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Big Brother's Veto King Is Dethroned

James Rhine, Big Brother 7: All-Stars

On Big Brother 6, James Rhine relied on the Power of Veto to save himself from eviction. But after losing a tense veto competition on last week's Big Brother 7: All-Stars, where he and Janelle wrestled over a voodoo doll, he was eliminated from the game. caught up with James to find out how it was in the house without his girlfriend, Sarah (his secret partner from BB6), and why he turned on the read more

BB's Hurricane Howie Blows Out to Sea

Howie Gordon, Big Brother 7: All-Stars

Jedi wannabe Howie Gordon found out the hard way that on Big Brother 7: All-Stars, the power of evil can be strong, as his apprentice and this week's Head of Household, Chicken George, went over to the dark side and helped get him evicted. spoke to Hurricane Howie — who is currently residing in the sequester house and isn't privy to any info about what he didn't see on the show, or what has happened since — about his latest Big Brother stay. Sadly, Howie, who had a minor scuffle with Mike Boogie on his way out the door, wasn't the same chipper fella we talked to pre-Al read more

Will Hurricane Howie Hit Big Brother?

Will Howie Gordon make the Big Brother 7: All-Stars cut?

CBS' Big Brother 7: All-Stars is about to begin, and the 20 potential housemates are out campaigning like crazy — perhaps none more so than "Hurricane" Howie Gordon. The self-proclaimed Jedi and former weatherman who breezed through the first half of Big Brother 6 desperately wants a chance to blow away audiences with his humor once again. Today is the last day that fans can vote at for their favorites. (The viewers' top six will be combined with the producers' favorite six, and the chosen dozen will enter the house on July 6.) Before casting your ba read more

Big Brother Nurse Wins Big Purse

Maggie Ausburn

After 80 days trapped in the Big Brother house with 13 other strangers, 27-year-old Maggie Ausburn emerged half a million dollars richer. The Las Vegas ER nurse won the cash by sticking with the Friendship alliance to the end and lying low. Her partner and pal, Eric Littman (aka Cappy), was voted out early on, but by working her strategy and the loyalty of Ivette — who brought her to the final two — Maggie took home the top prize. spoke with her the day after she won to see how she's adjusting to life in the real world. Has it sunk in yet that you've won half a million dollars? Maggie: No, not at all. I am walking around touching people.... "Oh, humans." What was the first thing you wanted to know when you got read more

So Janelle is out and Maggie and...

So Janelle is out and Maggie and Ivette are the final two. I can't imagine a less exciting finale on Tuesday. I really thought that Ivette, knowing that she could win the half million dollars, would pick Janelle. Instead, she seems happy that she's winning the $50,000 runner-up prize for her family. Did she not think that this is the Summer of Secrets, and perhaps she won't get that cash? I mean, it is unlikely, but still.... Anyway, I was pretty proud of myself for using my middle-school math skills to come up with the answer to the HOH tiebreaker. But the best part of the entire episode was seeing the ousted houseguests again. I loved Sarah's T-shirt that bore Janelle's famous "Bye-bye, bitches" quote. I want to know where I can get one. And I loved seeing Kaysar and Michael looking online to see who America thought was the more attractive. Anyway, I think maybe the sequest read more

Big Brother's Newlywed Is Nixed

April Lewis

After being a fairly loyal member of the Friendship from the get go, April Lewis made an unfriendly exit from the Big Brother house last Tuesday night. After her pal, Ivette, won the Power of Veto competition — and was a little too exuberant in her celebrating — April gave her a piece of her mind. Too bad Ivette had control over who went home and, of course, picked the 31-year-old pharmaceutical rep instead of her buddy, Maggie. caught up with the recently married Texan to find out what she thought about the fight, Howie's comments about her husband and dog and what she most wants to do now. So are you relieved to be out of that crazy house?April Lewis: Uh, yeah! I haven't slept all night, I'm still getting over the high of getting out of the house. I'm so excited. What do you want to do when you're completely done with t read more

Big Brother Boots Jedi Fan

Howie Gordon

As a huge Star Wars fan and all-around goofball, Howie Gordon brought a lot of fun to the Big Brother house this summer, especially when he got to play with a pair of lightsabers. He may have won his fair share of duels, but the 34-year-old meteorology student made some bad forecasts when he tried to vote out James, a move that may have ultimately cost him the game. Howie was evicted last Thursday, but the flirtatious guy (obviously, we didn't tell him we were out of his demographic) was happy to talk to before he entered the jury house for the final weeks. How are you doing?Howie Gordon: I'm doing pretty good. I wish I was still in the house, but you win some and you lose some, huh? At least you got to spend last week surrounded by a bunch of girls!Howie: I'm not going to argue — Big Brother treated me we read more

The jury house got nasty! In fact...

The jury house got nasty! In fact Rachel, who was pretty boring throughout her stint in the BB house, finally got a little bit of bite in her with this comment about Jen's cuddling up to Howie: "Jennifer needs to keep her skanky little grubby hands off of Howie. If she doesn't, I'm going to throw a hurt upon her." She also got a dig in when she was vocalizing her support for Janelle: "I'd rather throw myself in a pack of wolves than vote for one of the Girl Scout troop to win this thing." With all that, and the testy moments between James and Jen, I was thinking it would have been more interesting to stay in that house and watch the happenings. But that was before Ivette and April went after each other. The Friendship finally broke down and turned on each other... it was only a matter of time. But for April to tell Janelle that she'd rather vote for her than Ivette? WOW. I had no idea it was going read more

Big Brother Says No to Beau

Beau Beasley

Thanks to last week's surprise double eviction, James Rhine wasn't the only houseguest asked to pack his bags; Beau Beasley also was told to take his stylish duds to the jury house. The 25-year-old personal shopper's elimination seemed to be purely strategy on the part of then-Head of Household Howie, whose goal was to break up "Beau-Beau" and Ivette, the last pair with a chance to win double-the-$500,000 prize. Since Beau was already snugly tucked away in the (really nice) sequester house without telephone access, e-mailed our questions to the tidy fashion maven and was surprised to find out that he loved getting dirty. What was your favorite article of clothing you brought into the house with you?
Beau Beasley:
I never leave home with out my Juicy Couture and my Lacost read more

I know it probably makes me kind...

I know it probably makes me kind of a terrible person, but I derived quite a bit of enjoyment from watching Ivette, Maggie and April whine about the fact that Janelle won yet another competition. See, perhaps if April hadn't called all the viewers pieces of s--t the last time Janelle won an America's Choice competition, then maybe a few more of the votes would have fallen in her direction. Yeah, right. But my favorite part of the whole night was when April put her foot in her mouth by saying that she never said she hated anyone in the game, but that she really hated Janelle. The lovely BB editors put together a string of her hateful remarks toward just about everyone who wasn't a member of the Friendship — now there's a warm and cuddly clique anyone would want to be a part of. Oh, and I also got a giggle when Janelle came back and told the three witches of the West Coast that the old people in the audience of Two and a Half read more

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Premise: Fourteen houseguests try to avoid eviction in order to win at least $500,000 or a possible $1 million. The sixth edition of the reality series is dubbed `Summer of Secrets.' The biggest secret is that, unbeknownst to the other participants, each person is paired with another housemate with whom they have a previous relationship. If both partners make it to the final two, then the winner receives $1 million.


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