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Latest Episode: (Sub) Bleach 366

Mar 28, 2012 Season 26 Episode 366 watch on Hulu (Free)

Ichigo and Ginjo settle the score once and for all.

(Dub) Bleach 179

Jul 08, 2008 Season 11 Episode 179

At a captain’s meeting in the Soul Society, Shusuke Amagai proposes to the Thirteen Court Guard Squads that they train directly with the squads.
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(Dub) Bleach 178

Jul 01, 2008 Season 11 Episode 178

Hanza Nukui uses his Bakkouto, Saiga’s weak point, to act as a trap for Ichigo. Ichigo ends up getting caught in Hanza’s scheme, an expanse of mirrors. The mirrors take the memories of the captive and turn them into nightmares.
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(Dub) Bleach 177

Jun 24, 2008 Season 11 Episode 177

The respective battles of Rukia, Uryu, and Chad continue. Jinnai Douko becomes one with his Bakkouto, Retsurai, and keeps attacking. Rukia has a tough battle against Jinnai, whose whole body transforms into a weapon.
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(Dub) Bleach 176

Jun 24, 2008 Season 11 Episode 176

Hanza Nukui and his team of assassins, armed with Bakkoutos, arrive in the World of the Living, and they challenge Ichigo and the others to fight. Jinnai Douko appears before Rurichiyo wielding a Bakkouto.
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(Dub) Bleach 175

Jun 17, 2008 Season 11 Episode 175

Hanza Nukui has misjudged the power of Ichigo and his friends, and has failed to assassinate Rurichiyo. He forms a unit of assassins, armed with powerful Bakkouto swords, and prepares to go back to the World of the Living.
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(Dub) Bleach 174

Jun 10, 2008 Season 11 Episode 174

Ichigo returns to the World of the Living, and he draws up a countermeasure at Kisuke Urahara’s shop. When everyone leaves Urahara’s shop, they come across Hanza Nukui, the head of an assassination squad.
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(Dub) Bleach 173

Jun 03, 2008 Season 11 Episode 173

One morning, Rurichiyo suddenly disappears. Kenryu finds some indication that leads him to believe that she used the Kasumiohji Clan’s private Senkaimon to return to the Soul Society.
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(Dub) Bleach 172

May 27, 2008 Season 11 Episode 172

Since welcoming Shusuke Amagai as the new captain, Squad 3 has been hard at work. But the duties Shusuke assigns them are tasks that one couldn’t imagine a Soul Reaper doing.
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(Dub) Bleach 171

May 20, 2008 Season 11 Episode 171

Ichigo and Rukia assume the responsibility of being Rurichiyo’s bodyguard. It is Rurichiyo’s first time in the World of the Living, and she asks Ichigo to teach her about everything she sees.
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(Dub) Bleach 170

May 13, 2008 Season 11 Episode 170

A mysterious team of three transfers into Ichigo’s class. Their names are Rurichiyo Kasumiohji, Kenryu, and Enryu. Rurichiyo acts like a princess, and Kenryu and Enryu obsessively guard her surroundings.
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(Dub) Bleach 169

May 06, 2008 Season 11 Episode 169

In the middle of the night, a strange Senkaimon opens in Karakura Town, and a mysterious team of three arrives in the World of the Living.
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(Dub) Bleach 168

Apr 21, 2008 Season 11 Episode 168

A new captain joins Squad 3, taking the place of the rebel Gin Ichimaru. His name is Shusuke Amagai.
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Bleach 212

Jul 10, 2011 Season 11 Episode 7

Sosuke Aizen suddenly appears in front of Shinji Hirako and the others. He draws his sword on Shinji, who is agonized by his Hollow transformation and cannot move his body at will. But just before he strikes, Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi show up, having followed Shinji's group because they were worried about Hiyori. The sight of a masked Shinji and company does not unnerve Kisuke. It seems Kisuke has already figured out the perpetrator in the case of the disappearing souls, as well as the perpetrator's objective. Sosuke listens to Kisuke, and his meek facial expression completely changes. Then, Tessai attacks Sosuke. . .
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Bleach 211

Jul 03, 2011 Season 11 Episode 6

At Squad Nine's camp, Shinji Hirako and the others run into Kensei Muguruma, who is donning a strange mask. Kensei starts to attack them, and he is too powerful to stop even with all of them combined. Just when it seems like Hachigen's level 90 kido has somehow restrained Kensei, the injured Hiyori transforms in the same way that Kensei did. To make matters worse, darkness falls upon them, and Shinji and company are taken down one by one. . .
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Bleach 210

Jun 26, 2011 Season 11 Episode 5

Kensei Muguruma's and Mashiro Kuna's Spiritual Pressure disappears. The Seireitei deems this a dire situation. Kisuke Urahara, who sent Hiyori to Squad Nine, volunteers to go to the scene of their disappearance, as he is worried that she has yet to return. But the Head Captain doesn't allow him to go and instead sends the captains of Squad Three, Five, and Seven: Rojuro Ohtoribashi, Shinji Hirako, and Love Aikawa, respectively. In addition, Kido Corps lieutenant Hachigen Ushoda and the captain of Squad Eight, Lisa Yadomaru, get involved. Shinji and the others rush to the scene. When they arrive, a terrible situation is awaiting them.
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Bleach 209

Jun 19, 2011 Season 11 Episode 4

Nine years have passed since Kisuke Urahara was appointed captain of Squad Twelve. Bizarre deaths start to occur in the Rukon District where people disappear, leaving only their clothes behind. When word of these incidents reaches the Soul Reapers' ears, even the Seireitei is overcome by an uneasy mood. The captain of Squad Nine, Kensei Muguruma, investigates the cause of these incidents despite being bothered by his lieutenant Mashiro’s selfishness. Just then, he hears the screams of children and the sound of a Hollow's footsteps chasing them. Kensei tries to help, but. . .
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Bleach 208

Jun 12, 2011 Season 11 Episode 3

Kisuke takes Hiyori to the Special underground Confinement Unit inside the Squad Two barracks. Nicknamed the Maggot’s Nest, this place imprisons enlisted Thirteen Court Guard Squad members whose beliefs or actions have been deemed dangerous. Kisuke used to oversee the institution as commanding officer of the Confinement Unit. While he was in that post, he realized he might be able to take the threat posed by the detained people and use it to his advantage. His purpose for coming here is to see the most dangerous detainee—the one man in the Maggot’s Nest who has been put in a cage.
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Bleach 207

Jun 05, 2011 Season 11 Episode 2

Kisuke Urahara replaces the newly promoted Kirio Hikifune as captain of Squad Twelve. Hiyori Sarugaki, lieutenant of Squad Twelve, cannot hide her dissatisfaction with the new captain. She does not like his attitude and thinks he looks undependable. She also can’t stand the fact that ever since Kisuke came, there has been a carefree mood among squad members. On top of that, Kisuke comes from Squad Two’s Stealth Force, and Hiyori picks a fight with him every chance she gets. Kisuke tries in his own way to gain Hiyori’s trust…
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Bleach 206

May 29, 2011 Season 11 Episode 1

In the Soul Society 110 years ago, the Thirteen Court Guard Squads are made up of unfamiliar faces. The captain of Squad Five is the masked Visored, Shinji Hirako who currently resides in the World of the Living. And Squad Five’s lieutenant is Sosuke Aizen. That day, the two of them go to Squad One’s barracks at the invitation of the head captain. An induction ceremony is to be held for the Soul Reaper who will assume the position of Squad Twelve’s captain. This Soul Reaper was chosen to become captain based on Yoruichi Shihoin’s commendation.
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