busy Day; Spud's Statue; Trix and the Bug
3/1/2007: Off-Road Scrambler
2/28/2007: Spuds' Straw Surprise
2/27/2007: Benny's Back
2/26/2007: Two Scoops
2/25/2007: Roley's New Friend
2/24/2007: Wendy's Welcome
2/23/2007: Where's Robert?
2/22/2007: Scoop's Recruit
2/21/2007: Dizzy and the Talkie Talkie
2/20/2007: Lofty's Shelter
2/19/2007: Bob's Fresh Start
12/23/2006: Snowed Under
12/20/2006: When Bob Became a Builder
12/8/2006: Wendy's Big Night Out; Travis Gets Lucky; Molly's Fashion Show
11/24/2006: Snowman Scoop; Mr. Bentley's Winter Fair
11/18/2006: Packer Joins the Team
11/11/2006: Valley Nature Lessons
11/10/2006: Trix's Pumpkin Pie; Bob and the Badgers
11/4/2006: Animal Fun
10/28/2006: A New Job for Roley
10/27/2006: Bob the Farmer; Pilchard and the Field Mice
10/21/2006: Water Stories
10/14/2006: Spud Causes Trouble
10/13/2006: Dogsitter; Scoop the Disco Digger
10/7/2006: New Views and New Homes
9/30/2006: Valley Newcomers
9/29/2006: Spud and the Doves; First Aid Molly
9/23/2006: Shhhh! Spud's About!
9/16/2006: Fossil Fun
9/15/2006: Mr. Bentley's Trains; Lofty's Jungle Fun
9/9/2006: Shelters and Bridges
9/2/2006: Bats and Bunkhouses
9/1/2006: Speedy Skip; Mr. Ellis's Art Exhibition
9/1/2006: Hamish's New Home; Dizzy the Sheepdog
8/4/2006: Bob and the Badgers    Season 7, Episode 6
8/4/2006: Bob and the Badgers; Trix and the Otters; Dizzy Goes Camping
7/20/2006: Mr. Bentley: Dog Sitter    Season 8, Episode 11
6/29/2006: Trix and the Otters    Season 7, Episode 3
6/27/2006: Mr. Beasley's New Friends
6/23/2006: Roley's Important Job; Skip's Big Idea; Muck's Surprise
6/22/2006: Travis's Busy Day    Season 9, Episode 8
6/21/2006: Where's Muck    Season 9, Episode 7
6/20/2006: Trix's Pumpkin Pie    Season 9, Episode 6
6/19/2006: Pilchard and the Field Mice    Season 9, Episode 5
6/5/2006: Dizzy the Sheepdog    Season 7, Episode 13
6/4/2006: Racing Muck    Season 8, Episode 4
6/3/2006: Wendy's Night Out    Season 8, Episode 3
6/2/2006: Mr. Bentley's Trains    Season 8, Episode 2
6/1/2006: Bob the Photographer    Season 8, Episode 1
5/30/2006: Hamish's New Home    Season 7, Episode 12
5/29/2006: Lofty's Long Load    Season 7, Episode 11
5/28/2006: Snowman Scoop    Season 7, Episode 10
5/28/2006: Spud's Statue    Season 9, Episode 4
5/27/2006: Pilchard's Pets    Season 7, Episode 9
5/27/2006: Lofty the Artist    Season 9, Episode 3
5/26/2006: Dizzy Goes Camping    Season 7, Episode 8
5/26/2006: Racing Muck; Bob the Photographer; Mr. Beasley's Noisy Pipes
5/25/2006: Bob and the Goalie    Season 7, Episode 7
5/25/2006: Bob the Farmer    Season 9, Episode 1
5/24/2006: Scoop, Disco Digger    Season 9, Episode 13
5/23/2006: Scruffy on Guard    Season 8, Episode 13
5/22/2006: Speedy Skip    Season 7, Episode 4
5/22/2006: Travis Gets Lucky    Season 8, Episode 12
5/20/2006: Spud the Pilot    Season 7, Episode 2
5/20/2006: First Aid Molly    Season 8, Episode 10
5/19/2006: Mr. Beasley's Birds
5/19/2006: Spud and the Doves    Season 8, Episode 9
5/18/2006: Trix and the Bug    Season 9, Episode 12
5/18/2006: Molly's Fashion Show    Season 8, Episode 8
