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Big Brother Episode: "Big Brother"

Season 13, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: The Power of Veto competition is held.
Original Air Date: Jul 20, 2011

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Season 13, Episode 6
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Aired: 7/20/2011
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Big Brother Episode Recap: Veto Competition/Ceremony 2 Season 13, Episode 6

On Wednesday's Big Brother, some  potentially game-changing drama strikes the house. And it's only Week 2! Jordan's nominations create a rift in the veterans' alliance, and that tension ultimately explodes during the veto competition, leaving one player crying in the bushes. (Seriously!) Were the veterans able to overcome their differences? And who won the power of veto? Let's find out.

Predictably, Dominic is none too happy about being on the chopping block this week. He also correctly assumes that his partner and fellow nominee Adam has already cut a deal with the veterans, so he feels as if he's flying solo. He tells Cassi that his only hope is to win the veto and save himself. This, of course, is problematic because, under the terms of Adam's deal with Jeff and Jordan, Adam has agreed to throw the competition, putting Dom at a serious disadvantage of actually being able to win. (This is one of the flaws of having the partners compete in teams for all the competitions.)

The only person more troubled by Jordan's nominations than Dom, however, is Rachel, who campaigned hard to get her new nemesis Cassi put on the chopping block. Rachel laments her failure with new BFF Porsche, bad-mouthing Cassi with every breath. Here's what I don't get: Cassi has done nothing to Rachel, other than publicly state that she wanted Porsche out of the house. But Rachel and Brendon continue to insist without grounds that Cassi is "fake" and "super-shady."

Oddly, fellow veteran team member Daniele agrees with this line of thinking. But that is mostly because she's still cozying up to Dom. I suspect (and Daniele later confirms) that this is only because if Cassi were to leave the game, Daniele becomes Dom's closest remaining ally. Daniele is clearly working her own agenda with Dom, so when she says both Jeff and Rachel talk too much and "will sink their own ships," I can't decide if she really feels that way or if she's just trying to woo Dom.

Jordan and Jeff are becoming more and more agitated by Rachel's anti-Cassi campaign. In particular, Jeff compares Rachel to a gnat and says he wishes he had some "Rachel Off" spray. Jeff insists that even though they are aligned with Brendon and Rachel, Jordan's head of household reign should ultimately benefit her and Jeff more than the overall alliance. Interestingly, after Brendon and Rachel are randomly selected to also compete in the veto competition, they adopt a similar stance on enforcing their will in the game. They both agree that if they win the competition, they will take Dom and Adam off, in hopes that Jordan will be forced to nominate Cassi and her partner Shelly instead. Sneaky Daniele approves this message.

But lo and behold, this week's vet competition will be played individually instead of in teams! Dominic is obviously thrilled to now control his fate without worrying that Adam (who he calls a "300-pound paperweight) will bring him down. The competition is pretty lame: The players have to walk back and forth across a balance beam to retrieve gumballs. As they walk, they must chew the gumballs, and then stick the pieces of gum on a sheet of paper in the shape of a veto symbol. First person to do so wins. If you fall of the beam, however, you are out of the game, unless you choose to suffer two weeks of eating slop.

This is where things get really interesting. Brendon and Rachel are obviously competing hard because of their plan to save Dom. So, when Jordan falls, she announces that she wants to take slop and keep playing, so as not to be viewed as a weaker competitor. Jeff, knowing Jordan's track record, insists that she won't win the competition anyway, so there's no reason for her to go on slop. So, Jordan is eliminated. Rachel, who as we know is super-competitive to the point of being ridiculous, then makes a rude comment about Jordan leaving the game, and Jeff sees red. He has trouble focusing because of his anger, and soon falls behind Dom and Brendon in the competition. Meanwhile, Rachel falls off her beam, but takes the slop punishment and keeps going. However, a second fall ends her game for good. I'm not sure how tight the race is, but the editing certainly made this one out to be a photo finish. In the end, Dom wins the veto, basically guaranteeing his and Adam's safety for the week.

Then, the real fireworks start to fly. Jeff confronts Rachel for her comments about Jordan, and advises her to "do what you have to do and keep your mouth shut." Rachel storms off, and even though Brendon agrees with Jeff that she shouldn't have made comments, he tries to calm her down. Jeff comes to find her, and the argument continues, much to the delight of the newbies, who see any fractures in the vets' alliance as a plus for them. Rachel defends herself further, even threatening to end the alliance, and Jeff continues to make his point that Rachel's comments suggest that she's better than Jordan. At this point, Rachel has had enough, and runs into the bushes and cries. I don't know why, but this is easily one of the most hilarious Big Brother moments ever to me. The visual of the bushes shaking as she cried cracked me up beyond belief. I know, I am a dork.

Brendon tries to calm Rachel down, telling her how "valiant' she is for competing even if it meant eating slop. Brendon just encourages her to leave emotion out of the game, and every time she begins to make a bad comment he scolds her like he's her father. (He seriously pointed at her and said, "Stop, stop!" once. Another hilarious image). Rachel ultimately apologizes, but Jeff doesn't feel it's sincere. (That's because there it's not.) It's at this point that Jeff begins to ponder putting Rachel and Brendon on the block once Adam and Dom save themselves. It's also at this point that I stand up and cheer.

Naturally, Cassi, who knows her neck is on the line, makes that suggestion to Jordan as well. Cassi smartly argues that Brendon and Rachel are going to be hard to beat later in the game, and now could be a perfect time to take them out. Jeff tells Jordan he would stand beside her 100 percent if she chose to make such a bold move. Are we sure this is still Week 2? This kind of back-door eviction would massively change the entire game.

Unfortunately, Jordan is afraid to take that risk. When Adam saves himself, Jordan sadly nominates Cassi and Shelly, which pretty much guarantees that tomorrow's eviction will send home somebody I'd rather not lose at  this point. I really can't say how disappointed I am in Jordan for not being making a huge move. I think she would have earned respect and loyalty from other members of the house, and also could have cut some deals in the process as well. True, she would have become a huge target, but I think she will ultimately regret this decision.

Do you think Jordan should have tried to back-door Brenchel? Are you glad Dom won the veto? Who do you think will be evicted this week? Share all your thoughts in the comments below!

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On Wednesday's Big Brother, some  potentially game-changing drama strikes the house. And it's only Week 2! Jordan's nominations create a rift in the veterans' alliance, and that tension ultimately explodes during the veto competition, leaving one player crying in the bushes. (Seriously!) Were the veterans able to overcome their differences? And who won the power of veto? Let's find out... read more

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