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Big Brother Winner Adam Jasinski Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

Adam Jasinski

Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinski has been sentenced to four years in prison on drug and tax charges, The Associated Press reports.

U.S. District Court Judge William Young sentenced Jasinski Friday for attempting to sell 2,000 oxycodone pills to a witness ...
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Big Brother 9's Adam Jasinski Arrested for Drug Possession

Adam Jasinski

Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinski has been charged with possession of and intent to distribute oxycodone after trying to sell 2,000 pills of the painkiller to an... read more

Q&A With Big Brother Winner Adam

Hey guys!One last piece of Big Brother 9 for you! My interview with Adam moments after Sunday's finale is now live. Below is an excerpt, as well as the link to the full Q&A. Share your thoughts below! — You told the jury you would be giving some of the money to help disabled children. Do you plan to honor that statement?Adam: Ultimately the money is mine, and it's my decision. Being out of the house, I have to take time and see what was going on in the outside world without me there. I've heard there have been some instances that I was unaware of, but yes, I plan on doing the right thing with the money — what's true to my heart and fulfills my word to the jury. I want to help out children in need, bottom line. That's why I came into this house in the first Do you have any special plans to celebrate your win?Adam: I'm ready to paint the town and take my victory laps. I'm stoked. There are so many simple things you really miss out on b... read more

Big Brother's "Big Baller" Dishes on Winning Season 9

Adam Jasinski, winner of Big Brother 9

When Adam Jasinski schemed with other final-three member Ryan to give his former partner the boot, he was the last of the Big Brother 9 contestants to break  the "'Til Death Do You Part" theme. But in doing so, "Big Baller" earned himself one heck of an alimony payment. Moments after the Sunday finale crowned Adam this season's winner, the high-strung underdog chatted with us to discuss how crucial ditching his "soul mate" Sheila was to his victory, how he plans to spend the money, and what he thinks of the controversy some of his naughty comments caused outside the house. So how does it feel to be $500,000 richer?Adam Jasinski: It's an unreal feeling. I was confident that I was going to win for the last few weeks. But the more you think about it in the house the worse it is, so I just tried to put the thought out of my mind. It's great feeling, but I'm glad to be read more

April 27, 2008 (Finale)

With tonight's crowning of Adam as Big Brother 9 champion, that just about wraps up our coverage of the season. But below is a conversation between Krista and I about tonight's show and some overall thoughts about the season. We've enjoyed bringing you this blog, and look forward to doing it again when the next season begins in July. Happy reading, and, as always, share your thoughts as well! — AdamKrista: 6-1!. I'm so shocked!Adam: Yeah, me too. I'm disappointed, but I sort of expected it to be a landslide.Krista: Did you? Wow, I didn't at all. I thought for sure his demeanor at the round table was going to shoot him in the foot.Adam: Well, I should say before tonight I expected a landslide, but after the round table I did have second thoughts. But he played the charity card, which I think won some people over. Krista: Well, I hope he makes good on his promise.Adam: Me too.Krista: He's going to feel really dumb when he finds out he was fired for a comment about autistic kids a... read more

April 22, 2008 (Eviction 11)

What has Big Brother taught us once again this season? You have to win competitions to go the distance. Sharon, the ultimate mole, survived much longer than she probably should have, but aside from winning one HOH with Joshuah, she's had a dry run. I would have been spilling the same story had Sheila (and her sob stories) been sent packing. Ryan (who it's no secret I've been pulling for from the beginning) really flexed his muscle this week, winning HOH, the luxury competition with Sharon and then the most important POV of the season. That's not to say he's got the game sewn up, because in my mind, he made a few mistakes this week. But we'll get to that later. First, how great is it that we get three doses of Julie this week? She popped up tonight for the eviction, and will be back tomorrow to determine the final three and, of course, for the finale Sunday. I never thought I'd say this early on, but I can't believe this edition is almost over. Oh well, bring on the summer! [In my be... read more

April 20, 2008

Usually I hate when they recap the eviction in its entirety, but this was by far my favorite eviction ever so reliving it was just the icing on my "Gnat is outta here" cake! The look of sheer desperation and dismay was priceless. The best part about it was that 30 seconds before Sheila put her out on her tookus, she totally screwed herself by admitting her loyalty was to the boys. Sheila was smart to take advantage of that and use it in her eviction speech. Thank God my cohort Adam did the recap for that episode because someone would have had to peel me off the ceiling for me to do it. I was on fire with glee.Ok so Adam was a big jerk and sold out Ryan by mouthing to Gnat that he was the vote for her to stay. This was despicable. The least he could have done was not verbalize it. If he wanted to give a knowing wink or even a glance I could have overlooked it, but he said it right in front of Ryan. What a moron! I'm glad Ryan called him out on it. I can't believe Adam tried to pass i... read more

April 16, 2008 (Eviction 10)

Some of the variables might've changed, but in the end, Natalie was still sent packing and was (somehow) reasonably shocked that she was evicted. Though she had a couple of inspired weeks in the house following Matt's eviction, her divine mission has come to an end. Look out Mattie, she's coming for you!As I had feared, Adam and Ryan let their power run wild, and held a house meeting in which they called out Natalie for playing both sides. Although I liked seeing Natalie squirm, I would have been even happier to see her be completely blindsided by her eviction. This way she had a chance to explain herself, and the boys gave her a clue that perhaps she wasn't safe in the house. However, it also gave Sheila an easy way to explain her rationale for evicting Natlie.That's right, in perhaps the smartest move of the season (or at least the week), the boys split the vote and put the responsibility back on Sheila. She had hoped the boys would do her dirty work, and while they were willing t... read more

April 15, 2008 (Veto Competition/Ceremony 9)

Oh, how I love it when a plan comes together. After last night's episode, the house is well on its way to giving the boot to Natalie. And the best part of it all, at least based on what was shown on the CBS broadcast, Natalie will most likely be blindsided. Of course, she's aware that the flip could happen, but Sheila is doing a decent job of reassuring her. In fact, Sheila's in a pretty good spot here, and she knows it. It's easier for her to play dumb and put all the responsibility on the boys, which she made clear when she continuously threatened Adam when he suggested that they split the vote and force Sheila to cast the tie-breaking vote. I find her threats to make Adam's life "a living hell" next week if he doesn't follow through a little funny considering she can't compete in HOH. Plus, Adam has put up with Sheila's annoying ways all season long, so how much worse could it be?Sheila and Adam's relationship continues to be intriguing. After the nomination's Adam seemed legitim... read more

April 13, 2008

Pre-Blog Note: Due to a 40 minute delay on the East Coast (stupid golf), I am even more crabby than usual. Hold onto your hats!So the house guests had some mercy on long-suffering Sheila and threw her a win in the HOH. My first surprise was that Ryan hung in there and outlasted Sharon, who had a disappointing showing due to a bad back. That must not have been an easy competition for a man of his, well, girth. But I'm rooting for him or ol' google eyes Adam, so it's good to see he has some fight in him. The hardest part of an endurance competition in that house must be dealing with Natalie's (Gnat, as some of you perfectly call her) constant yapping and shiz-talking. She's a fierce competitor though. I'm surprised she came down for Sheila. It may turn out to be her biggest mistake. Fingers crossed. Sheila was right about how telling it was that Natalie said she didn't feel safe. It's hard to trust when you're untrustworthy. Let the in-fighting begin!I realized Sheila was desperate, b... read more

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