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"Oh, Pioneers" Season 2, Episode 12

The riveting and endlessly entertaining second season came to a surprisingly subdued close tonight With Roman in custody Bill conflicted over the future of his family and the Greenes still lurking in the shadows the security and anonymity of the Henricksons suburban enclave was once again called into question But the real threat came less from external forces than from the doubt regret and uncertainty eating away at the familys very core Whats that old saying Keep your friends close and your enemies closer Last weeks literal snakes were replaced with a figurative one this week as Adaleen played savior and showed up on Nickis doorstep with a catatonic Roman in tow Unfortunately for Bill his plot to keep Roman isolated backfired as Alby managed to wrench control of the UEB For me the most powerful scene tonight was the one that offered up some more of the history between Roman and Bill When Bill asked why he was run off the compound as a boy Rom read more

"Take Me As I Am" Season 2, Episode 11

Ive read articles claiming seeing yourself through your childrens eyes can cause an unexpected identity crisis especially if you dont like what they see When Barb and Bill start to comprehend the impact of their choices on the lives of their families and children their true nature is called into question in a multitude of ways As Season 2 wraps up the snakes hiding in the bed are much less dangerous than the ones hiding in the familyAs Barb continued to grapple with giving up one family to preserve another her children got caught in the crossfire Ben so confident that he is being called to a polygamist lifestyle was bartered for a chance at redeeming both himself and Barb in her familys eyes Meanwhile Sarahs strong will was weakened at the thought of losing Scott The conversation during her dance at the wedding with Bill heartbreakingly summed up the extent of the damage Bills attempts at fatherly advice were meaningless to Sar read more

The Happiest Girl Season 2, Episode 10

There wasnt a ton of action in tonights episode but theres lots going on just below the surface as we prepare for the final two episodes of what has been an amazing ride this summer This is one weekly fix that I am going to sorely miss as we enter the madness of the fall television season Itll be a long 10 months until our favorite polygamists return to the rotationAs Rhonda sang about being the happiest girl tonight her words were juxtaposed against all the various levels of dissatisfaction among the women in Bills life Barb is clearly showing signs of strain as the public wife and it looks like old habits are coming back to haunt Nicki Her stolen windfall led to the resumption of her shopping addiction not to mention an ill-advised and overthe-top party for Joey Wanda and Kathy that was crashed by creepy brother Alby Now that he has seized control of the compound and Romans medical care with the help of h read more

"Circle the Wagons" Season 2, Episode 9

It is becoming increasingly evident that juggling his businesses and the pressures of the UEB is nothing compared to the strain Bill faces when it comes to coping with his three wives Tonight he sought counsel from Barb Nicki and Margene about the Weber Gaming deal with mixed results Nicki still emotionally wrought over her banishment from the family and distracted by Romans shooting was happy to defer to Bills wishes Convinced that the business would lead the family into moral ambiguity Barb declined to give her consent For Margene holding the deciding vote seemed to embolden her to embrace her own opinion and vote in the best interest of her kids I did agree with her point that she and her boys are the most vulnerable in the event something should happen to Bill Bolstered by his mothers badgering to do something in the face of Romans health crisis Alby grasped control of Juniper Creeks financial interests by invoking religious testimony read more

"Kingdom Come" Season 2, Episode 8

Bills ongoing high-wire act began to show signs of wear and tear tonight as rebels rose up all around him On the home front his wives reacted in surprising ways to his request for personal time Barbs underlying resentment of having to share Bill informed her negative reaction while Nickis pure acceptance of her place in the pecking order had her compromising her own desires in the best interest of her husband Meanwhile Margene played the situation to her advantage protesting meekly about being nothing more than a sex toy for Bill while happily offering him physical release from his frustrations I was somewhat surprised by the fairly graphic depiction of their coupling but this is after all HBO I thought Nickis line about being the most stress-free of any of us was wonderfully ironic because in her own twisted way she was absolutely right From the perspective of a practicing polygamist Nickis blind belief in the Principle mak read more

"Good Guys and Bad Guys" Season 2, Episode 7

Tonights main theme was the interconnectedness of family in all its twisted forms a theme that was played out on several fronts At the Henrickson homestead Margenes mother Ginger Bonnie Bedelia showed up to bestow a little motherly wisdom on her daughter while seeking out temporary housing Suddenly its clear why Margene is so desperate for love and acceptance Her trashy mother was so consumed with jealousy over the life that her daughter has built for herself that she actually tried unsuccessfully to seduce her son-in-law This after she had earlier condemned Margene for her choices I thought it was funny how Nicki seemed to relish the motherly attention she was receiving from the decidedly unmaternal Ginger and how Margene and Nicki nearly came to blows over the situation For a moment it was like Bill was dealing with two teenagers Of course in Margenes case he practically isBarbs attempts to help Wanda and Joey get back on their feet brought read more

