Blackadder the Third

  • 1987
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

Blackadder becomes butler to the foppish Prince of Wales during the Regency.

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Duel and Duality Season 3, Episode 6 Paid

The Duke of Wellington challenges the Prince to a duel after the latter made sexual advances to the Duke's nieces. Blackadder agrees to fight the Duke in the Prince's place, in exchange for the Prince's entire fortune, an amusing clock and a stack of French erotica. When a plan for his mad Scottish cousin to take his place falls through, Blackadder must face the duel himself. Digitally remastered version.

Amy and Amiability Season 3, Episode 5 Paid

As ever, the Prince is terminally short of cash, so he is persuaded to marry the fantastically wealthy heiress, Miss Amy Hardwood. Having wooed her heart for the Prince with a lot of drippy poetry, Blackadder is disgusted to learn that the Hardwoods have been lying about their fortunes from industry, and in fact have been living off lard sandwiches for five years.

Sense and Senility Season 3, Episode 4 Paid

The Prince is understandably worried about his popularity after an anarchist throws a bomb at him. He agrees to recite a brilliant speech by Blackadder and decides that he wants his two favourite actors, Mr David Keanrick and Mr Enoch Mossop, to coach him. But things soon change when Baldrick thinks he overhears the actors plotting against the Prince.

Nob and Nobility Season 3, Episode 3 Paid

Everyone in Britain is mad with admiration for the Scarlet Pimpernel, who has been bravely rescuing French aristocrats from the clutches of evil revolutionaries. The scornful Blackadder accepts a bet from the foppish lords Smedley and Topper that he can rescue an aristo himself. But actually going to France would be insanely dangerous, so Blackadder finds an alternative a little closer to home.