5/17/2006: Roley's Important Job    Season 9, Episode 11
5/17/2006: Ballroom Bob    Season 8, Episode 7
5/16/2006: Skip's Big Idea    Season 9, Episode 10
5/16/2006: Lofty's Jungle Fun    Season 8, Episode 6
5/15/2006: Muck's Surprise    Season 9, Episode 9
5/15/2006: The Noisy Pipes
5/12/2006: Lofty's Long Load; Pilchard's Pets; Spud the Pilot
4/22/2006: Big Surprise: Mud Hut/Party Plan
2/16/2006: Playing in the Rain
2/16/2006: Well Done, Wendy
2/16/2006: Light at the End of the Tunnel
2/15/2006: Hedgehogs and Highjinks
2/15/2006: Whitelines and a Winter Christmas
2/15/2006: Fishing Fun
2/15/2006: Lofty Saves the Day
2/15/2006: It's Building Time
2/8/2006: Speedy Surprises
2/8/2006: The Crew in a Pickle
2/8/2006: Rockin' and Rollin' Away
2/8/2006: Storms, Soccer and Surprises
2/8/2006: Buildings and Birthdays
12/10/2005: New Homes: Fresh Start/Shelter
12/3/2005: Bob's Three Jobs; Scoop Knows It All
11/26/2005: Muck's Convoy; While Bob's Away, Robert Will Play
11/19/2005: A Colorful Discovery
11/12/2005: Dizzy the Detective; Two-Jobs Travis
11/12/2005: Dizzy the Detective
11/12/2005: Two-Jobs Travis
11/5/2005: Helping Hands
10/29/2005: Building Homes
10/22/2005: A Big Surprise for Bob
10/15/2005: The Sunflower Farm Takes Shape
10/8/2005: Farmer Pickles' New Farmhouse
10/1/2005: Old Friends and New Friends
9/24/2005: Wendy Moves to the Valley
9/17/2005: A Skipload of Surprises
9/10/2005: New Homes for the Team
9/3/2005: Bob's Big Plan
3/26/2005: Problem Solving
3/19/2005: Using Clues
3/12/2005: Confidence
3/5/2005: Anticipating Outcomes
2/26/2005: Discovery    Season 8, Episode 14
2/19/2005: Animal Habitats
2/12/2005: Helping Others
2/5/2005: Creativity
1/29/2005: Taking Responsibility
1/22/2005: Snowed Under: The Bobblesberg Winter Games
1/22/2005: Self-Esteem
1/15/2005: Surprises
1/8/2005: Divergent Thinking
1/1/2005: The Environment
12/5/2003: A Christmas to Remember
11/24/2003: Trix's Tiles; Mrs. Potts' Paint Pots; Bob's Pizza; Spud Goes Apple-Picking
3/11/2003: The Knights of Fix-a-Lot
2/21/2003: Roley to the Rescue; Sing-A-Long Bird; Spud the Musketeer; Spud in the Clouds
2/14/2003: Inspector Spud; Spud Gets Packing; Spud the Dragon; Spud Minds His Manners
2/14/2003: Inspector Spud; Wendy's Surprise Party
2/12/2003: Roll on Roley; Sporty Spud; Skateboard Spud; Square Dance Spud
1/27/2003: Cock-a-Doodle Spud; Pilchard Sorts It out; Lofty's Rabbits; Lofty & the Tree Stump
1/24/2003: Bob's Bird Blind; Spud the Ghost; Muck's Monster; Muck's Short Cut
1/23/2003: Wendy's Magical Birthday; Sleepless Lofty; Lofty and the Giant Carrot; Muck's Mood
1/22/2003: Mr. Beasley's Vegetable Patch; Roley's Rock Garden; Spud's Big Splash; Wendy's Watering Can
1/21/2003: Bob's Egg-and-Spoon Race; Lofty the Soccer Star; Mr. Sabatini Picks Up the Pieces; Dizzy Scores a Goal
1/3/2003: Wendy's Moving Company; Bob's Bucket; Bob's Metal Detector; Scoop's Shapes
12/25/2002: Bob's White Christmas; Bob's Big Freeze; Bob of the North
6/12/2002: Bob and the Big Freeze; Clumsy Roley
3/28/2002: Bob's Auntie; Bob's Spring Cleaning; Wendy's Surprise Party; Wendy's Bright Plan
