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Latest Episode: (Sub) Bleach 366

Mar 28, 2012 Season 16 Episode 366 watch on Hulu (Free)

Ichigo and Ginjo settle the score once and for all.

(Sub) Bleach 365

Mar 20, 2012 Season 16 Episode 365

While facing each other in battle, Uryu notices that Ginjo’s attack contains the presence of Ichigo’s Spirit Energy.
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(Sub) Bleach 364

Mar 13, 2012 Season 16 Episode 364

The battle between Byakuya and Tsukishima escalates as they both push their powers to the limit.
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(Sub) Bleach 363

Mar 06, 2012 Season 16 Episode 363

The Soul Reapers take on the Xcution members in one-on-one battles.
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(Sub) Bleach 362

Feb 28, 2012 Season 16 Episode 362

Under the orders of Head Captain Yamamoto, the 13 Court Guard Squad Soul Reapers share their Spirit Energy to restore Ichigo’s lost powers.
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(Sub) Bleach 361

Feb 21, 2012 Season 16 Episode 361

Ginjo reveals his true colors by attacking Ichigo and stripping him of his Fullbring powers.
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(Sub) Bleach 360

Feb 14, 2012 Season 16 Episode 360

Ichigo is shocked to learn that Chad and Orihime have now sided with Tsukishima and are even willing to fight Ichigo to protect their precious “friend.”
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(Sub) Bleach 359

Feb 07, 2012 Season 16 Episode 359

Ichigo escapes from his house in confusion after witnessing his friends and family welcoming Tsukishima as if they’ve known him for years.
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(Sub) Bleach 358

Jan 31, 2012 Season 16 Episode 358

Uryu begins his own investigation to track down the enemy who attacked him.
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(Sub) Bleach 357

Jan 24, 2012 Season 16 Episode 357

Orihime and Chad exchange what information they have about Tsukishima to figure out what he has done to the both of them.
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(Sub) Bleach 356

Jan 17, 2012 Season 16 Episode 356

Ichigo, with Orihime standing by as his healer, enters his training with Ginjo.
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(Sub) Bleach 355

Jan 10, 2012 Season 16 Episode 355

On New Year’s Day, Izuru hosts a kite-flying contest in the hopes of everyone having a good time. Meanwhile, Rukia is practicing a dance she will perform for the New Year’s Celebration Ceremony.
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(Sub) Bleach 354

Dec 27, 2011 Season 16 Episode 354

Uryu asks Orihime to heal his injuries after sensing that his assailant has now made contact with Ichigo.
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(Sub) Bleach 353

Dec 20, 2011 Season 16 Episode 353

Tsukishima breaks into the Xcution hideout where Ichigo is training. Learning that he was the one who attacked Uryu and Orihime, a furious Ichigo proceeds to attack Tsukishima.
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(Sub) Bleach 352

Dec 13, 2011 Season 16 Episode 352

Ichigo begins his training with Jackie Tristan, who brings out her Fullbring power “Dirty Boots.”
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