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Big Brother Star Fired for "Retard" Comment

Big Brother's Adam by Bill Inoshita/CBS

Big Brother contestant Adam Jasinski's getting the boot following his remark that autistic children are "retards" in a recent ep. During the segment, Jasinski claimed he could call the children whatever he wanted, because he worked with them.Now, however, the organization he worked for — the United Autism Foundation — has written him off their staff roster following the outcry that stemmed from his epithet. At least one advertiser pulled out of airtime during the series, and various autism organizations have asked CBS to go so far as to cancel the show.According to the New York Post, the Foundation announced Jasinski's firing on its website Tuesday, saying, "Mr. Jasinski will no longer work for or represent the United Autism Foundation since he caused tremendous damage to UNIAF." In addition, the group has an official apology for the star's comments on its homepage.Jasinski, in the meantime, is ostensibly unaware of his job status with the group, since, per Big Brother's r... read more

February 24, 2008

When the show opened with a rehash of Parker and Jen getting the boot, I wasn't as mad about not watching the Academy Awards. Nothing made me happier than seeing Jen cry...again! So glad she's gone. The house made the right choice!So Chelsia and James are HOH and it was pretty evident that they won because they didn't understand the competition. Or should I say no one but Natalie and Matt understood it. Why would they all pick workout equipment over washing machines and utensils over drinking glasses? These people really are idiots! The most interesting development in this episode was Sheila and Allison coming clean about their fake lesbian relationship. Allison approached Sheila with the idea because she was afraid it would eventually go beyond just Chelsia and Josh. Did they not think they told their partners? Have they learned nothing from how information gets passed around this place? I thought it was a horrible idea and was glad when it seemed Sheila understood what a risk this... read more

Reader's Jeer of the Week: Survivor Not a Fave

Kathleen Sleckman, Alexis Jones, Joel Anderson, and Jason Siska by Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

From David Kerr in Davison, Michigan...Jeers to Survivor: Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites. Between Jonny Fairplay's lame request to quit the game on the first episode to every other "fan favorite" acting like they stumbled into the Big Brother house, this is one twist this Survivor fan could have done without. Note to Mark Burnett: Bring on contestants who want to play the game and stay in the game, not pseudo-celebrities trying to hold on to their last two minutes of fame. read more

Lowe's Blow: Big Slur Scares Off Advertiser

Big Brother's Adam by Monty Brinton/CBS

Lowe's would prefer to see some improvement in the Big Brother home, and until that happens is pulling its ad dollars from the CBS series, as a result of last week's episode where housemate Adam referred to autistic kids as "retards." "Lowe's is doing the right thing... voting with their dollars," the exec director of Autism United, the advocacy group that has called for BB's cancellation, tells the New York Daily News. CBS had no comment on the Lowe's situation.Related:• CBS Won't Shutter Big Brother over Autism Slur read more

February 20, 2008 (Eviction 2)

It really came as no surprise that tonight we said goodbye (and good riddance, as far as I'm concerned) to Parker and Jen. Considering the three-to-one vote, it was clearly an easy choice for the house guests, and now, the former "power couple" are out of the house faster than a Jen-and-Ryan bathroom quickie.But before eviction finally rolled around, there was plenty of fighting to catch up on. The show kicked off with a highly-edited version of perhaps the biggest battle in Big Brother history, as the entire house attacked Amanda for her gossiping ways. (You can watch the uncensored, VERY unsafe for work version of the fight here). When Chelsia learned that Amanda had been bad-mouthing her partner James, she storms the hot tub looking for answers. The ensuing argument grew until Joshuah had enough, giving Amanda one of the more brutal tongue lashings you're likely to see in the next couple of months. Chelsia and Joshuah were able to let out some pent up emotion, but I think Joshuah... read more

