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Big Brother 12 Episode: "Big Brother 12"

Season 12, Episode 21
Episode Synopsis: The Power of Veto competition is held.
Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2010

Big Brother 12 Episode Recap: Eviction 7 (And 8) Season 12, Episode 21

Thursday's episode of Big Brother 12 was a jam-packed hour, and before the night was done, two houseguests got bounced. Before the festivities began, however, the Brigade's seasonlong secret was in danger of being revealed. Despite all the goings-on, the night's results weren't terribly difficult to predict. So, who went home? Let's find out.

After Britney placed Matt on the chopping block, she revealed in the diary room that she considered putting up Hayden but chose not to, only because Matt turned on Ragan, his supposed best friend. Matt lamented that the Brigade failed to persuade Britney to nominate Ragan. But little did he know that neither Lane nor Hayden nor Enzo really tried to do so. Ragan was visibly upset about Matt's betrayal, and it opened his eyes to the possibility that there's an alliance in the house.

Realizing Ragan is upset with him, Matt tries to make Ragan believe that he didn't throw him under the bus. Rather, he said, he just asked Britney not to punish Matt or Ragan because Ragan campaigned to save Matt the previous week. Ragan takes that news the wrong way, and decides to tell the house that he is not playing the game for Matt, and that he wasn't trying to threaten other houseguests into keeping Matt safe.

When Ragan makes such a proclamation, Enzo offers up that he and Hayden decided to split their votes last week and make Kathy the swing vote. Ragan instantly realizes that the only reason they would have split votes is because they are in an alliance. Rather than call the Brigade out, however, Ragan tells Matt what he believes to be true: Matt is or was in an alliance with Hayden, Lane and Enzo.

Matt plays it off, but quickly tells Lane and Hayden that Ragan has sniffed out the Brigade and that they should consider keeping Matt around. He reasons that he could control Ragan in the future and protect the Brigade, whereas without Matt, Ragan might come after them should he win Head of Household. That leaves the Brigade with a dilemma, which Hayden articulates: Do we keep Matt as a defensive move? Or did Matt out the Brigade just so he would have this card to play?

In the living room, Julie tells the players that it's a double-eviction night. None of them look shocked. (Having watched some Big Brother After Dark, I know the houseguests have been discussing the possibility of a double eviction.) When the votes are cast, Matt's last-ditch efforts prove futile, as he is evicted, 4-0. 

Matt tells Julie that he realizes throwing the HOH competition a week ago was a huge mistake that "bit him in the rear." He says he didn't out the Brigade because he was playing both sides, and then calls Britney an evil succubus. (Cue an awkward conversation with Julie about whether succubus is an appropriate word for a family show.) In any case, Matt feels most guilty about betraying Ragan, and says he wishes he could go back and play that HOH competition over. All in all, Matt seems to be OK with his eviction, and, considering he doomed himself, what other choices does he really have?

So, the houseguests head into the backyard for the next HOH competition. Each player must dig through a huge box of packing peanuts to retrieve the names of the two houseguests who have been HOH more than once this season. They must return the names to their podiums, but they can only bring back one name at a time. All five guys look hungry for the power, and Brendon jumps out to an early lead. But Hayden, who found both names before running them back one-by-one, sneaks away with the victory.

After some quick strategizing (which involves Britney making sure Hayden was going to stick to his word) Julie asks Hayden for his nominees. He puts up, to no one's surprise, Brendon and Ragan, telling the house that he made Britney a promise when she chose not to nominate him. Also, Brendon, who has become chummy with the Brigade in some respects, seems to be OK with being nominated, but I have a feeling he thought they might have his back. He does insist that Hayden tell him his plan, should Ragan win the Power of Veto. Hayden says Britney will be the replacement nominee.

So, it's back to the backyard for the POV competition. It's a "before and after quiz," which challenges the houseguests to remember when certain big events from the summer happened in relation to other events. Again, from watching After Dark, I can confirm that Ragan has prepared for this game for weeks, and I knew instantly he had to be the favorite to win. And, he does win, rather handily.

Hayden honors his word to Brendon, and puts Britney on the block once Ragan saves himself. Neither houseguest makes a really mean-spirited last plea, and I again wonder just how safe Brendon thought he was sitting on the block. Because he has been Public Enemy No. 1 for weeks now, it's a no-brainer that the house evicts him with a 3-0 vote. But he does look a little stunned, as perhaps he had put slightly more faith in Enzo or Lane to vote his way. In any case, he leaves with a smile and best wishes to the remaining players. (I have to say, I hated Brendon, but he's been a different guy without Rachel around. So, good for him.)

Brendon tells Julie he thinks that the house would have booted Ragan if he hadn't saved himself, but that he doesn't really know why he feels that way. Julie calls him out for not having a good answer, and he says that his brains went out the window when he entered the house, because it's all about lies. He admits that he got along better with the other players when Rachel left, but that playing alone was harder for him. But, he loves how she is true to herself, and he hopes that she will move back to L.A. to be with him. (OK, maybe I don't like him after all ... But seriously, he played hard these last couple of weeks, and for that, he deserves some credit.)

And with that, Julie brings the evening to a close, meaning the new HOH won't be crowned until Sunday's show.

So, what did you think of the double eviction? Pleased with the results? Do you think Ragan will ever call out the Brigade? And who do you think is in the best position to win it all? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts below.

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Thursday's episode of Big Brother 12 was a jam-packed hour, and before the night was done, two houseguests got bounced. Before the festivities began, however, the Brigade's seasonlong secret was in danger of being revealed. Despite all the goings-on, the night's results weren't terribly difficult to predict. So, who went home? Let's find out... read more

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