3/25/2002: Pilchard Steals the Show; Pilchard Has a Ball; Scruffty's Big Dig; Scruffty's Bathtime
6/8/2001: Special Delivery Spud; Spud Gets Packing; Sneezing Scoop; Spud Goes Apple-Picking
6/7/2001: Dizzy's Birdwatch    Season 2, Episode 9
6/7/2001: Roley's Tortoise    Season 3, Episode 5
6/7/2001: Roley's Tortoise; Lofty and the Tree Stump; Dizzy's Birdwatch; Roley's Rock Garden
6/6/2001: Bob on the Run; Sporty Spud; Watercolor Wendy; Muck's Mood
6/5/2001: Bob's Barn Raising    Season 1, Episode 13
6/5/2001: Bob's Barn Raising; Square Dance Spud; Naughty Spud; Spud Goes Apple-Picking
6/4/2001: Scruffty the Detective    Season 4, Episode 12
6/4/2001: Scoop's Stegosaurus    Season 4, Episode 2
6/4/2001: Scoop's Stegosaurus; Pilchard Sorts It Out; Scruffty the Detective; Scruffty's Bathtime
1/15/2001: Dizzy's Statues; Scoop's Shapes; Muck's Sleep-Over; Sleepless Lofty
Dizzy's Statues; Scoop's Shapes; Muck's Sleep-Over; Sleepless Lofty
Scoop Saves the Day; Sleepless Lofty; Pilchard in a Pickle; Pilchard has a Ball
Muck Gets Stuck; Muck's Short Cut; Wendy's Busy Day; Bob's Bucket
Bob Saves the Porcupines; Bob's Spring Cleaning; Scary Spud; Spud the Ghost
Bob's Birthday; Spud Minds His Manners; Bob's Big Surprise; Wendy's Watering Can
Pilchard's Breakfast; Pilchard Has a Ball; Pilchard Goes Fishing; Wendy's Bright Plan
Buffalo Bob; Square Dance Spud; Bob's Bugle; Bob's Bucket
Travis Paints the Town; Spud in the Clouds; Travis and Scoop's Race Day; Sporty Spud
Magnetic Lofty; Wendy's Watering Can; Tea-Set Travis; Bob Saves Energy
Scoop Has Some Fun; Wendy's Bright Plan; Spud and Squawk; Spud the Ghost
Bob's Boots; Spud Minds His Manners; Bob's Day Off; Bob's Spring Cleaning
Spud the Super Wrench; Spud in the Clouds; Trailer Travis; Spud Gets Packing
Lofty to the Rescue; Muck's Short Cut; Runaway Roley; Roley's Rock Garden
Roley's Sleeping Friend; Rocking Roley; Scarecrow Dizzy; Mrs. Potts' Paint Potts
Wendy's Big Game; Lofty the Soccer Star; Wendy's Tennis Court; Dizzy Scores a Goal
Dizzy's Crazy Paving; Scoop's Shapes; Buffalo Bob; Sing-a-long Bird
Clocktower Bob; Muck's Mood; Scoop's in Charge; Lofty the Soccer Star
Forget-Me-Not Bob; Pilchard Sorts It Out; Farmer Pickle's a Pigpen; Rocking Roley
Wallpaper Wendy; Mrs. Potts' Paint Pots; Mucky Muck; Scruffty's Bathtime
Spud Helps Out; Bob Saves Energy; One-Shot Wendy; Dizzy Scores a Goal
Roley and the Rock Star; Lofty and the Tree-Stump; Bob and the Bandstand; Sing-a-long Bird
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Can Do Crew
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Premiered: 1998, on CBeebies
Rating: TV-Y
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Premise: Animation for preschoolers about a construction crew with a can-do attitude that tackles obstacles on and off the job. The colorful cast of characters in this British-produced cartoon includes Scoop (a scooper) and Muck (a dump truck), along with Lofty (a crane), Dizzy (a cement mixer) and Roley (a steamroller).



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