February 19, 2008

After a grueling Power of Veto competition, we're right back where we started — with Allison and her partner Ryan sitting across from Parker and Jen on the chopping block. And that's just fine with me. I'm looking (and hoping!) for Jen and Parker to go home, as Jen seems to have no friends in the house other than her beau Ryan.But just because everything stayed the same doesn't mean there weren't plenty of shake-ups in the house. First, early favorite Sharon received a second chance at the $500,000 after Joshuah (whose partner Neil had to leave the house for a personal emergency) chose her over her Jacob to play as his new partner. Everyone in the house was glad to see her back, but if Jen manages to escape eviction tonight, she should watch her back. Sharon seemed none too happy about being booted "under false pretenses."The POV competition was an endurance/strength competition that featured the two nominated couples fighting HOH Amanda and Alex and their grab bag pick Matt an... read more

Big Brother Contestant Josh Rips Amanda a New One

Warning: Adult Language Not Suitable for WorkSomebody's got quite the potty mouth on this season of Big Brother. In what could be one of the biggest blowouts in Big Bro history, contestant Josh doesn't hold back on his sentiments toward Amanda. And if you didn't catch this the first time, we'll remind you again that headphones are a necessity if you plan on watching this uncensored clip at work! Your take: Do you think Josh was totally out of line with that rant, or did Amanda have it coming? read more

CBS Won't Shutter Big Brother over Autism Slur

Big Brother's Adam by Bill Inoshita/CBS

The advocacy group Autism United is calling on CBS to condemn this season's Big Brother house in the wake of comments made on the air last week. In Wednesday's episode, Adam Jasinski shared his dream to "open a hair salon for kids with special needs, so the retards can get it together and get their hair done." Adam's slur was met with a strong, disapproving reaction by housemate Sheila, and that, CBS says, was what allowed the scene to remain in the broadcast. "We certainly find the statements made by Adam to be offensive, but believe they were countered by the... shock and condemnation from Sheila," the Eye says in a statement.In his defense, Adam touts his work with the United Autism Foundation (a nonprofit of apparently questionable stature). "Disabled kids... I can call them whatever I want, OK?" he retorted to Sheila. "I bust my ass to help these special-needs children!"Shades of Matt Dillon in Something About Mary, no? read more

February 17, 2008

Yes! The right pairs are on the block. The only sad part is that horrible Jen and her dud of a boyfriend are dragging Parker and Allison down with them.I thought this was an easy choice for the HOH couple - Alex and Amanda. Jen and Parker pretty much sealed their fate by deciding to come out with Jen and Ryan’s secret relationship. Did they even discuss it with Allison and Ryan first? I doubt it. I understood that Jen felt threatened by Allison since she didn't seem to be on board with their reluctant alliance, but I never doubted for a second Allison would keep that secret. There was no benefit in telling. Now they are both on the block. Ugh. That Jen. I hope she goes home! She got on my nerves the whole episode. Did you see her bust out BB8 Jameka's signature clapping when she was arguing with Allison? Magnificent. Sheila and Adam were at it again. I must say I don't even know what poor Adam did! He was just sitting there minding his own business and Sheila started freakin... read more

February 13, 2008 (Eviction 1)

We're only two episodes in, and already there is loads of drama! So let's get right to it. Rather than make nice in the early going, Jacob decided to "stir the pot" by telling Jen that he overheard someone he refuses to name calling her partner Parker a snake. When Jen spilled the beans to Parker, he took the news to the entire house to get to the bottom of the murmurings, which yielded little besides making Jacob look like a liar. Apart from being woke in the middle of the night, Jacob's partner (and real-life ex) Sharon was completely blind sided by her partner's terrible timing — after all, he had basically insulted one half of the "power couple" who had the chance to evict whoever they wanted the next day. Sharon immediately went into save mode, trying to convince Parker that Jacob was telling the truth. Her efforts didn't quite get the job done, however, as by the end of the night a tearful Jen sent Jacob and Sharon packing. If there was ever any hope of reconciliation bet... read more

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