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Big Brother 11 Episode: "Big Brother 11"

Season 11, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: Another houseguest is evicted from the compound. Julie Chen is the host.
Original Air Date: Aug 6, 2009

Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: August 6, 2009 (Eviction 4) Season 11, Episode 13

Another Thursday night, another eviction. Would Ronnie the Rat finally see his game cut short? Or did he have one final trick up his sleeve? Plus: Who won the power of coup d'état and who became the new head of household? Let's find out.

Julie introduces the first clip package by talking of paranoia, and, boy, did she have it right. In fact, for the first time I can remember, the opening clips had very little to do with the actual nominees cooking up a last-minute scheme. Russell basically storms the house believing everyone is scheming on him. He first accuses Jordan and Michelle when he catches them whispering about... books. (Hey, with Jordan, I might believe that's a lie, too!)

Things get really out of control, however, when Russell hears from new partner Michele that Chima once said she wanted to backdoor Russell. (She just didn't say that Chima said it back in Week 2.) Russell flips out and tells Jessie, who tells Russell that it can't be true. Jessie tells Natalie, and Natalie asks Russell, who finally decides to confront Chima.

Chima has none of it, and asks Michelle to come into the HOH room to get to the bottom of it. When Russell puts Michele on the spot, she says she never said that about Chima. (OK, we know she did, but we also know she was mad that Russell spread that intel around the house. But why not just say that she did say it in the past and keep that road open with Russell, knowing Chima was already her enemy?)

Michele's little white lie causes a big black thunderstorm of emotions as everybody involved yelled at everyone else, with all parties believing everything being said to be a lie. Chima and Russell particularly had it out, with Chima getting right in Russell's face, refusing to let him talk down to her the way he has everyone else. I don't like her, but I am glad somebody stood up to Russell for real. And he's just silly. I think he has a real shot at this game, but not if he keeps blowing up at everyone. He tells Julie that he has made apologies, though.

Finally turning attention to Ronnie, he decides his last shot is to try to get a sympathy vote. His target: Jordan, who we all know doesn't think much of Ronnie. As Jessie puts it, hatred runs to the bone. Still, debate champ Ronnie thinks he can prey on her emotions and maybe get a vote. Good luck, pal.

Ronnie deserves to be evicted if for no other reason than totally ruining Jeff's romantic evening with Jordan in the process. True, it is Ronnie's room, too, but he was just yapping on about nothing. And the night-vision totally made him look creepy. Jeff did get some kisses, but since Jordan has promised "no booger on TV," I'm not sure what he was hoping for anyway.

Jeff's luck turned around, however, when he realized he was awarded the coup d'état by America. Or as he called it, the "coupe-dee-tot." (He and Jordan are perfect for each other.) Not surprisingly, Jeff knows better than to use the power this week, as Ronnie is on his way out, we assume.

The nominees (featuring Lydia in some sort of Native American-inspired makeup and headdress) make the usual boring speeches about — wait, what's this? Ronnie is crying one moment then totally calling Michele out the next. "You're the worst human being I've ever had the misfortune of meeting," Ronnie says, noting that he saw the good in everyone but her. Not exactly the way to earn a sympathy vote, Ratty.

And the votes go down as you'd expect, ultimately leaving Ronnie with the short end of the stick. He's evicted by a vote of 4-3, meaning he will head home to his video games, not the jury house. Ronnie doesn't quite explain to Julie just what Michele did to him to earn such venom, though he says she has no loyalty and lied to everyone. Julie points out he basically has done the same, but he uses that silver tongue of his to talk around it. Michele gets an (almost) last word, however in her goodbye message as she tells Ronnie she hates him, and says "get out of here, you dork!"

At the HOH competition, the houseguests have to remember what the voice messages sent from viewers that Big Brother played aloud in the house said. Julie asks a series of True/False questions about the messages, and if you're wrong, you're eliminated. No need to recap each step, but I do think Jeff threw this competition. Or at least he should have, since the coup d'état power does him no good while he is HOH. This way, he basically can send someone home next week and can still compete for HOH, unless there is a rule we don't know about. He stayed in the game long enough not to make it obvious, but his look of shock seemed a little acted to me. I wonder how well he can keep his secret.

Ultimately, Chima wins HOH, and she is giddy, perhaps ready to exact some revenge over the blowup we saw previously. But I am psyched because she's someone who will most definitely put up people from Jeff's side of the house, giving him the opportunity to use the power to maximum shock factor. I think next week is going to be awesome! (P.S. The houseguests have to know that Chima, Jessie and Natalie didn't receive the power, since they would have most likely saved Ronnie. So that narrows the guessing game field a little.)

What did you think of Ronnie's eviction? Are you glad Jeff won the mystery power? Who do you think Chima will nominate, and are you as excited as I am to see her choices perhaps overthrown? Share your thoughts below, vote in our latest power rankings poll, and check back to see who Chima nominates.

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Another Thursday night, another eviction. Would Ronnie the Rat finally see his game cut short? Or did he have one final trick up his sleeve? Plus: Who won the power of coup d'état and who became the new head of household? Let's find out.

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