• 1988
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Contestants are paired with celebrities in a word-puzzle game.

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Episode 3 Season 0, Episode 3 Jul 16, 2012 Paid

Jerry tells Daniel he knows he killed Henry Pulis. Jerry works for Danto and has colluded with the police to falsify the Pulis murder investigation, bring Daniel to power and protect him. Now they ‘own’ him. Bevan survives the attempt on his life and is more determined than ever to find out who killed Henry Pulis. Ruth closes in on the truth about her father’s death. Meg goes missing, and Daniel has a race against time to find her. Daniel is trapped by his web of secrecy. Donna finally helps him see the only true way to pay for his sins.

Episode 2 Season 0, Episode 2 Jul 9, 2012 Paid

Daniel is mayor. Determined to use his new position to pay for his sins, but living in fear of his secret being discovered. When the woman from the Yellow Moon club makes contact, Daniel knows he must do everything he can to keep her quiet. At home, Alex finds Pulis’s bloodied belongings and realises what Daniel has done. Detective Bevan is convinced his ex-wife Sylvie is having an affair and, in keeping a watchful eye, is drawn dangerously close to Daniel. A street drunk is framed for the Pulis killing, and Daniel starts to suspect he is embroiled in something larger than he can understand.

Episode 1 Season 0, Episode 1 Jul 2, 2012 Paid

When Daniel wakes from an alcoholic blackout to find he has beaten a man to within an inch of his life, he seeks out his sister, Lucy. But in doing so, finds himself at the scene of a driveby shooting. In a spontaneous act of heroism, he takes the bullet. Daniel wakes in hospital, unaware he is all over the news. Daniel is lucky to survive. Elsewhere, Henry Pulis lies in intensive care. Daniel is wracked with guilt. When political consultant Jerry Durrans visits Daniel, to suggest he could be a candidate in the city’s first mayoral election, Daniel is sceptical, but an idea has been planted.