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Big Brother 12 Episode: "Big Brother 12"

Season 12, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: In the Season 12 opener, the 13 houseguests are introduced and enter the compound for the first time, and viewers learn that one of them is acting as a saboteur whose sole mission is to wreak havoc in the house.
Original Air Date: Jul 8, 2010

Big Brother 12 Episode Recap: Day 1 Season 12, Episode 1

Big Brother is back! In Thursday's premiere, host Julie Chen introduces us to the 13 new houseguests and informs the players of this summer's secret twist, which instantly makes everyone suspicious. While all the players worry about who might be "The Saboteur," the game gets underway as the first head of household is crowned.

Hi guys, Adam Bryant here, back for another summer of the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. Let's have fun, shall we? Before we get to this season's changes and the first competition, let's start with some instant reactions to all the houseguests. (And generally, I am pretty excited about this cast, though it isn't nearly as diverse as some of the great groups in the past.)

Andrew: I think he was cast simply because of his strict religious beliefs, but it should be interesting to see how that all plays out. Apparently his religion doesn't keep him from lying, however, because during the introductions he claims to be a shoe salesman rather than a podiatrist. It's an understandable strategy, but we've already seen him struggle to keep the lie going when a fellow player was hurt during the HOH competition.

Britney: She's this season's Jordan: a cute, small-town girl with an Arkansas twang. I doubt she will be a mental powerhouse, but, hey, she likes gay guys who will shop and watch Sex and the City with her.

Hayden: He's your stereotypical heartthrob, who's already filmed multiple diary room sessions shirtless. But he also could be a competitor. I think his biggest challenge this season will be his young age. (And doesn't he look even younger than he is? Must be the Justin Bieber haircut.) He hopes to woo the ladies, but he's not ruling out flirting with a gay guy to get ahead. And Ragan would love that.

Rachel: She's a former cocktail waitress from Vegas, but she's now a very serious chemistry graduate student. (Chemistry, not religious studies, as she calls Andrew's yarmulke a Yom Kippur!) She claims her smarts will win her the game, but she has no problem using her boobs to distract everyone. (Monet calls her "boob city" and Enzo says, "Bada boom, she's got two watermelons on her chest.") But that laugh... ugh.

Kathy: I already like Kathy, which makes me worry that she might be The Saboteur. (I think picking one of the early villain types is too obvious, but maybe the irony of making the deputy sheriff a criminal in the house is also obvious in its own backward way. She has a 20-year-old son, but I don't see her becoming a Sheila type. She had some trouble in the HOH competition, which again, could have been her sabotaging the team. I am intrigued.

Monet: Her "all about me" attitude could quickly turn into a Chima-esque meltdown if she ends up on slop, although I don't get the angry vibe from her. She hopes the houseguests are up to her standards, not gross and nasty. She might be fun to hate this season.

Matt: I like that Matt is hard-rocking dude who also happens to be a genius. And though his arrogance about how far that will take him is annoying, I think he's right. Unlike Ronnie the Rat, this guy's brain isn't the first thing people see when he walks in the room. He's is definitely one to watch.

Annie: I disliked Annie for being so transparent (Oh, I am going to hook up with guys and girls to win!), but I laughed a lot when she did her Enzo impression. So, I reserve the right to take back any initial judgments once we see just how her game plays out.

Lane: He clearly stands apart from the rest of the house at this point. He is very quiet, which has already raised eyebrows in the house. And he says he is willing to play dirty in the house. One big problem: He says he doesn't like to think. We'll see, buddy.

Enzo: Big Brother had to get in on the current Jersey craze sweeping reality TV.  All the Italian clichés were there: meatballs, loving his mother, the aforementioned "bada boom" and the fact that he hates rats. His strategy: "None of your friggin' business." Still, I kinda like the guy.

Brendon: Another chunk of eye candy for the ladies. He seems to be pretty grounded and looks like he might be a leader in the house. However, he was acting very fishy during the first Saboteur strike. He's right about one thing: Being able to handle the drama of high school should have prepared him amply for the game.

Kristen: Although her intro package suggests that she is another girl hoping to play the men as a sex kitten, her actions on the show thus far are far more unassuming. But unassuming can be very dangerous. She and Hayden already have eyes for each other, so look out.

Ragan: I like Ragan, but he too has already started the game with a lie, opting to pose as a grad student rather than a professor. It's not as much of a fib as Andrew's, and lying is certainly this show's currency, but I think players who come in so eager to be devious are sometimes over-thinking the game.

Once everyone has met and the houseguests have had their first champagne toast, Julie drops this season's bombshell: One of the players in the room is the Saboteur, whose entire mission is to wreak havoc for the fellow houseguests. They don't want the $500,000; they simply must survive in the house unnoticed for five weeks and earn a $50,000 prize for their efforts. It's a cross between "America's Player" and The Mole, and I think it's silly how the show is playing it up as something new and exciting, but so far, the plan to spread distrust through the house is working wonderfully.

Case in point: the HOH competition, which requires the houseguests to swing from one side of the backyard to the other on a giant, slippery weiner. The first person across gets $10,000, but the last person is HOH. But with the knowledge of the Saboteur fresh in their minds, all eyes instantly go to Andrew when he quickly volunteers to sit out of the competition. (Again, I don't think it's him, because it's much easier to sabotage if he was in the competition, not on the sidelines.) Monet also believes Britney is faking her injury and therefore is the Saboteur, while other members of the yellow team feel Kathy's inability to hold onto the weiner is suspicious.

In the end, the red team dominates, and Matt makes a deal to let Hayden win, so long as he can be assured safety. Hayden agrees, and he becomes Season 12's first HOH. But the celebration is short-lived, as the Saboteur strikes, cutting all the lights in the house in order to place a padlock on the supply closet. That means everyone will be eating slop for a few days. Andrew and Brendon were both up moving around during the blackout, but the night-vision cameras didn't show either of them locking the doors, so they are just red herrings, right?

We'll find out soon enough, as the Saboteur is revealed to viewers during next Thursday's eviction show. And while we're discussing it, here's the game plan this season. I will only be recapping two nights a week. I will recap every eviction ceremony, and I will post a recap of Wednesday's shows, which will include both the nominations and the POV ceremony. (Sorry, life is crazy. But feel free to keep the conversation going in the comments section even when I don't post a new blog.)

One other word on spoilers: I will never post anything in the main entry of the blog that reveals information obtained from an Internet feed or Big Brother After Dark. I encourage all commenters to be respectful of their fellow commenters when posting. Be mindful of posting spoilers, but also clearly mark them as such if they are posted. Being respectful, however, also includes not bashing anyone who does post spoilers in a way that allows other readers to skip over if they choose. Let's keep it clean and fun this season!

So, what do you think of the houseguests? Who are you pulling for? Do you like the Saboteur twist? Who do you think he/she is? Share all your thoughts below, and check back my next recap after the first POV competition.

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Big Brother is back! In Thursday's premiere, host Julie Chen introduces us to the 13 new houseguests and informs the players of this summer's secret twist, which instantly makes everyone suspicious. While all the players worry about who might be "The Saboteur," the game gets underway as the first head of household is crowned.
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