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Big Brother 5's Drew Wins

In last week's Big Brother 5 finale, Drew Daniel's prospects looked iffy. The four-time Head of Household winner evicted his own girlfriend, Diane, and went to the final two with his original alliance mate, Michael (aka Cowboy). But somehow, the recent college grad survived 82 days of isolation from the outside world and beat out 13 other players for the $500,000 prize. In a tight 4-3 vote, the jury (made up of seven ex-housemates) tapped Drew to take home the cash. Here, the 22-year-old cutie tells TV Guide Online about his big win, the Diane debacle and his very own twin twist. TV Guide Online: Were you confident of victory? Drew: To be honest, I thought for sure that Cowboy had it. I told Cowboy, "Hey man, congratulations. You won this thing and I'm so happy for you." When there were two votes for Cowboy, I was thinking, "It's going to be a 7-0 vote and I'm not going to get a single vote." Then I started getting some votes! But b read more

Big Brother 5's Cookie Crumbles

Spending an entire summer locked in a house with 13 strangers would be enough to drive anyone crazy. Big Brother 5's Karen O'Neil-Ganci cracked sooner than most. However, after some torturous taunting from her housemates (especially Jase), the 30-year-old seemed to get her head back in the game, even if she couldn't stop her compulsive baking habit. Unfortunately, all the cookie bribery in the world couldn't save the Jersey girl from eviction, especially with the manipulative Diane tossing sour grapes into the mix. Before she was sequestered for the show's remaining weeks, TV Guide Online gave Karen a chance to stir things up one more time. TV Guide Online: Why were you always baking cookies? Karen O'Neil-Ganci: One, I love to bake. It's a huge hobby of mine at home. Two, it kept me out of trouble. With nothing to do — no music, movies, entertainment, etc. — it was also a time passer. TVGO: Were you shock read more

Big Brother's Marvin Mouths Off!

Unfortunately for Big Brother 5's Marvin Latimer, the same qualities that made him a great TV presence also made him a good number of enemies. Both a gamer and a playa, the self-proclaimed ladies' man made his female housemates uncomfortable by flirting incessantly; his status as a rogue male had the same effect on the Four Horsemen's boys' club. (Even he must now realize that he was the fall guy in the shaky Santa Monica Van Boy alliance he formed with Jase, Scott, Michael and Drew.) But perhaps his most egregious offense against the unwritten rules of conduct for Big Brother contestants was tellin' it like it was. (If there's any justice in the world of reality television, evil twin Adria is still licking her wounds after the tongue-lashing he delivered upon her ouster.) Mind you, we at TV Guide Online can handle the truth. So, before Marvin got sequestered in the jury house, we got the lowdown on his two-faced roomies.

read more

Big Brother's Double Trouble

Entering the Big Brother 5 house with her look-alike sister, Natalie, Adria Klein thought that surely two heads would be better than one. But boy, was she ever mistaken: Once the "twin twist" was revealed, the Alabamans' fellow contestants wanted nothing more than to knock their noggins together! That sentiment only increased when "A," as she was nicknamed, nominated, then personally eliminated, her own ally, Will. (Talk about your bad Karma Electra!) The 30-year-old fitness professional was finally sent packing last week (in a unanimous decision, we might add), but not before confirming her flatmates' worst fears — that, despite their protestations of individuality, she and her sibling would be bloc-voting for the grand-prize winner. Here, apparently out of threats for the moment, the Bible-thumping back-stabber shares her story with TV Guide Online. TV Guide Online: What did you think of this season's "Project DNA (Do Not Assume)" tw read more

Big Brother's Other Half

For several weeks, Natalie Carroll lived among Big Brother 5's housemates using a false moniker: She was pretending to be her identical-twin sister, Adria. The 30-year-old twins kept their roomies in the dark, repeatedly trading places until the "Project DNA" twist was finally revealed on Aug. 5. That's when Natalie became a full-fledged contestant in her own right. We figure the others couldn't tell the sibs apart because, not only are they lookalikes, they're also equally clueless. (Remember when Will used the word "karma" and the sisters didn't know what it meant? They thought he was talking about celebrity "Carma Electra.") Last week, the sisters landed on the chopping block, with Natalie's head rolling first. Before she was sequestered, TV Guide Online attempted to interview the not-so-bright Nat about her untimely ouster. TVGO: You gals had some embarrassing moments. Anything you'd love to take back?Natalie Carroll: I have no regrets read more

BB5's Gay Guy: He's Out!

