Black Jesus

Present-day Jesus is living in Compton, California with a mission to spread love and kindness to the neighborhood in this live-action comedy.

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Good for Nothing Season 2, Episode 10 Nov 20, 2015 $2.99

Lloyd's wife resurfaces announcing she wants a divorce. Vic is overjoyed, until things get messy. After a visit to the probation office, Fish faces a test of faith.

Janky Cable Season 2, Episode 9 Nov 13, 2015 $1.99

When Trayvon's dad hooks them up with free cable, Vic will stop at nothing to spoil the gang's enjoyment of fight night. Guest Stars: Mark Curry, John David Weatherspoon

Never Say When Season 2, Episode 8 Nov 6, 2015 $1.99

With a little divine influence, Lloyd gets a lucrative job as a liquor spokesman. Success changes Lloyd but not in the ways Jesus had hoped. Guest Starring Dominique Witten, Keith David, and Bernadette Stanis.

Thy Neighbor's Strife Season 2, Episode 7 Oct 30, 2015 $1.99

Vic plunges into sin courtesy of Lloyd's estranged wife. Meanwhile, the gang shoots a music video for Boonie's latest track, "Side Bitches". Guest starring Dominique Witten, Keith David, and Bernadette Stanis.

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The Other Shoe Drops
18:46 — Travyon's foray into documentary filmmaking reveals greed, chaos, angry farmers, and a saboteur pouring bleach in the garden.
Love Thy Enemy, Pt. 2
18:04 — Vic has let the complex fall into shambles - with Lloyd acting as manager.
01:02 — The official trailer to Joe and Caspar Hit The Road.
Slow Down, Joe Brown
00:50 — The sauce is the secret.