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Best Valentines Day Videos

ABC’s Hottest Smooch SessionsIn honor of the all the love in the air on this fine Valentine’s Day, ABC found it fitting to whip up a little montage of some of the sexiest kissing scenes (and sometimes a tad more) to get everyone in the spirit. And don’t worry, they've covered almost every show they have, complete with the Sawyer-Kate cage hook-up and the infamous Gizzy romp in the sheets. This video can be summed up best as face-sucking at its finest. Watch it now! | More online videosHas Valentine's Day Become a Secular Orgy?Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day wasn’t created for the sole purpose of making single people cry. Daily Show correspondent, Nate Corddry delved into the world of chocolate thongs, greeting cards and lingerie to figure out how February 14th has gone from a day of revering the martyrdom of St. Valentine, to displays of sexual perversion. Best Break-Up…Ever!Normally you would think that breaking up with someone on V-Day i... read more

Murder Club Snuffs Creators; Big Shots Muzzled?

Women's Murder Club by Andrew Southam/ABC

The end of the strike doesn't mean good news for everyone, mind you. ABC's Women's Murder Club, whose fate seems super-iffy, has let go of three executive producers, including co-creators/co-showrunner Elizabeth Craft — says the Reporter. (Ausiello might want to revisit that "less than 0.015 percent chance of survival" mentioned in today's fresh AA.)Another of the net's freshman offerings, Big Shots, is "not expected to continue," says the trade. But, reports my dream, Charisma is being spun off onto her own show: "The Comely Stranded Motorist."Related:• Ask Ausiello: "I'm almost afraid to ask: What's happening to our beloved Angie Harmon and Women's Murder Club?" read more

I'm a frequent reader of your ...

Question: I'm a frequent reader of your articles. However, I was very unhappy and continue to be unhappy with your reviews of Big Shots. Of course, it is not the best writing in the world, but it is not god-awful, either. I'm no TV reviewer, but I have watched a lot of TV, including some really horrible shows in my time, and this is not one of them. Let's face it: Not all the shows you give positive reviews are as great as you say. Personally, I would rather shoot myself in the head than watch two seconds of Grey's Anatomy or its stupid spin-off. But this is about giving us Big Shots lovers a little bit of respect. I understand that it is your job to watch and give your opinion on TV shows, but can you scale back on the criticism? You're not only insulting the show but the people, like me, who really enjoy it. I know you might take this as being over-sensitive, but I just wanted to put that out in the universe and hope you respect my opinion just like I respect yours. Answer: For the ... read more

Big Shots' Joshua Malina on the Show's Future

Joshua Malina, Big Shots

With production halted on Big Shots (tonight at 10 pm/ET, ABC) by the writers' strike, the penultimate episode airs tonight. Which makes it a good time to assess the series with one of its four leads, Joshua Malina, who's been busy in ways that would be alien to the hapless Karl — "arguably the jerkiest" of the series' four tycoons, admits Malina. The father of two has been preoccupied with "field trips, class plays and being in total daddy mode." TV Guide: So will Big Shots be renewed?Joshua Malina: It's a hot topic among the four of us. I'm doing an ABC promo shoot. I take that as hopeful. We're having so much fun together, it would be a shame to end. If I'm going to work, I'm going to laugh. TV Guide: Do people complain about how jer read more

Thursday Ratings: Big Shots Up, Apprentice Down

Big Shots' Christopher Titus and Charisma Carpenter courtesy Vivian Zink/ABC

Thursday's first-run highlights:8 pm/ETUgly Betty topped the hour with 10 million total viewers, a gain of 600K from its last fresh episode (Dec. 6). The last new 30 Rock (blargh) drew six mil, a 420 thou increase from Dec. 13.9 pmCSI was No. 1 in viewers (18.1 mil, down 1.7 from Dec. 13), while Grey's Anatomy (17.6 mil) claimed the lead in key demos. Week 2 of Celebrity Apprentice, delivering 8.1 mil, plunged 26 percent from its premiere.10 pmWithout a Trace (13.2 mil, slipping almost two mil from Dec. 13) bested ER (9.1 mil), though NBC eked out a win in demos. The oft-delayed arrival of Charisma Carpenter (I would like to think) led Big Shots to a 27 percent gain over its previous episode. (Though the audience for ABC's freshman series now stands at just 6.8 mil, making a big deal out of the increase gives me an excuse to run the photo above right.) read more

Big Shots Neutered in Favor of Warmed-over Privates

Michael Vartan, Dylan McDermott and Joshua Malina in Big Shots by Sam Jones/ABC

At a time when the networks have been almost wasteful airing new episodes during this après-sweeps stretch, ABC has elected to pull Big Shots and its three remaining episodes effective immediately, this just days before Charisma was to (finally, finally) make her splashy debut. In place of Vartan, McDermott et al, the network for the remainder of 2007 will air Private Practice repeats in the post-Grey's time slot. Cutting-edge notion there, programming a spin-off adjacent to the original show. read more

I've never responded to ...

Question: I've never responded to something I've read on before, but there is something I don't understand. Why did you refer to Big Shots as "unwatchable"? I know many people who watch and love this show. It's also one of the few shows my husband and I both watch and love. We both enjoy the storylines and the cast. Granted, the "tranny hooker" storyline probably wasn't the best, but the rest is great and the show has evolved. It gets better and better each week. It's funny, and the cast of characters works so well together. I think that ABC should promote the show more. A lot of people I've introduced the show to hadn't even heard of it before. Yet once they tuned in, they were hooked. Answer: To each their own, and mea culpa for using the word "unwatchable." I should know better. Every show has a following of some sort. The word I should have used was "unbearable," which I would apply to any show that asks us to endure a storyline as ridiculous as Joshua Molina's triangle ... read more

Every year people complain ...

Question: Every year people complain that the networks are too impatient and that shows are yanked before they have a chance to hit their stride or build an audience. Well, because of the strike, shows that have been sagging in the ratings since day one or that premiered to mixed reviews have been allowed to stay on the air for months now. And, for the most part, the shows that sucked when they premiered still suck and the shows that flopped out of the gate still aren't attracting viewers. So what do you think — even in a normal season, should shows like Big Shots or K-Ville be given this much time? Is there still a chance they'll actually develop into quality or successful shows? Or is it just possible that (gasp!) the networks actually know what they're doing sometimes and that when shows get canceled there's a good reason? Answer: The good news this season is that when some of these new shows run out of episodes and finally bite the dust, the fans (who will still be upset; they ... read more

Is Candis Cayne, who plays ...

Question: Is Candis Cayne, who plays Patrick's mistress, Carmelita, on Dirty Sexy Money, a woman (sure looks like one), a transvestite (I don't even know how to spell it) or a man (hard to believe)?
Answer: The most accurate term is transgendered. Candis Cayne (born, according to bio information, as Brendan McDaniel) is playing Carmelita as a woman, not as a man or a man in woman's clothes. What I love about this storyline is how seriously Patrick clearly cares for Carmelita. Their relationship isn't treated lightly, or as a smarmy dirty joke, and hasn't been written off like a cheap stunt. It's the real deal, and groundbreaking to boot. (Especially when you compare it to the "tranny hooker" storyline on the unwatchable Big Shots. ... read more

Can you give me some news on ...

Question: Can you give me some news on my new favorite show, Big Shots?

Answer: There are so many things wrong with that sentence I don't even know where to begin. So I'll just cut directly to the answer: Despite widespread reports, ABC has not canceled Big Shots. Not yet anyway.

read more

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