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Big Brother 11 Episode: "Big Brother 11"

Season 11, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: The Power of Veto ceremony is held.
Original Air Date: Jul 28, 2009

Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: July 28, 2009 (Veto Competition/Ceremony 3) Season 11, Episode 9

So we've come to the moment of truth: Will Jessie follow through on the house's plan to backdoor Ronnie the Rat or will Jessie do what's best for him and his muscles? Either way, Jessie's plan relies heavily on what happens during the veto ceremony. So who won the veto? Who made me laugh the loudest? And who is wearing... a banana suit!? Let's find out.

Jessie opens the show by confirming what we pretty much all knew: Ronnie's going nowhere. Jessie sees The Rat as an asset, either as a target for future HOHs or a possible ally down the line. He, thanks no doubt to whisperings of Natalie, wants Casey gone and is hoping for the chance to make his move after the veto competition.

But first, the pawns need some time to be sad. Michele takes it harder than Jordan, but Jordan does have experience. Jeff tries to console Michele, but she's not really feeling it. When she heads to the have-not bedroom, Ronnie also offers some sympathy, noting that it should be him on the block. Gag. He then says if she gets houseguest's choice in the veto competition and chose him, he would fight for her and use the veto to save her. Double gag. Does he think people are idiots? Michele quickly saw through Ronnie's lame attempt to put himself in a position to guarantee his safety. She tells the houseguests, and we all have a good laugh. But Ronnie is really the one laughing all the way to the bank as he finally confirms with Jessie that he is safe.

Before Jessie can set his plan in motion, he has to make sure the house is cool with keeping Ronnie. He makes the same basic pitch to Chima, Kevin and Lydia: Ronnie's not coming after you, so who cares if he stays? All three agree that they would be OK with The Rat hanging around a while longer, which pretty much ensures that Jessie has the votes to do what he wants. And how does he celebrate? By gloating in the diary room: "I'm picking people off left and right," he says with a laugh.

For a little fun, some of the houseguests play a game of Truth or Dare. The results include having Kevin cuddle with Jessie while he sleeps for 10 seconds and Ronnie hugging Casey for 20 seconds. Neither of the recipients seems to be happy, but Casey takes it especially hard. But for good reason: Casey notices that people who were badmouthing Ronnie just days before are now playing games with him. Casey asks Russell to leave him out of the games in the future, and even though Russell came thisclose to blowing a gasket again, he agrees and assures Casey it wasn't his idea. (P.S. Casey really despises Ronnie, no?)

Heading into the veto competition, Jessie knows that worst-case scenario for his plan is to have Casey play and win the veto. So he's more than a little worried when Casey's name is drawn out of the bag. Jeff and Chima are also playing, which delights Casey, who thinks Ronnie is still the backdoor target and now cannot defend himself.

The game is simple: The houseguests, dressed like pigs, wallow around in the mud to find numbers ranging from 1-10. They must choose to save four numbers and can discard any that they choose. The person with the highest point total wins the veto. Naturally, however, there are twists. Mixed in among the numbers are prizes, including a trip to Hawaii, a margarita party and cash. Choosing one of those prizes means giving up one of your four numbers to help your total. Also, at the end, the houseguests get to choose an envelope that could either add or subtract points from your total or affect your life in the house.

The best part of the competition was watching the houseguests fly on their rope swings. Or should I say fall from their rope swings. No one could really master the dismount, and Jessie crashed into the hay more than a few times. (Also, Michele's pronunciation of manure made me laugh.) Casey picked up a margarita party in his search, hoping to curry favor with the other houseguests. Jessie grabbed and extra $2500 because...he's Jessie.

Even so, Jessie ended up with 26 points, which was augmented by his envelope's extra five points. Jordan and Chima chose not to gamble with envelopes, but also came up short of Jessie's 31 total points. Jeff earned 27 points, but his envelope cost him five points, leaving Jessie in the lead. Casey only earned 22 points by choosing the margarita party (which Jessie loved), but he also took a gamble with his envelope. But instead of points or a prize, he was forced to wear a banana suit for a week. It's basically the new red unitard.

Finally, Michele earned 28 points, and her envelope gave her an extra 7 points, putting her over the top for the veto win. And then she swung on her rope. And hit a bale of hay. And fell head first into the mud. I swear my wife and I rewound our DVR six times, and laughed hysterically each time. Thanks, Michele!

Jessie talks to Michele about her plans for the veto, mostly to see where her head is at if Ronnie isn't nominated. She says she would be OK with it, but she also deduces that Jessie is targeting Casey. Lydia later confirms this to Michele and she also tells Jordan. She goes on a rant about how safe the athletes feel and she doesn't want them to just pick everybody off. She knows if they could somehow foil their plan to evict Casey, the power (and numbers) would shift once again.

Word of Jessie's plan goes from Jordan to Jeff to Casey, who confronts Jessie. All Jessie will say is that "the right man is going out the door." So Casey is more blunt: "Is that Ronnie or is that me?" he asks. Casey warns Jessie that Ronnie is a proven liar and that he will lie again. Casey also says Jessie is No. 10 on his list of people to evict and that he's not coming after him and leaves it at that.

Although Jessie seemed to think about Casey's words, at the veto ceremony the ridiculously overdressed Michele saves herself and Jessie puts Casey in her seat. What's that? We haven't had a Star Wars reference in a week? OK, cue Ronnie, celebrating his survival in the house this week: "I guess the force must have been with me. This is my house, and I ain't going nowhere."

Jordan says it sucks being against Casey. She acknowledges, by messing up the metaphor no less, that she is not the smartest crayon in the box, but vows to fight. Casey promises to be an angry fighting banana and says he can't believe Jessie is getting played like one of Ronnie's video games.

It looks grim for Casey, but he might have a chance. If Kevin and Lydia do actually vote to keep Casey to make a run at the athletes and can convince Michele and Chima to do the same, they could at least force a tie. (Russell, Natalie, Ronnie and Jeff are locks to vote Casey.) Casey's best chance is to convince Jeff that he is the stronger ally to go deep in the game with, as we know Jordan probably isn't going to make it. However, if he can't swing Jeff, I predict a unanimous vote so Lydia & Co. can protect themselves.

Who do you think will be/want to be evicted? Who do you hope will win HOH? Did Michele's tumble in the mud make you giggle? What do you think the big announcement on Thursday's show will be? (Returning houseguest? Maybe. Breaking up cliques? Probably.) Share your thoughts below and check back to see who gets sent packing.

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So we've come to the moment of truth: Will Jessie follow through on the house's plan to backdoor Ronnie the Rat or will Jessie do what's best for him and his muscles? Either way, Jessie's plan relies heavily on what happens during the veto ceremony. So who won the veto? Who made me laugh the loudest? And who is wearing... a banana suit!? Let's find out.

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