The complicated life of Bill Henrickson, a Utah businessman who also happens to be a polygamist with three wives and seven children. As the owner of an expanding home-improvement store franchise, Bill works hard to satisfy the needs of his family, and frequently clashes with Roman, a.k.a. `The Prophet,' the father of his second wife, Nicki, who holds sway at a remote polygamist compound.

Active Cast

Bill Paxton Bill Henrickson
Jeanne Tripplehorn Barb Henrickson
Ginnifer Goodwin Margene Henrickson
Harry Dean Stanton Roman Grant
Amanda Seyfried Sarah Henrickson
Douglas Smith Ben Henrickson
Shawn Doyle Joey Henrickson
Jolean Wejbe Teenie Henrickson
Mary Kay Place Adaleen Grant

Former Cast

Bruce Dern Frank Harlow
Cassi Thomson Cara Lynn