Dating Game Season 2, Episode 6

Just when I thought that there couldnt possibly be anyone creepier and more deluded than Roman Grant we meet Hollis Greene leader of a debauched undercover polygamist group that makes the folks at Juniper Creek look like the Waltons Apparently when Bill poached Weber Gaming from Roman he was unaware that he was dealing in pre-stolen property Frankly these are not the kind of people you want to steal from They are the kind who brand you with a hot poker when they think you are standing in the way of something they want Ouch For me this show just seems to get better week after week I really feel like the investment I made in the first season is paying off in dividends as the story continues to unfold Last season really laid the groundwork for all of the drama and intrigue that is coming to the fore now and each week I find myself increasingly anxious to see what happens next I know it seems odd to mention this at this stage of the game but tonight for the first read more

"Vision Thing" Season 2, Episode 5

Having gone to Catholic school for 16 years yep all the way through college I could really sympathize with Nickys plight tonight as she attempted to navigate the black magic hocus pocus Catholic pageantry of Waynes summer school I will be the first to admit that it all must seem somewhat surreal daunting and intimidating to an outsider but I did think that Nicki let her paranoia get the best of her For Bill this was an opportunity to publicly claim Wayne as his son and I can certainly understand why that was important to him As he searched the neighborhood for his missing progeny I thought about how difficult it would be to have to pretend that your own son was no more than a neighbor yet another aspect of their lifestyle that resonates beyond the secure little enclave theyve created Little Miss Margene was quite the instigator tonight providing a devils advocate for Nicki as she struggled with her choice She was also the first of the w read more

July 2, 2007: Viva Las Vegas Season 2, Episode 4

For Bill problems are like weeds Just when he thinks he has gotten rid of one with the video-gaming venture another one pops up on his doorstep in the form of conniving little compound escapee Rhonda What continues to surprise me is why Barb is so gullible when it comes to this girl Just having her in the house is a threat to the security of the entire family yet she seems taken in by her innocent-runaway act Barb suggests that the families adopt her gets her into the halfway house and even works with the overzealous child advocate to get her placed in a foster home For goodness sake even oblivious Teeny seems to sense that there is something not right with the girl but Barb is ready to risk everything to protect her from the cesspool that is the compound in her eyes Way to keep perspective there boss lady Nicki on the other hand is not fooled and sees the danger that Rhonda represents as she continues to menace her with threats of exposure and demands read more

June 25, 2007: Family Is First Season 2, Episode 3

The title Ive chosen for this weeks blog was a quote from The Prophet himself and it was a fitting one for tonights episode I have to give Roman Grant some credit Even when he is plotting undermining and defrauding he still seems to wholeheartedly believe that he has the best interests in mind for his righteous flock And what a flock it is The next time I complain about a big family get-together I am going to think back to this episode and thank my lucky stars Nickis supersized lineage was on the front burner tonight as she convinced Bill to visit the compound with her and even stay as a guest in Romans house Suffice it to say that Jerry Springer could have a field day with this bunch What I dont get is how anyone least of all Nicki could be surprised by Albys revelation that it was Roman who called the governors office about Barb Seriously The man is willing to overlook the attempted murder of hi read more

The Writing on the Wall Season 2, Episode 2

Nicki and Margene respond to a crisis at Juniper Creek; Bill and Don try to nip an advertising glitch in the bud; Ben shares a family secret with Brynn; Alby takes legal matters into his own hands. read more

Damage Control Season 2, Episode 1

In the Season 2 opener, Barb withdraws from the family in the wake of the Mother of the Year scandal, while Bill tirelessly investigates the source of the allegations. Meanwhile, Roman turns up the heat on Wanda at Juniper Creek, and Sarah pseudonymously renounces her polygamist background to an ex-Mormon support group. read more

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Premise: The complicated life of Bill Henrickson, a Utah businessman who also happens to be a polygamist with three wives and seven children. As the owner of an expanding home-improvement store franchise, Bill works hard to satisfy the needs of his family, and frequently clashes with Roman, a.k.a. `The Prophet,' the father of his second wife, Nicki, who holds sway at a remote polygamist compound.



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