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Latest Episode: (Sub) Bleach 366

Mar 28, 2012 Season 26 Episode 366 watch on Hulu (Free)

Ichigo and Ginjo settle the score once and for all.

(Dub) Bleach 193

Nov 03, 2008 Season 12 Episode 193

Uryu and Renji continue fighting their clones. But no matter how many times they beat them, the clones turn back into liquid, multiply, and revive.
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(Dub) Bleach 192

Oct 28, 2008 Season 12 Episode 192

After finding Nel hiding in the shadow of a rock, Nnoitora tells Ichigo's group that Nel is actually a former Espada.
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(Dub) Bleach 191

Oct 20, 2008 Season 12 Episode 191

Uryu and Renji thought they had escaped, but they find themselves back at Szayelaporro's palace.
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(Dub) Bleach 190

Oct 13, 2008 Season 12 Episode 190

The Hueco Mundo Arc, which was put on hold for the New Captain Shusuke Amagai Arc, resumes.
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(Dub) Bleach 189

Oct 06, 2008 Season 12 Episode 189

Shusuke Amagai wields both a Bakkouto, which seals the powers of Soul Reapers, and his Bankai, Raika Gouenkaku. Ichigo defends against Shusuke's Bankai while Hollowfied and counterattacks with his most powerful Getsugatensho.
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(Dub) Bleach 188

Sep 16, 2008 Season 12 Episode 188

The chaos in the Kasumiohji Clan was all a scheme formulated by Shusuke Amagai. Shusuke joined the Thirteen Court Guard Squads in order to avenge his father’s death at the hands of Head Captain Yamamoto.
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(Dub) Bleach 187

Sep 09, 2008 Season 12 Episode 187

The battle at the Kasumiohji Clan’s palace between the Thirteen Court Guard Squads and the Kasumiohji Clan’s assassins continues.
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(Dub) Bleach 186

Sep 02, 2008 Season 12 Episode 186

At the Head Captain’s command, all the Soul Reapers of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads break into the Kasumiohji Clan’s palace at once.
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(Dub) Bleach 185

Aug 26, 2008 Season 12 Episode 185

The intense battle between Izuru Kira and Makoto Kibune continues at Squad Three’s training facility.
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(Dub) Bleach 184

Aug 19, 2008 Season 12 Episode 184

The Soul Reapers stop chasing after Ichigo for the time being and focus on restoring order in the Seireitei.
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(Dub) Bleach 183

Aug 05, 2008 Season 12 Episode 183

After Shu Kannogi tearfully tells Shusuke Amagai how he feels, Shusuke loses his feelings of ill will towards Ichigo and instead decides to help in their search for Rurichiyo.
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(Dub) Bleach 182

Jul 29, 2008 Season 12 Episode 182

Ichigo and Rukia are being chased down by the Thirteen Court Guard Squads after sabotaging Rurichiyo and Shu’s wedding and taking Shu hostage.
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(Dub) Bleach 181

Jul 22, 2008 Season 12 Episode 181

Rurichiyo has gone back to the Soul Society to take back control of the Kasumiohji Clan. Ichigo, Rukia, Kenryu, and Enryu follow her through the Senkaimon, and they barge in on Rurichiyo and Shu’s wedding at the Kasumiohji palace.
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(Dub) Bleach 180

Jul 15, 2008 Season 12 Episode 180

Ichigo and his friends have narrowly escaped Hanza Nukui’s team’s attacks. But Uryu and Chad have been inundated with the Spirit Energy of Bakkoutos, and Orihime’s healing power doesn’t seem to be working.
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Bleach 229

Nov 06, 2011 Season 12 Episode 17

Ikkaku and Yumichika are sent after a Hollow that ran away to the World of the Living. They have no prearranged lodging, so they decide to stay at the Asano family house. Keigo seems slightly annoyed, but his older sister, Mizuho, takes a liking to Ikkaku's bald head. She starts trying to seduce Ikkaku by showing her feminine side. But she follows him around to the point of annoying Ikkaku. This prompts Yumichika to half-jokingly put a wig on Ikkaku, but this ends up provoking some major problems!
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Bleach 228

