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2009, TV Show

Big Brother 11 Episode: "Big Brother 11"

Season 11, Episode 20
Episode Synopsis: Nominations for eviction are revealed.
Original Air Date: Aug 23, 2009

Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: August 23, 2009 (Nomination 7) Season 11, Episode 20

With the number of houseguests whittled down to six, the latest head of household competition is more important than ever. Which player would come out on top? Would the alliances that have been forged stand true? Which houseguests would be at each other's throats (again)? All those questions have answers, so let's get to it.

The houseguests, with the exception of Kevin, were all excited to see drama queen Lydia walk out the door, but there was no time to celebrate, as everyone was focused on winning HOH. Jordan sat nervously on the sidelines, hoping that Jeff would win since he is the only remaining player she can trust. Luckily, Jeff starts strong in the can-dropping competition, and he and Kevin remain neck-and-neck almost throughout. Jeff's biggest problem? Ragin' Russell running around like "a bull in a china shop" shaking the platform. That shakiness helps Kevin pull to a lead of about five cans.

Kevin, however, uses one his gold cans, which were introduced midway into the game. If one of the cans was successfully dropped in the tubes, the houseguest could freeze another competitor for 60 seconds. Kevin, who had been frozen earlier by Russell, sought revenge and shut Russell down. With the bull on pause, Jeff caught up, tying Kevin with 23 cans. Each was working furiously to reach the 24-can goal, but ultimately, Jeff comes out on top. Jordan is excited, but not enough to give Jeff a little celebratory sugar. He totally got left hanging. (Oh, and Michele and Russell are the week's have-nots, since they had the fewest cans at the end of the game. They get to eat churros and chitlins. Russell complains about chitlins. Kevin is jealous of churros.)

Worried about being nominated, Kevin and Natalie instantly begin scheming. They plan to present Jeff with an alternate Final 4 deal, hoping that he will take the chance to evict Russell and Michele. Their argument centers on the fact that even though they have been on opposing sides, they have always been loyal. Russell and Michele, not so much.

But Kevin and Natalie aren't the only ones worried — Russell, too, fears his time may have come. He cozies up to Jeff in the HOH room promising to come clean about anything that might have Jeff worried. Jeff mentions overhearing that Russell was coming after him. Russell says it's not true. Kum ba yah. Until Jordan decides to call Russell out on it again in the back yard. Russell again denies it, but says that once it got to the Final 4, of course he would roll the dice and try to take Jeff out. But he promises the Final 4 deal is still good.

And now, some comic relief from Jeff, who is without question, the star of the show tonight. First, he teases Jordan about the Hawaiian trip after she suggests he take her. He says on a 7-night trip, he would be expecting more than making out. She says boys thing with their penises, and will allow kissing and cuddling only. Jeff always imagined it would be a honeymoon spot, but he won't rule out taking Jordan.

Then, we meet Jeff, the Big Brother gardener. While watering the vegetable cart in the back yard, both Jordan and Kevin admire shirtless Jeff. They both would hire jeff as their personal gardner, but Kevin mainly wants Jeff for his, um, hose.

Finally, we see Jeff, the blockhead. I like to think of Jeff as the most mature adult in the house, but he makes me doubt him with moments like his conversation with Michele about her job as a neuroscientist. (Brings back memories of the spider talk with Jordan.) He is amazed that Michele works on finding cures for diseases and may waste years on research that someone else publishes first. His suggestion: Start counterfeiting money. He later tells her how impressed he is, as his biggest accomplishment was putting together a Lego castle — with instructions!

(Aside: I didn't notice until now — probably because as HOH Jeff got more diary room screen time — but he is one of those houseguests who talks way louder than necessary in the diary room. Just saying.)

What's Big Brother without a fight? Natalie calls Russell out on his sloppy poker playing, even though she's already been eliminated from the game. (Don't worry, with real money she would kick his butt.) They fight and fuss about who's the bigger sore loser. I yawn. Can we have a double eviction of those two this week?

Kevin and Natalie finally present Jeff and Jordan with their Final 4 deal, and Jeff is buying. However, he feels like he should nominate the two of them to make Russell feel safe. They don't love the idea, but they are hoping for the best. Meanwhile, Jeff assures a nervous Michele that their Final 4 deal is still on. Russell says Jeff would be smart to put up him and Michele, while Michele says if they aren't nominated, it shows that Jeff can be trusted. (Um, ever heard of the back door?)

At nominations, Jeff congratulates the other playes on making it to the Final 6 before revealing that Kevin and Natalie are nominated. Jeff lightens the mood with a fake speech about how much he hates them before telling Kevin that he went up because he'd never been on the block and Natalie was just used to it by now. He wishes them the best of luck, but it seems pretty clear from his diary room session that he definitely wants Russell out. (He even put Russell's key first to make him feel extra safe.)

So, if Jeff wants to back door Russell, it all depends on the veto. What do you think of the nominations? Who do you think will win the veto? With the game drawing closer and closer to the end, who do you think will win? Share all your thoughts below and check back for power of veto results later this week!

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With the number of houseguests whittled down to six, the latest head of household competition is more important than ever. Which player would come out on top? Would the alliances that have been forged stand true? Which houseguests would be at each other's throats (again)? All those questions have answers, so let's get to it.

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