Paging an optometrist, stat! Big Brother 5's token gay guy, Will Wikle, has suffered major visual trauma. First, he was seeing double (and then he was seeing red) when Project DNA backfired on him. Evil twin Adria conspired with her identical sister, Natalie, to evict the 26-year-old Mississippian registered nurse (and life of the party) from the house. Before being sequestered, Will dished his adventure with TV Guide Online, including his true opinion of those sneaky siblings TVGO: What did you think of the twin twist?Will Wikle: It explained a lot at first. Of course now I regret it and I wish them all the bad luck in the world. TVGO: Will you ever eat PB&J again? Will: I actually didn't mind peanut butter going into the house all that much. Not only will I continue to eat it, but I will also keep cans of it around for sentimental value. TVGO: It seems to have gotten very cutthroat in the house R read more

Finally! BB5's Jase Evicted

Big Brother 5's Jase Wiley was the unofficial (and very manipulative) leader of the Four Horsemen alliance. As fans will recall, Jase annoyed the housemates with his constant personal grooming and incessant chatter about his imagined resemblance to Brad Pitt. (Yeah, riiight.) Not only did his abrasive, in-your-face behavior make him the most hated man in the house, but according to Nakomis, he really did make a stink with his tendency to pee on things! Here, the 28-year-old (supposed) volunteer fireman from Decatur, Ill., clears the air about the Goth girl's claim, his relationship with superperky Holly and his constant lying. We think he's telling the truth this time... TV Guide Online: Are you upset about leaving the house? Jase Wiley: It is feeling good, to be perfectly honest. I was ecstatic to be out of the house. TVGO: Really? That's surprising. Jase: My days were done. I came to play hard read more

BB5's "Savage" Scott Axed

Last Thursday, Big Brother 5's female houseguests banded together to oust Scott "Savage" Long. This definitely hurt his testosterone-driven allies, the so-called Four Horsemen, and their plans to trample the competition. Down one man thanks to those fickle fillies, the three remaining Horsemen — Jase, Drew and Michael (aka Cowboy) — are ripe to be thrown. Here, the devious 25-year-old Pittsburgh native wishes his old comrades luck, defends his original deception and reveals why Adria and Natalie's twin scheme upset him so much. TV Guide Online: Why'd the twin twist freak you out so badly? Scott Long: I'm taking it harder than I thought I would. I was upset because I felt I had a big part in saving Adria. Just the whole fact that it was [a lie was] the ultimate betrayal. I fell into that. I used my heart in the game, and as you can see, I got a little more open and a little more truthful to people as the game read more

BB5's Non-Jolly Holly

Blonds don't always have more fun. Take Big Brother 5's latest evictee, Holly King, whose platinum hairdo and painfully high-pitched voice inspired loathing in her female housemates (especially Diane). Many of the guys seemed enthralled with her, but Holly's budding romance with cuddle-buddy Jase caused friction among his testosterone-fueled allies. (They suspected she was manipulating his decisions using her feminine wiles.) Here, the bubbly Holly defends the Jase thing and discusses her "blondness" and her future plans. TV Guide Online: When Julie showed you the twin twist with Adria, you looked stunned. Had you any clue?Holly: I was really in shock. But when I watched the show on TV, I remembered things... I should have caught on! Like when they had that whole mole twin conversation and they accused me of being a twin. If I had been part of that [conversation] — and not just gone to bed — I probably could have p read more

BB5's Yoga Guru Booted

On last Thursday's installment of Big Brother 5, 26-year-old yoga instructor Lori became the second houseguest to be evicted by her roomies. But don't feel too badly for her — the blow was softened by that $10,000 she opted to take instead of stocking the house's pantry. (Anyone still wondering why Lori got the boot?) TV Guide Online caught up with the Boston babe shortly after her ouster to get the skinny on her brief stay in the house that Orwell built. TV Guide Online: Were you shocked to be nominated for eviction so soon?Lori: No, only because Marvin won Head of Household and I knew he was going to nominate me. TVGO: Do you regret choosing the $10,000 windfall over food for the household?Lori: I don't regret it, but I definitely do think that it had something to do with the fact that I was nominated. It made me a target immediately. TVGO: Marvin said he nominated you because you were the stronges read more

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Premise: The lives of disparate housemates are captured on-camera 24/7 over a three-month period, with one person getting the boot every week (originally it was every two weeks). The last to leave wins $500,000. The intrusive Orwellian premise drew its share of critical barbs, but the series was popular enough to spawn a number of sequels.



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