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Latest Episode: (Dub) Bleach 267

Apr 20, 2010 Season 18 Episode 267 watch on Hulu (Free)

Below the Fifth Tower, Sado and Renji battle it out with a giant Hollow.

(Dub) Bleach 266

Apr 13, 2010 Season 18 Episode 266

Aizen leads Tosen, Gin, and the Espadas as they invade the World of the Living.
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(Dub) Bleach 265

Apr 06, 2010 Season 18 Episode 265

The Zanpakuto notice the remaining Sword Beasts acting strangely and realize it to be the work of Kirikaze, a Sword Beast capable of robbing Spirit Energy from others.
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(Dub) Bleach 264

Mar 30, 2010 Season 18 Episode 264

Lieutenant Nanao Ise is paired up with Katenkyokotsu Wakizashi, the shorter of Captain Kyorakuâs two swords, to hunt for Sword Beasts.
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(Dub) Bleach 263

Mar 23, 2010 Season 18 Episode 263

Renjiâs Zanpakuto Zabimaru, consisting of Monkey and Snake, are irritated over the fact that Byakuyaâs Senbonzakura is taking all the credit for their work.
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(Dub) Bleach 262

Mar 16, 2010 Season 18 Episode 262

During a mission to hunt down the Sword Beasts, Haineko comes across a wounded Sword Beast called Narunosuke and, to her surprise, falls in love with the handsome enemy before her.
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(Dub) Bleach 261

Mar 09, 2010 Season 18 Episode 261

Karakura Town has been experiencing a string of assaults, and the victims have all been reported to be high school girls carrying a pink bear charm.
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(Dub) Bleach 260

Mar 02, 2010 Season 18 Episode 260

Following Muramasaâs defeat, most of the Zanpakuto have reconciled and returned to their masters, except for Kazeshini, who is still out to kill his former master Shuhei Hisagi.
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(Dub) Bleach 259

Feb 23, 2010 Season 18 Episode 259

Isane and Hanataro are troubled by the recent reports of someone stealing food from the Squad Four barracks.
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(Dub) Bleach 258

Feb 16, 2010 Season 18 Episode 258

Renji and Zabimaru (Monkey and Snake) come to the World of the Living to go after a Sword Beast.
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(Dub) Bleach 257

Feb 09, 2010 Season 18 Episode 257

The assailants who attacked the Kuchiki mansion are identified as âSword Beasts,â manifested Zanpakuto of Soul Reapers who lost their lives during the battle with Muramasa.
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(Dub) Bleach 256

Feb 02, 2010 Season 18 Episode 256

With the defeat of Muramasa, peace has returned to the Soul Society.
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