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Latest Episode: Deserts

Feb 15, 1992 Season 2 Episode 17 watch on (Paid)

Bill Nye explores the unique ecosystem of deserts.

The Planets

Jan 13, 1991 Season 2 Episode 16

Bill Nye goes planet-gazing in order to explore the Earth's solar system.
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The Sun

Oct 21, 1990 Season 2 Episode 15

Bill Nye explains why the sun is a source of energy for all living things.
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May 22, 1994 Season 2 Episode 14

Bill Nye explains how storms help to distribute heat around the planet.
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Jan 06, 1991 Season 2 Episode 13

Bill Nye gets aerobic as he explains the importance of respiration.
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Jan 18, 1992 Season 2 Episode 12

Bill Nye explains how probability can help to predict future events.
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Oct 19, 1991 Season 2 Episode 11

Bill Nye explains how all living populations compete for resources.
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Pollution Solutions

Jan 11, 1991 Season 2 Episode 10

Bill Nye explains why pollution solutions are important for the planet.
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Jan 27, 1991 Season 2 Episode 9

Bill Nye gets to the root of the matter to explain the science of plants.
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Ocean Life

Apr 27, 1991 Season 2 Episode 8

Bill Nye goes underwater to explore the importance of ocean ecosystems.
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Jun 19, 1994 Season 2 Episode 7

Bill Nye explains how everything needs a push or a pull to move or stop.
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Sep 07, 1991 Season 2 Episode 6

Bill Nye explains the similarities between marine mammals and humans.
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Feb 17, 1989 Season 2 Episode 5

Bill Nye explains how to make a compass and why magnetic opposites attract.
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Light Optics

Sep 09, 1990 Season 2 Episode 4

Bill Nye explains how light can bend, bounce, absorb, and reflect.
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Lakes & Ponds

Feb 20, 1994 Season 2 Episode 3

Bill Nye explains the difference between lakes and ponds.
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