Oct 30, 2011 Season 12 Episode 16

Rangiku and the members of the Women's Soul Reaper Association take a relaxing trip to a beach in the World of the Living. All the women are excited about wearing bathing suits that they have picked out for the occasion. Jushiro Ukitake, Ikkaku, and Renji make their way to the beach as well. When a bewildered Ichigo goes into the beach shack, he runs into Chad, Uryu, and Orihime, who are working there. Toshiro Hitsugaya uses his Hyorinmaru to make the ice required for the shaved ice they sell. When everyone reassembles on the beach, Jushiro proposes a sand art contest. They all put some money in a betting pool and start making various things out of sand.
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Bleach 227

Oct 23, 2011 Season 12 Episode 15

Mizuiro starts at Karakura First High School without any great expectations or ambitions. On the day that the students are assigned to classes, Keigo, who has been hanging around Mizuiro since they met, is shivering with fear. He has just found out that he is in the same class as the notorious ruffians Yasutora Sado and Ichigo Kurosaki. Meanwhile, in the Soul Society, the new lieutenant has been selected. Mizuiro, Ichigo, and the Soul Society all seem to be starting a new chapter in their lives.
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Bleach 226

Oct 16, 2011 Season 12 Episode 14

The Soul Reapers are defeated one after another at the hands of Ayon. Seeing this, Head Captain Genryusai Yamamoto decides to get involved. He hits Ayon with one of his attacks, but Ayon doesn't even seem to be hurt by it. Ayon then fires back at Genryusai stronger than ever. Meanwhile, the battles between the captains and Espadas continue. Hitsugaya is fighting Halibel, Kyoraku is fighting Stark, and Soi Fon and Omaeda are fighting Barragan. And over in Hueco Mundo, Ulquiorra and Ichigo face off.
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Bleach 225

Oct 09, 2011 Season 12 Episode 13

Apache, Mila Rose, and Sun-Sun release their Resurreccion forms. In addition, they combine their left arms to create a mysterious monster called Ayon. Rangiku and the others are shaken by the sight of the monster and the strength of its Spiritual Pressure. Rangiku collapses in the face of Ayon's overwhelming power, and even Hinamori, who tries to rescue Rangiku from further danger, is defeated. Just then, Kira and Hisagi, who have wrapped up their battle at the pillars, sense that their comrades are in a predicament and rush over. Can the two of them take on Ayon?
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Bleach 224

Oct 02, 2011 Season 12 Episode 12

Rangiku battles Halibel's three Fracciones, Apache, Mila Rose, and Sun-Sun. She attacks with his Haineko, but even that is not very effective against the three opponents. While fighting Halibel, Hitsugaya senses Rangiku's Spiritual Pressure, but he is forced to concentrate on his own battle and cannot come to Rangiku's aid. Apache quickly grows impatient with Rangiku, who remains on the defensive, and she launches an attack while saying that Rangiku wouldn’t have had a chance even if they were fighting one-on-one. But just then, an unexpected person rescues Rangiku using a familiar attack…
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Bleach 223

Sep 25, 2011 Season 12 Episode 11

Ggio, who released his Hollow power, is overpowering Soi Fon. Marechiyo Omaeda realizes that Soi Fon is in a dire situation and comes to help her. But Soi Fon says that it would be a disgrace for her to accept his help, and she continues to fight Ggio alone. But Omaeda, who is watching her fight from the sidelines, becomes a little uneasy when Ggio proves to be a tougher opponent than expected. His concern for Soi Fon distracts him from his own fight against Nirgge, and Nirgge takes the opportunity to fire his Cero. Around the same time, Ggio pins Soi Fon against a wall and prepares to finish her off.
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Bleach 222

Sep 18, 2011 Season 12 Episode 10

Soi Fon and Marechiyo Omaeda are to take on Ggio and Nirgge. Soi Fon confidently goes after Ggio, but Ggio puts up a good fight. Ggio restrains Soi Fon with one of his attacks and releases his Tigre Estoque. Meanwhile, Omaeda is struggling in his fight against Nirgge. The two exchange insults and attacks, but when Nirgge grows impatient, he releases his Mamut and comes after Omaeda with his giant trunk.
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Bleach 221

Sep 11, 2011 Season 12 Episode 9

The Soul Reapers succeed in defending the four pillars from being destroyed, preventing the real Karakura Town from returning to the World of the Living. Feeling responsible for this turn of events, Fracciones Ggio and Nirgge promise Barragan that they will take care of the Soul Reapers. Soi Fon and Marechiyo Omaeda take up their swords to face the two Fracciones. The standoff is finally broken when Head Captain Genryusai Yamamoto signals them to begin battle.
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Bleach 220

