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Big Brother 11 Episode: "Big Brother 11"

Season 11, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: The Power of Veto competition is held.
Original Air Date: Jul 14, 2009

Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: July 14, 2009 (Veto Competition/Ceremony 1) Season 11, Episode 3

Finally, this season starts to feel like Big Brother. This episode featured the first major fight (or at least the first CBS has shown), lots of scheming and backstabbing, the first signs of a showmance, and of course, the first power of veto competition and ceremony. So who was left sitting on the chopping block by episode's end? Let's find out.

Jessie's nominations send Lydia reeling, but much to the chagrin of pawn Chima, much of the house flocked to Lydia to offer support. Kevin, Jeff, Braden and Jordan are all there to wipe Lydia's tears away as she cries about being nominated simply because of her appearances. (P.S. If she really believed that, I am less of a fan of hers.) Chima voices concern to her clique about her status as pawn, and even though her teammates assure her she's fine, she vows to win the veto to guarantee her safety.

Perhaps reacting to nominations even more than the nominees is Laura, who was spared. She squawks to Casey and Russell that she doesn't know why people don't like her, and suggests people are threatened by her because of her looks. "It's not my fault I have huge boobs," Laura pouts. Casey made me LOL when he notes in his confessional, "Um, you (Laura) chose to get implants." Heh.

Although the athletes seem to be running the house at will, Jeff lets everyone know he had nothing to do with Lydia's nomination, which upsets both the brains and the athletes. Ronnie assures Chima he is a persuasive person and even breaks out his history on the debate team. Is there anything this guy can't (claim to) do? Jessie is equally concerned about Jeff, noting that if they have lost him — and they have — that Chima will go home.

To help regain some balance on their team, Russell suggests preying on Laura's desperation for friendship by welcoming her into the fold. Jessie agrees, and very soon she's promising them her loyalty and her ample...knowledge of how to play the game. Time will tell how true that statement is.

Going into the veto competition, Lydia is hoping none of the athletes get drawn at random to compete in the challenge. Naturally, all of the athletes are chosen, thanks to Chima choosing Natalie for her houseguest's choice after Russell and Jeff were drawn. (I agree with Michele, Ph.D. that Chima tipped the brains-athletes alliance by not picking someone from her own team in this competition).

Casey hosts "Pop Goes the Veto," another high school-inspired competition featuring a huge face full of zits. Contestants had to pop the pimples and retrieve letters from the goo. Then, they each had to spell a word with the letters they found, with the person spelling the longest word being named the winner. Lydia, Jessie and Chima all had words in mind, while Russell just grabbed every letter he could and made sense of it later. Jeff just hoped he didn't embarrass himself with his poor spelling skills.

Of course, he did just that, spelling technotronics (which isn't a word) T-E-C-T-R-O-N-I-C-S. Similarly, meathead Jessie squandered what would otherwise have been the winning word by spelling continuously with a transposed "O" and "U." Both nominees failed to find the letters they needed for the words they had in mind ("civilization" for Lydia, "superficiality" for Chima), and Natalie only came up with the word "last." As such, Russell's "shotgun" was the longest word, and he won the veto.

Perhaps coming off the high of winning the veto, Russell, for no real reason, decides to finally call out Jeff. (I mean, I know he has a reason, but the timing seemed odd.) So he basically picks a fight about Jeff's poor performance in the veto competition, implying that he threw the competition. Russell's hope that Jeff would bury himself didn't really work, as the war of words sort of fizzled with the caveman threats of violence.

But when Jeff turned to Natalie to learn what was up with the attack, she pounced as well. She claimed he was trying to skate through with no blood on his hands. When he countered that he didn't have blood on his hands because they didn't tell him the plan, she said he had isolated himself. He agreed that he wears the same uniform as Natalie, but they are no longer on the same team. My take: Yes, Jeff was very weird about not wanting to do recon work for Jessie, and he is obviously got a thing for Jordan, but this was a strange move on Russell's part. It was a total bully move, and even if it proved whatever point he wanted to make, in the end, I think it might have revealed more about "the Love Muscle" than it did Jeff.

With no other play, Lydia entered desperation mode and latched onto Russell. Whether it was all the attention of the massage, he was open to what she had to say. He even went so far as to lie about being the champion for putting her on the block, laying the blame instead on Jessie and Natalie. When she confronts the two, they admit that they don't trust her, and she basically promises to do whatever it takes to get off the block. She also just so happens to mention Braden's name, and presto! He becomes the new target. (The humor package about Braden's goofiness actually changed my first impression of him, and he seems like a totally arbitrary choice, based on footage we have seen.)

Making sure they would have the support of the brains, Russell tells Ronnie they are thinking of making the Lydia-Braden switcheroo. Ronnie says he is down with voting out Braden...but then runs straight to Jeff and Jordan to fill them in. Whaaa? When did Ronnie become a see-saw player? In any case, they tell Braden, who begins to sulk around the house. Russell sees Ronnie with the trio more than normal and connects the dots. He questions Ronnie about it, but he denies telling Braden anything. Russell tells Jessie he knows he is lying. I'm still waiting to see some of Ronnie's smarts he keeps talking about. (Sorry Ronnie, the sci-fi references in confessional further the nerd vibe, not brains.)

Even though he's suspicious, Russell uses the veto on Lydia and Jessie replaces her with Braden. I suppose they are confident they have the votes they need, but based on my tally, it's far from a sure thing. Sure, Russell, Natalie, Laura and probably now Lydia will vote Braden out. It's safe to assume the brains will also vote to keep Chima, but can we really trust Ronnie anymore?  He might side with his pals Jordan and Jeff, which makes Casey and Kevin's swing votes very important. Even so, Jessie would break the tie, so I guess they are fairly confident the backdoor will work.

What do you think? Will Chima survive as the pawn and make Braden the first evictee? Do you think Russell attacked Jeff or did he have it coming? Any thoughts on the Jordan-Jeff showmance (and the foot fetish conversation)? Are you happy the veto was used? Share your thoughts below and check back Thursday to see who gets sent packing.

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Finally, this season starts to feel like Big Brother. This episode featured the first major fight (or at least the first CBS has shown), lots of scheming and backstabbing, the first signs of a showmance, and of course, the first power of veto competition and ceremony. So who was left sitting on the chopping block by episode's end? Let's find out.

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