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Latest Episode: Season 3 Reunion Special Pt. 2 [HD]

Jan 16, 2013 Season 3 Episode 12 watch on (Paid)

In part two of the season three reunion special, Vivica A. Fox offers a free polygraph test to all of the ladies.

Season 3 Reunion Special Pt. 1

Jan 09, 2013 Season 3 Episode 11

In part one of the season three reunion special hosted by Vivica A. Fox, the claws come out between Leslie and the rest of the ladies! The sit down is off to a rocky start when Leslie refuses to join the group for their recap on the season--and instead, insists upon filming from a separate room. Then, tensions rise when the cast starts discussing the incident report Leslie filed against Bonnie's husband Jason. Plus, Jason makes an appearance for a shocking surprise reason. Meanwhile, Whitney and Kalyn discuss why they have had a toxic relationship in the past, and why you'll never see them become besties.
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Battle of the Bull

Dec 16, 2012 Season 3 Episode 10

After Bonnie and Leslie's turbulent run-in at the chili cook-off, Bonnie finds the courage to tell Cindy the truth about the company she's keeping. Bonnie informs Cindy about a vicious rumor Leslie supposedly started about her--but can Cindy now start trusting the girls and turn her back on the one lady that immediately took her in at the country club? Plus, Whitney's not the only one in Dallas that has a ring on her finger to brag about! Find out who's newly engaged, and catch all the drama that goes down at Melissa's first fashion show for her bikini cover-up line.
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If Cooks Could Kill

Dec 09, 2012 Season 3 Episode 9

Leslie ditches the girls in New Orleans after her reignited feud with Bonnie--and even hires a bodyguard to protect her family from Jason! Meanwhile, the ladies return to Dallas and cook up their best batches of chili for the club's chili cook-off. Plus, Booger pops the question to Whitney even though Jason never gave his blessing, and Kalyn finally reaches out to her estranged father back in California after receiving wise advise from her life coach.
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Big Easy Blowup

Dec 02, 2012 Season 3 Episode 8

The ladies head to New Orleans for Leslie's Bachelorette party--but can their trip to the Big Easy go drama free? Will DeAynni and Bonnie see eye to eye on entertainment? Plus, after Leslie and Jason's blowout over Tyler, can they still be friends? Things get heated up when Bonnie learns Leslie filed a police report on her husband! Then, Connie and Jason have an issue of their own to sort out back in Dallas when Brandon asks permission to marry Whitney!
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Engaged and Enraged

Nov 18, 2012 Season 3 Episode 7

When Leslie heads out with the girls to shop for engagement rings, Bonnie asks Leslie if she and Rip will join Bonnie and Jason for dinner later in the week. What Leslie doesn't know is that Bonnie actually wants to surprise the new couple with an engagement party! However, when the big night arrives, Bonnie's husband Jason steals the spotlight from Leslie when he erupts on Tyler. Meanwhile, Kalyn finds it in her heart to give her biological mom Terry another chance.
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Meet the Boogers

Nov 11, 2012 Season 3 Episode 6

After being impressed by Booger at her book launch party, Bonnie decides it's time she and Jason meet Booger's parents. Whitney reluctantly agrees to a family dinner--but will Bonnie be as pleased with Booger's parents as she is with him? Meanwhile, Leslie confronts Kalyn about the real story behind her urinary tract infection, and suggests Kalyn be baptized to turn her life around. But Kalyn's big day gets spoiled when her real mom shows up to steal the spotlight.
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Immaculate Infection

Nov 04, 2012 Season 3 Episode 5

The Whitney and Kalyn drama just won't quit. After being rushed to the hospital, Kalyn tells Leslie that her illness stems from being under too much stress due to Whitney. However, word gets around that it wasn't stress that caused her affliction, but Kalyn's promiscuous behavior! Meanwhile, Bonnie is releasing her latest book and decides to put Maddie on the cover. To celebrate, she throws a vampire-themed launch party, and takes it upon herself to get to know Whitney's boyfriend Booger just a little bit more.
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Cowboy Crazy

Oct 28, 2012 Season 3 Episode 4

Kalyn can't seem to tone down her sexuality--and as her flirting skills improve, the drama in her life increases exponentially. First, she focuses too much on the boys at her work. Then, Tyler's older brother Spencer comes into town, and apparently brothers aren't off limits. Finally, Whitney blows up at her during one of DeAynni's huge events because she's still upset that Kalyn asked Booger to pierce her privates. Meanwhile, Dee insinuates that Cindy is a bad parent--and Cindy decides the best time to approach her is at Dee's company party.
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Pierced By Revenge

Oct 21, 2012 Season 3 Episode 3

After Whitney continues to go out of her way to bug Kalyn, Kalyn devises a plan that's sure to rub Whitney the wrong way. She heads to Booger's tattoo parlor to get a piercing on her privates! Meanwhile, Bonnie grows more suspicious of Cindy's motives when the mothers all hang out together. Plus, Leslie hires DeAynni to design a walk-in closet at her rich boyfriend's house, but business and pleasure don't always mix.
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Crabby Bitches

Oct 14, 2012 Season 3 Episode 2

Without Pam around to stir up drama, the ladies of the country club seem to be getting along swimmingly--all, that is, except for Leslie and Melissa. The two are still at each other's throats and are both beginning to drag others into their fight! Meanwhile, Bonnie is having a hard time accepting the fact that Whitney has moved out with her boyfriend. And, newcomer Cindy only asks for more trouble when she hosts a crab boil and invites all the mother-daughter duos, including DeAynni who's fuming after she finds out Shaye has been asking about alcohol.
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Botox and Billionaires

Oct 07, 2012 Season 3 Episode 1

The ladies of Dallas are back and better than ever, and the new talk of the town is Leslie's billionaire boyfriend. Private jets, shopping sprees and trips around the world have made Leslie one pampered lady, and her turned-up nose gets the town talking, resulting in an explosive confrontation with Melissa! And to top it off, her new luxurious lifestyle starts to have an unintentional effect on Kalyn. Plus, there's a new sheriff in town, a no-nonsense, party-loving woman who Dr. A has nicknamed his number one patient--a big surprise to Bonnie!
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