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Big Brother 11 Episode: "Big Brother 11"

Season 11, Episode 15
Episode Synopsis: The Power of Veto ceremony is held.
Original Air Date: Aug 11, 2009

Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: August 11, 2009 (Veto Competition/Ceremony 5) Season 11, Episode 15

As we head into what could become the major turning point of the season, alliances are put to the test. Some remain strong, others are on the rocks and some are almost undoubtedly dead. So, where does everyone stand? Plus: Who won the veto and which houseguests threw down in a war of words? Let's find out.

Right off the bat, Russell says that by being nominated by Chima, his alliance with her, Jessie and Natalie is done. So, he heads straightaway to Jeff, to firm up their understanding. Jeff says that if he wins the power of veto, he will take Russell down. With that taken care of, Russell decides to patch up some touchy relationships. He makes nice with Michele, but can't seem to stop himself from asking about the lies from last week that caused the fight between Russell and Chima. When Michele uses a bad memory as an excuse, Russell gets upset and Michele runs away... straight to new pal Chima.

Together, they are all "girl power!" and decide to stand up to Russell, who they call out for only talking down to the women. He did make fun of Ronnie and have a screaming match with Jeff, but I also see their point. He spends a while belittling Michele, saying all the things Ronnie said about her before leaving were right on and suggesting that she needs medicine because she's a "nutcase." So how exactly did that fix their relationship?

Meanwhile, Jessie continues to worry about the wizard power, particularly that whoever has it might nominate him. (He and Chima believe it is Jeff, though Natalie disagrees.) Jessie wants to play in the POV for the chance to ensure his safety as does Kevin. But why is he so worried? Not sure, but he then finally admits that he might also like the chance to take BFF Lydia off the block.

When choosing players for the veto, both the nominees pull houseguests' choice chips. Lydia naturally chooses Kevin, but Jessie's head can't snap around fast enough when Russell chooses Jeff to play with him. Translation from Russell: I closed the door on my old alliance. Translation from Jessie: Later, dude!

The competition required houseguests to navigate 12 eggs up and over a chicken-wire fence and into their egg counter. Natalie and Jeff had loads of trouble, dropping egg after egg. Kevin, however, dominated and led most of the race. Not to be ignored, Russell made a comeback and the race came down to the wire (or at least the editing would have us believe it did). But in the end, Kevin won the POV.

Kevin and Lydia do a happy dance, but Kevin soon reveals that he might set up a meeting with Chima to see if she will guarantee Lydia's safety if he respects her wishes and leaves the nominees as they are. Lydia doesn't like this plan, and it is a little selfish. Kevin's main rationale is that he thus far has created no enemies and doesn't want to change that. When Lydia tells Russell that Kevin probably isn't going to use the veto, Kevin gets upset and wonders why Lydia doesn't realize that he's looking out for her. Funny, Kevin, being on the block will do that to you!

Russell decides he needs to pull out all the stops to try and stay in the game. So, he stabs Jeff in the back by feeding Jessie the line that Jeff and Jordan want Jessie out. He tells Jessie to persuade Chima to replace Lydia with Jeff and vote him out. (If he only knew how many ways in which that was impossible). But Jessie isn't buying, and he calls Russell out for not picking him in the game. He also says his decision will partially be based on his fear of the "mystical wand" power.

Worse, Jessie tells Jeff and Jordan what Russell told him. Even though he's telling the truth, Jordan is unsure if she should trust Jessie's word. For me, even though I would love to see Jeff use the coup d'état to shake up the house and get rid of Jessie and Natalie, I also don't want to see him get burned by this alliance with Russell. He's already proven that he'll sell anyone out if means saving himself.

Another thing for Jeff to consider is just how much Russell is hated in the house. After he runs his mouth off a little more, Chima says he should have been on America's Top Terrorist, which Russell seizes on and begins calling Chima a hypocritical racist. (Russell is from Lebanon, according to most of the posts). Chima clarifies that she only means that Russell terrorizes the house, and is therefore a terrorist, but Russell continues to play the card of a racial slur. The shouting match goes on for some time even though very little is said.

The houseguests watch The Goods. Russell says it's funny. Yay. (Did anyone see him nabbing all the candy when he left as well?)

So, Kevin must make his decision. Both Chima and Lydia say in the diary room that his decision will impact how much the respective ladies will trust him moving forward. In the end, Kevin leaves the nominees as is, leaving Chima with a big grin. Lydia, however, is more than a little disappointed in her sugar poopy bear. Again, I understand Kevin's move, but I ultimately think it was selfish. Not that I am Lydia's biggest fan, but she has been by his side in the house. I see Chima, Natalie and Jessie burning Kevin the first chance they get.

So, what did you think of the episode? Did the alliance breakups shock you? Whose side were you on in the many fights? Do you think Jeff will use the mystery power to save Russell in light of everything that has happened? Share all your thoughts below and check back to see how the coup d'état plays out and who becomes the first member of the jury.

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As we head into what could become the major turning point of the season, alliances are put to the test. Some remain strong, others are on the rocks and some are almost undoubtedly dead. So, where does everyone stand? Plus: Who won the veto and which houseguests threw down in a war of words? Let's find out.

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