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Latest Episode: (Sub) Bleach 366

Mar 28, 2012 Season 26 Episode 366 watch on Hulu (Free)

Ichigo and Ginjo settle the score once and for all.

(Dub) Bleach 145

Oct 23, 2007 Season 8 Episode 145

Ichigo and his friends defeat the Arrancars Iceringer and Demora, whom they meet in Underground Pathway 22.
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(Dub) Bleach 144

Oct 16, 2007 Season 8 Episode 144

Ichigo, Uryu, and Chad charge through the Garganta and into Hueco Mundo. There, they find themselves in a large corridor.
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(Dub) Bleach 143

Oct 02, 2007 Season 8 Episode 143

Orihime has been kidnapped by Sosuke Aizen and the Arrancars. Ichigo decides to go to Hueco Mundo in order to save her.
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(Dub) Bleach 142

Sep 25, 2007 Season 8 Episode 142

Ichigo awakens to realize that the serious injuries he received from Grimmjow's attack have completely healed. He senses that Orihime came to his room from the traces of Spiritual Pressure that she left behind.
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(Dub) Bleach 141

Sep 18, 2007 Season 8 Episode 141

Ichigo and his friends manage to drive away Grimmjow and the other Arrancars. But behind the scenes, Aizen orders Ulquiorra to bring Orihime to Hueco Mundo.
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(Dub) Bleach 140

Sep 11, 2007 Season 8 Episode 140

Hitsugaya's advance troops continue to fight the Arrancars who appeared in Karakura Town. Urahara shows up to help.
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(Dub) Bleach 139

Sep 04, 2007 Season 8 Episode 139

Arrancars suddenly appear in the World of the Living. Yammy, Luppi, Grimmjow, and Wonderweiss are confronted by Hitsugaya's advance troops and Ichigo.
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(Dub) Bleach 138

Aug 28, 2007 Season 8 Episode 138

There are only a few months left until the showdown with the Arrancars. Ichigo continues to train with the Visoreds, but the amount of time in which he can remain Hollowfied hasn’t increased by much.
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(Dub) Bleach 137

Aug 21, 2007 Season 8 Episode 137

Renji’s fight with Patras continues as it destroys Urahara's shop and parts of Karakura Town.
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(Dub) Bleach 136

Aug 07, 2007 Season 8 Episode 136

Trouble is brewing in Las Noches, Aizen's palace in the Hollow realm, Hueco Mundo. One of the Arrancars, Patras, rebels against Aizen and tries to steal the Hogyoku.
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(Dub) Bleach 135

Jul 24, 2007 Season 8 Episode 135

Kon, lonely and bored due to Rukia’s and Orihime’s absence, decides to pay a visit to Rangiku.
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(Dub) Bleach 134

Jul 17, 2007 Season 8 Episode 134

The Head Captain orders Mayuri Kurotsuchi to simplify the procedures to perform Gentei Kaijo, a restriction release for the Spiritual Pressure of the Advance Troops while in the World of the Living.
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(Sub) Bleach 155

Oct 11, 2009 Season 8 Episode 5

Rukia is angered when Kaien tells her to hand over her friends in return for letting her go and is convinced that this Kaien is a fake.
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(Sub) Bleach 153

Oct 04, 2009 Season 8 Episode 3

Dordoni makes a final attempt to win his battle, but he is defeated by a Hollowfied Ichigo.
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Bleach 152

Sep 10, 2006 Season 8 Episode 1

Dordoni the Arrancar is a Privaron Espada, a former Espada. Ichigo underestimates his strength and is quickly driven into a corner when Dordoni releases his Zanpakuto.
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