Big Brother 7: All-Stars

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From First to Worst: An All-Star Reversal

Rob and Amber, it was nice knowing you. Not. Perhaps it’s unseemly to gloat, even when it’s the gloaters who become the goats. But really, how can you resist rejoicing when smug, painfully overexposed reality junkies Rob and Amber are shown the door, coming in last on the mat behind (get this) even the hapless Charla and Mirna, who had the bull’s-eye on them throughout Sunday’s episode of The Amazing Race: All-Stars. (If they’re not ousted next week, it will be another minor miracle.)For those who study things like how reality-show episodes are put together, one might have predicted Romber’s downfall this week, given their interview moment early on when Rob fake-protested that he wasn’t arrogant or cocky, then noted, “I’m not even close to my prime.” Well, certainly not when it comes to spelling, he isn’t.Rob and Amber are unquestionably reality all-stars. I keep expecting one or the other to appear on CBS’ Rock Star this s... read more

Ratings: Dancing Sure Beats Boogie-ing

Tuesday's two-hour premiere of Dancing with the Stars' third season was watched by an average of 20 million people, a 19 percent bump from the Season 2 bow and the series' third best ratings ever. As such, Dancing handily bested the 8 o'clock hour's House (watched by 15 million, a 19 percent dip from last week's premiere) and the Big Brother 7: All-Stars finale (8.4 mil), then went on to trump Fox's Standoff (9.3 mil) and CBS' "Rock Star: Your Name Here" (7.1 mil) at 9. ABC's Men in Trees, previewing on a special night, was the 10 pm champ (over SVU and NCIS reruns) with a better-than-Boston Legal tally of 12.4 million.UPDATE: On Wednesday at 8 pm, Dancing's audience "Tuckered out" a bit, dipping to 16.1 million, but still bested Bones (8.45 mil) as well as Rock Star and Dateline: To Catch a Predator (each of which drew 7.1 mil). At 9 Dateline proper was the winner with 10.7 million viewers, while Justice came in third ? behind a Criminal Minds repeat ? with 7.5 mil, a significant d... read more

I understand your aversion to ...

Question: I understand your aversion to Big Brother: All-Stars, but have you watched any recent installments? I have been completely amazed by Janelle the past two seasons. She has to be the best competitor Big Brother has seen as far as winning competitions. She has been blessed with a lot of luck, but there is no denying her physical abilities. I also find it interesting that her competitors constantly underestimate her. Both the men and women on the show rarely give her credit and stoop to insulting her as stupid and a whore. The funny thing is that Janelle just keeps winning, and the people who constantly put her down keep going home. I have a lot of respect for how she plays the game. She doesn't try to blend in and "float" from side to side. She puts herself out there and practically paints the bull's-eye on her back by winning the HOH competitions and Power of Veto more times than anyone else has. Answer: As a pure game player (personality aside), what I've seen of Janelle has been ... read more

Big Brother's Veto King Is Dethroned

James Rhine, Big Brother 7: All-Stars

On Big Brother 6, James Rhine relied on the Power of Veto to save himself from eviction. But after losing a tense veto competition on last week's Big Brother 7: All-Stars, where he and Janelle wrestled over a voodoo doll, he was eliminated from the game. caught up with James to find out how it was in the house without his girlfriend, Sarah (his secret partner from BB6), and why he turned on the read more

BB 5 Alum Di's Trying on All-Stars

Diane Henry, Big Brother 7: All-Stars

Last Thursday Diane Henry became the third and final alumna of Season 5 to be eliminated from the Big Brother 7: All-Stars house. The 24-year-old had engaged in a "showmance" with winner Drew her first time on the series and landed in third place, but this time she couldn't find people to ally with. caught up with Diane to ask about the Mr. & Mrs. Smith rumor, Mike Boogie's crush and if she's still angry at read more

Big Brother Cuts the Jase

Jase Wirey, Big Brother: All-Stars

Since Big Brother 5, Jase Wirey has settled down with his girlfriend Heidi (not the annoying Holly who he had a "showmance" with in the house) and has become a father figure to Heidi's daughter, Caleigh. Pretty impressive changes for the wild and crazy leader of the Four Horsemen alliance. But not everything has changed for the Big Brother 7 all-star — there was still the mandanna, his obsession with the man in the mirror, and his wild temper. caught up with the new Jase to ask him about his recent stay in the BB house and about his unanimous eviction. Turns out he is a man of few words. Good morning. You sound tired. Jase: I'm not too thrilled about all this. You seemed to hint that you'd be back — do you read more

Bad Girl Gets Big Brother's First Boot

Alison Irwin, Big Brother 7: All-Stars

Alison Irwin earned a reputation as a backstabbing flirt during her stint on CBS' Big Brother 4, so it isn't all that surprising that her attempts at scheming with Danielle in a failed plan to oust Janelle caused her to be the first booted out the front door of  Big Brother 7: All-Stars (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 8 pm/ET). caught up with Alison — who also had a hated turn on The Amazing Race 5 — the day after her eviction, to find out how she feels about her bad-girl rep.

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Big Brother: All-Stars Preview!

Big Brother 7: All-Stars host Julie Chen

Voyeur alert! CBS' Big Brother — that wildly addictive, Orwellian peep show — will launch its seventh season tonight at 8 pm/ET with Big Brother 7: All-Stars, featuring 12 of the show's most popular houseguests. During the kickoff, host Julie Chen will introduce the 20 semifinalists, then unveil which six were picked by fan votes and which six were chosen by executive producers Allison Grodner and Arnold Shapiro. The winner collects half a million bucks — but not bef read more

I'm worried about Big ...

Will Kirby, Big Brother

Question: I'm worried about Big Brother: All-Stars. Half of the proposed candidates are unintelligent goofs just added to the list for their good looks or idiotic behavior. I'm hoping that people will choose to vote for some of the interesting, competitive and intelligent (albeit devious) players from the past (i.e., Will, James, Kaysar, Danielle, Janelle). Any chance you can post this, so that I can get your readers on my side and start a revolution for a reality show that doesn't have to rely on the village idiots for its success? Do you think this is even possible? Answer: Consider it done, for what it's worth. But really, how do you distinguish the idiots on this ridiculous show? (For the record, you're not exactly barking up the tree of a Big Brother fan. Kind of the contrary.) I can think of few phrases more oxymoronic than "Big Brother: All-Stars." What a pathetic collection of narcissistic never-were has-beens. But taking it at face value, my main puzzlement is why the show ... read more

Will Hurricane Howie Hit Big Brother?

Will Howie Gordon make the Big Brother 7: All-Stars cut?

CBS' Big Brother 7: All-Stars is about to begin, and the 20 potential housemates are out campaigning like crazy — perhaps none more so than "Hurricane" Howie Gordon. The self-proclaimed Jedi and former weatherman who breezed through the first half of Big Brother 6 desperately wants a chance to blow away audiences with his humor once again. Today is the last day that fans can vote at for their favorites. (The viewers' top six will be combined with the producers' favorite six, and the chosen dozen will enter the house on July 6.) Before casting your ba read more

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Premise: Twelve former houseguests, chosen by viewers and producers, vie for the $500,000 first-place prize in the seventh edition of the reality series. Once in the house, they'll compete in challenges and try to avoid eviction as one contestant is eliminated each week.


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