Sep 04, 2011 Season 12 Episode 8

Shuhei, Izuru, Yumichika, and Ikkaku fight to guard the four pillars used to switch the real Karakura Town with a fake one. Despite their efforts, one of the pillars is destroyed by the Fraccion Poww, and the real Karakura Town begins to slowly return to the World of the Living. If the town returns, the Soul Reapers will be unable to fight. To prevent that from happening, Captain Sajin Komamura and Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba of Squad Seven arrive at the scene to face Poww.
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Bleach 219

Aug 28, 2011 Season 12 Episode 7

Shuhei Hisagi battles Findorr Calius, who has increased his strength level equal to that of a squad lieutenant by shattering his own mask. Shuhei, overwhelmed by the enemy's power, is forced to stay on the defensive. Findorr ridicules Shuhei's strength as not being that of a lieutenant and proceeds to finish him off using the sword release "Pinza Aguda."
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Bleach 218

Aug 21, 2011 Season 12 Episode 6

Yumichika is trapped inside Chuhlhourne's briar of darkness. Learning he cannot be seen from the outside world, Yumichika unveils his Zanpakuto's true power. Meanwhile, Izuru Kira is fighting Abirama Redder over at the south pillar. Abirama goes into his sword release state "Aguila" to attack Izuru from the sky. Izuru makes use of his surroundings and attacks Abirama with Kido. Annoyed by Izuru's cheap tactics, Abirama goes in for the kill.
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Bleach 217

Aug 14, 2011 Season 12 Episode 5

Shuhei, Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Izuru start fighting against the Fracciones that Barragan deployed. Charlotte Chuhlhourn, who appears before Yumichika, tries to flaunt his beauty, but Yumichika refuses to look at him. When Yumichika chops off Chuhlhourn's hair, Chuhlhourn's anger is pushed over the edge, and he releases his Reina de Rosa. Yumichika finds that his Fujikujaku has little effect against Charlotte in this form.
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Bleach 216

Aug 07, 2011 Season 12 Episode 4

The Head Captain expected the battle to take place in Karakura Town, so he fights to keep it from being destroyed. He places pillars in four corners of the town to switch the real Karakura Town with a replica that was made in the Soul Society. Barragan finds out that he can bring back the real Karakura Town if he breaks the pillars, so he makes the Hollows attack them. The Thirteen Court Guard Squads and the Espadas are fighting somewhere far from the pillars, so the guards cannot make it in time to protect the pillars.
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Bleach 215

Jul 31, 2011 Season 12 Episode 3

Sosuke Aizen brings Kaname Tosen, Gin Ichimaru, and the Espadas Stark, Barragan, and Halibel to the World of the Living on a mission to destroy Karakura Town. The Espadas stand before the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Before facing the Espadas, The Head Captain uses Ryujinjakka to trap Sosuke and the others in a ring of flames, but this doesn't seem to faze Sosuke. In the meantime, Ulquiorra and Orihime are fighting at Las Noches' Fifth Tower. When Ulquiorra asks her if she is afraid to die alone, Orihime's response surprises him.
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Bleach 178

Jul 24, 2011 Season 12 Episode 2

Hanza Nukui uses his Bakkouto, Saiga's weak point, to act as a trap for Ichigo. Ichigo ends up getting caught in Hanza's scheme, an expanse of mirrors. The mirrors take the memories of the captive and turn them into nightmares. Ichigo sees his late mother, Masaki, and is forced to relive his memories of her up to her death. He is psychologically overwhelmed and finds himself powerless against the illusion. At that moment, an immense amount of Spiritual Pressure radiates from Ichigo.
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Bleach 213

Jul 17, 2011 Season 12 Episode 1

Ichigo and his friends leave Karakura Town with the intent of bringing Orihime back, and they continue fighting in Hueco Mundo. Nevertheless, Hollows continue to appear in the World of the Living. Kisuke Urahara also seems pretty busy. He sacrifices sleep to develop a 'Konso Cop Karakurizer Transformation Watch.' At the command, 'Career Change!' Kon transforms into Karakurizer. Karakurizer attempts to restore peace in the town while trying to become popular with the ladies. Specially designed by Uryu Ishida, Karakurizer's cape has one and a half times more pleats than a normal cape. But Karakurizer is repeatedly confronted by powerful Hollows, and he finds himself in deep trouble.
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