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Big Brother 11 Episode: "Big Brother 11"

Season 11, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: Nominations for eviction are revealed.
Original Air Date: Jul 19, 2009

Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: July 19, 2009 (Nomination 2) Season 11, Episode 5

And so, the reign of Ronnie the Rat begins. Even though I'm still upset he went back on the plan to evict Chima, Ronnie's double-cross has successfully mixed the game up. And we all know what that means: more fights! Read on for details on a heated conversation, the continuing rat hunt and perhaps the most repulsive sight in Big Brother history.

After a recap (we're a little more than a week in, and already they are devoting far too much time to playing catch-up) we find the house completely divided. On one side are Jordan and the Braden savers (Jeff, Laura, Casey and Michele) and the other is made up of the athletes, Chima, and the other two off-beats. Still dancing back and forth between them is Ronnie, who quickly goes about telling Jordan — and anyone who will listen, really — that Michele must have been the person who switched up the votes. Indeed, Darth Ronnie has been born. (Can you hear my eyes rolling?)

Laura, however, knows in her bones that Ronnie is the one who flipped, and she understands why he did it strategically. He has positioned himself to make both sides hate the other, while he stays out of their line of fire for a few weeks. Great plan, except he won HOH, and now has to make a decision that is sure to upset one of the alliances. That power also affords him the luxury, however, of not being called out by Laura and Casey...for a little while at least.

As the athletes piece together the votes with Chima, Michele up and comes clean that she voted to keep Braden. It's ballsy to tell your own clique-member that you voted against them, but Michele has a point: Chima never treated Michele like a team member. That notion stirs Chima up, and she screams that she has never talked behind anyone's back. Since no claws really came out, I can only call this a kitten fight. But hey, it's only Week 2!

Michele's confession makes Ronnie's story a little harder to sell, however. He does damage control by suggesting Michele was just covering her tracks, but Jeff, Jordan and Laura know that she wouldn't anger her clique-mate just to keep the heat off of her. Laura goes so far as to tell the other alliance in the house that Ronnie is playing both sides, while Casey even calls Ronnie out in front of everyone who was supposed to vote Chima out. Ronnie accuses Casey of being a paranoid finger-pointer, and suggests that a finger-pointer is usually the guilty party. (Guess Ronnie forgot that he was the first to turn everyone's attention to Michele.) In any case, Laura and Casey have both given Darth Ronnie ammunition should he decide to nominate them.

Getting too heavy? How about some comic relief. Ronnie's HOH room is decked out in photos of him as a kid. And yes, Ronnie, you have always been a geek. (Hey, he asked!) I also LOL-ed as Jeff busted on Ronnie for his excitement over receiving the soundtrack to the Legally Blonde musical and Casey recreating Ronnie's fit of happiness over the bubble wand.

If that's not enough, let's dress the houseguests in drag! Well, the guys at least. In the luxury competition — hosted by returning Big Brother 10 champ Dan — the girls had to answer questions about the guys' love lives (and vice versa) in hopes of winning a chance to see the new Katherine Heigl romantic comedy The Ugly Truth. While the girls mostly stuck to sexy outfits, three of the guys played dress up. Casey did the robot as a brunette in a miniskirt and Jeff stormed the catwalk as a cheerleader who stole Laura's thunder in the chest region. Jeff remarked that he "thought it couldn't get any worse." But oh, oh, how wrong he was.

Ronnie's question involved whether a romantic getaway with his wife would involve going to a comic book convention with his wife as a space princess or staying in a five-star hotel with his wife in sexy lingerie. (How could anyone get this one wrong?) Of course, he chose space princess, and we were forced to see Ronnie in a gold bikini. I can say nothing more than this: the image will haunt my dreams. (And seriously, enough with the Star Wars references. We get it.)

In the end, Casey and Chima win the movie screening, but they also are in charge of naming this week's haves and have-nots. As Ronnie and the brains are welcome to all privileges, they must chose between the other three cliques. Chime nominates the popular clique, while Casey targets the athletes who were safe last week. Chima, however, refuses to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to make the decision, and tells Casey his unwillingness to go along with her wishes makes him in danger. "Are you HOH?" Casey asks confused before finally telling her (sarcastically) that she can have her way. Princess (shudder...thanks, Ronnie) Chima names Jordan and Laura as the have-nots.

Not knowing whose side he is really on, Ronnie's "alliance" heads up to the HOH room to convince him to put up Russell on the block. Ronnie is clearly hesitant, but just doesn't want to have the muscle head targeting him. He agrees that back-dooring Russell is the best move, but Jeff, Laura and Jordan all plead with Ronnie not to use them as pawns in the process. Ronnie talks to Jessie to make sure Russell won't burn him, and he assures Ronnie that he has nothing to worry about. (Though, Jessie did admit that he doesn't trust Russell as deeply as we might have imagined.)

At nominations, Ronnie tells everyone that even though he is an honest person, he has to play the game strategically (or by lying, for those not keeping up) and promised his family he would do so in the interest of winning the $500,000. One-by-one the keys are removed, and ultimately Jeff and Laura are Ronnie's nominees. He even gives the lame, "you're great players, and I have given you the chance to prove how much you want to be here" speech.

Laura says Ronnie's move confirms that he flipped and is playing with the athletes. Jeff says Ronnie thinks he is playing the athletes, but they are playing him. Russell, however, says in the diary room that Jeff is a total pawn. He is afraid of Laura, because she could put two-and-two together about the Chima vote (even though everyone already has). Even so, he says that if things go according to plan, Russell will be talking to Julie on Thursday.

So, do you think Ronnie is telling the truth? Were you shocked by his nominations? What did you think of Dan's return and Jessie's huge eye roll when he walked into the back yard? Anyone else annoyed by Chima yelling at Michele and being a total diva in the competition? Share your thoughts below and check back to see who wins the power of veto.

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And so, the reign of Ronnie the Rat begins. Even though I'm still upset he went back on the plan to evict Chima, Ronnie's double-cross has successfully mixed the game up. And we all know what that means: more fights! Read on for details on a heated conversation, the continuing rat hunt and perhaps the most repulsive sight in Big Brother history.

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