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Big Brother 11 Episode: "Big Brother 11"

Season 11, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: The Power of Veto competition is held.
Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2009

Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: July 21, 2009 (Veto Competition/Ceremony 2) Season 11, Episode 6

After being put on the block by Ronnie the Rat, Jeff and Laura battle it out to win the ever-important power of veto. Meanwhile, Russell goes on the rampage again, Casey and Chima watch a movie, and Jordan has a really hard time figuring out how to tell time. Will Ronnie redeem himself and prove to be trustworthy, or is his "master plan" only looking out for Darth Dork? Let's find out.

But, first: Don't forget to check out this season's first batch of Power Rankings. Don't like what you see? Well, your votes make all the difference, so let your voice be heard this week!

Although Laura and Jeff are none too happy about their nominations, they each give Ronnie credit for playing them and getting away with it. However, both players are resolved to win the veto and stick it to Ronnie because, as Laura reminds us, she's the only one smart enough to know how to beat him. After all, two can play his game, Laura says. Oh, and BFFs Jordan and Laura cry at the prospect of losing one another.

For what it's worth, Ronnie tries to tell Jeff and Laura that he has a plan that could keep both of them in the house. Laura says Ronnie is a liar and lends little weight to what he has to say. Jeff similarly stops Ronnie short, reminding him that everything he's heard so far in the house hasn't come true, so he'd rather not hear it. Nevertheless, Ronnie goes about planning his "big 180."

Meanwhile, Russell makes friends with the opposing alliance, sharing beers and wine with the gang on the patio. He claims he only wants a break from strategy and gameplay, something the other side is unwilling to do. When he goes inside, however, and asks some of his alliance members if they're still talking game, Lydia pipes up from the other room. Out of nowhere, Russell 'roids out on her and yells at her for butting into a conversation that had nothing to do with her. Down, boy.

Lydia's seen enough, and suggests that Ronnie keep the idea of backdooring Russell in the back of his mind. For someone who said after nominations that he was planning to send Russell out, Ronnie sure does seem hesitant at the suggestion. Maybe he's just waiting to see how the veto works out.

Oddly enough, Natalie also suggests backdooring Russell to Jessie because she thought his "loose cannon" ways were putting a bigger target on the athletes. Jessie resists the idea, thinking quite the opposite: that Russell would make more enemies, and thus go home before Jessie.

And now, we pause for a lesson in telling time, courtesy of Jordan. The cute southern belle has always been confused when people say it's "a quarter to eight."

Jeff: How many quarters are in an hour?
Jordan: 25? No, four.
Jeff: How many minutes are in an hour?
Jordan: 60
Jeff: So what's 60 divided by four?
Jordan: 25?
Jeff: What's half of 60?
Jordan: 30.
Jeff: And what's half of 30?
Jordan: 15.
Jeff: So how many quarters are in an hour?
Jordan: 25?

Stick to the digital watch, sweetheart. And now we return you to your regularly scheduled recap.

Casey would rather watch the movie with anybody other than "Wicked Witch of the West" Chima, but he's glad to get away from the stress of the game. Movie looks mediocre, but Chima is sure to tell us that Gerard Butler is hot.

So, the houseguests pick players for the veto competition. Laura doesn't want Russell, Natalie or Jessie to play, so naturally, Russell and Natalie are the first names drawn. Casey also plays and Lydia hosts. (And boy is her hosting voice annoying!) The game goes like this: the houseguests have to pick up large numbers of coins to equal the amount of money Big Brother wants. Whoever is farthest away from the total is eliminated. Whoever wins each round can take one of three money bags possibly filled with cash, a slop pass or nothing, but you are eliminated if you do so.

Everyone has a different strategy for the glorified guesswork, and of course, some are better than others. Jeff counts one amount in his hand, and then replicates handfuls. Laura uses her goggles, and Ronnie relies on his days a movie theater manager to get the feel of how many coins make a roll. He and Laura are both eliminated in the early rounds for overshooting the goal, and Ronnie is even accused of throwing the competition. Casey is bumped next, and Natalie eliminates herself when she wins a round and chooses a bag with a slop pass.

So it's down to Jeff and Russell (aka the Shotgun. Who would have thought he could pick a nickname stupider than Russell the Love Muscle?) It's a very tight race, but ultimately Jeff comes out on top and wins the veto. Russell said he's glad Jeff finally competed, but he takes the loss hard. Sore loser syndrome, anyone?

The plan has come together beautifully. Jeff will take himself off and Ronnie will nominate Russell, right? Not so fast. He wants to make sure he has the votes. Lydia and Kevin are on board. Casey, Jordan and Michele should be no brainers. (Laura also swears not to put up Lydia, Kevin or Ronnie next week if she wins HOH. She agrees but is prepared to go back on her word like Ronnie so often does. You know, because two can play at that game.)

Ronnie takes the plan to the athletes. Jessie says it's not the time, but he understands Ronnie impulse to pull the trigger now and will support it. Natalie is on board, as is Chima, who says it will be costly mistake later to miss the opportunity that might not come around again.

At the ceremony, Jeff removes himself. And Ronnie nominates Jordan. Whaaaa? Where did that come from? Yes, after all that trouble, Ronnie the Rat lets Russell slide by and puts up harmless Jordan on the block. (She doesn't even know how many hours she has left to swing votes!)

Jordan said she was blind-sided and betrayed, and Jeff feels responsible if she goes home. Ronnie admits in the diary room that Laura is too smart to stay around, and that she is on to him, so he needed someone likable on the block to ensure that Laura goes home. I agree he's pretty much made certain that Laura goes home, but she's tired of the lies and bull crap, and she's going to fight. Two can play at this game. (Seriously, BB editors, three times in the same episode?)

A final note about Ronnie. I think he believes that lying to everyone is somehow indicative of strategy. You can have strategy, be sneaky and manipulative (and occasionally lie) but you don't have to constantly make a show of these supposed "game changers." I feel like he has a script in his mind, and he feels it's his obligation to make good TV for Big Brother, but right now, I think his gameplay is just plain stupid.

What did you think of the latest Ronnie twist? Who do you think will go home? Were you surprised by Russell's sudden outburst? Share your thoughts below and check back to see who is evicted next!

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After being put on the block by Ronnie the Rat, Jeff and Laura battle it out to win the ever-important power of veto. Meanwhile, Russell goes on the rampage again, Casey and Chima watch a movie, and Jordan has a really hard time figuring out how to tell time. Will Ronnie redeem himself and prove to be trustworthy, or is his "master plan" only looking out for Darth Dork? Let's find out.

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