His Drinking Leads to Violence
02:02 — He starts drinking all the time and becoming belligerent in public. This behavior spreads into the home where he becomes violent.
Valentines Day With an Ex-Wife
01:12 — Trouble Arises when Husband Spends Valentines Day with Ex-Wife
Sparks Fly With Real Estate Agent
01:33 — Career woman Joyce is pleasantly surprised when her real estate agent turns out to be attractive and charismatic. But how long can Bryant's charm real (more…)
Jobless Hubby
02:13 — Robin was getting embarrassed that he mother-in-law was purchasing all of their groceries for the family, she approached her husband and learned news (more…)
Over Powering Husband
01:46 — Chris picks Audrey up after work and tells her some things that no husband should say.
Does GPS Prove He Was With His Mistress?
02:37 — His GPS says he is in downtown Chico but he adamantly states he's a work at the hospital.
Mr. Perfect's Dark Side
01:54 — Simon seemed like Mr. Perfect, always romantic and charming. But after a freak accident, his girlfriend finds that he is using his charm to hide a ver (more…)
At Her Wits End
02:24 — Andrea Merriman was living the American Dream: four beautiful children, a gorgeous home and a husband who had a knack for making money. But after 20 y (more…)
You Get What You Pay for
01:11 — Simon spoiled Andie with lavish gifts and wooed her with his charm. Their future together seemed picture-perfect until Simon fell victim to a string o (more…)
Husband Is Too Aggressive in the Bedroom
01:42 — A husband becomes aggressive in the bedroom while his wife tries to support him.
Poor Spending Habits
02:02 — Andrea Merriman began to suspect something fishy with her husbands business, could he be leading a double life?
My Husband Is a Rapist?
03:29 — Krystal Kunkel thought romance was a thing of the past, until she met Tommy Garcia. After 6 years of marriage, Krystal would learn her perfect family (more…)
Escape to Lebanon
02:07 — An angere father takes his children back to his home country of Lebanon and leaves the mother back in the United States. What does she do to take her (more…)
DMV Typo?
01:34 — Jack get's out of his car and leaves his girlfriend in it. She looks in his wallet and see's that his date of birth is 6 years off from what he told h (more…)
Adam Has a Secret
01:31 — Julia thinks that Adam has been keeping a secret from her, the news is shocking and sends their relationship in a different direction.
4th of July Blow Up
01:35 — Kevin cannot handle is alcohol and ruins the family's Fourth of July party. His wife, Robin, and daughter, Kayla, decide to move out for their own saf (more…)
Alcoholism? Honeymoon's Over
01:33 — Roger instigates many arguments and controversies in his relationship with Yvette, while his drinking increases. What does she do to resolve this?
Workplace Meltdown
01:10 — Mark Barton balanced a bold career with a healthy family life... or so it seemed.
Jealous Husband Calls Constantly
01:38 — Cecil Torrence is consumed by jealously and constantly calls wife Lisa whenever she's out with friends.
Bad Dad Won't Stay Away
01:08 — Teenager David Hummert fights back against his aggressive dad to protect his beloved mother. He gets his dad to go away... but not for long.
1000 Mile No Show
01:24 — Ryan Burns thought he found the perfect wife in Jodi, but after she disappeared on a 1000 mile road trip to visit him, Ryan got suspicious.
Lingerie Shows
01:17 — A Utah prophet horrifies his community when his children's lingerie shows are revealed.
Who the Bleep Did I Marry? Season 4
A potential partner can transform into someone entirely different after marriage. A seemingly doting father reveals a horrifying past when he and his (more…)
Who the Bleep Did I Marry? Season 2
So you think you married a prince? When it comes to matters of the heart, love can sometimes be blind. Who the Bleep Did I Marry continues to weave to (more…)
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