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Big Brother 11 Episode: "Big Brother 11"

Season 11, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: Nominations for eviction are revealed.
Original Air Date: Aug 2, 2009

Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: August 2, 2009 (Nomination 4) Season 11, Episode 11

With the cliques dissolved, it's more important than ever for the remaining houseguests to become head of household to insure their own safety. Along the way, vomit is (almost) spewed, deals are made and brand-new alliances begin to emerge. So, who won HOH and who did he or she target for eviction? Let's find out.

The show picked up where we left off Thursday night: with the houseguests spinning around the backyard and occasionally getting whacked with a huge diploma. Some houseguests didn't really even try (Kevin and Lydia both dropped before the 30-minute mark), while others (Chima and Michele) shocked me with their fortitude. (I'm still really tired of Chima's laugh, however.)

Luckily for Lydia and Kevin (and much to the chagrin of Jessie), they had the honor of choosing the first two graduation gifts. And wouldn't you know it, Kevin lands $5,000 while Lydia scores a 42-inch plasma TV. True they were rewarded for not competing, but it's also dumb luck. Shut up, Jessie.

Natalie doesn't deal so well with the water and the spinning, and she begins dry heaving (or maybe actually vomiting; the edit made it difficult to know). The sound gets to Ronnie, who closes his eyes, but is blindsided by the diploma and falls off his seat. Natalie soon gives up as well. (Both she and Ronnie come up blank on their graduation gifts.) Jordan impressed me, but she was the next to go. She won the power to decide the week's have-nots for her troubles, however. Chima, after really getting battered by the diploma — and doing a full front-flip without letting go — finally gives up after more than two hours.

Jessie, now relying solely on Russell to guarantee his own safety, tells Russ to cut a deal with Jeff. Since Jessie knows that Jeff wants Ronnie to go home, that is what he tells Russell to offer. Jeff and Russell both agree, but don't want to cut deals until Michele is out of the game. And soon enough she is out of the game... and her pants, thanks to an unfortunate tangle with her seat. (She really has had a tough time with the equipment in competitions lately.)

Russell tells Jeff that he just wants to be HOH to get a letter from his dad, who just had neck surgery and was pretty ill. Having already agreed to put up Ronnie, Russell offers Jeff safety, and — without Jeff even asking — offers Jordan safety as well. Since that's all Jeff wanted from the HOH anyway, he asks Russell to swear on his dad. When Russell does, Jeff agrees and drops after more than three hours of competition. And so, the reign of Russell begins.

But first, Jordan decides the have-nots by drawing names out of a hat because she doesn't want a target on her back. She draws Kevin, Natalie and Jessie, who whines and whines. Natalie doesn't really mind since she has a slop pass, and she's even more relieved when she sees the mystery food is squash and squid. Jessie whines some more. Ugh, I'm ready for him to go home.

After seeing Russell's HOH room, Jeff said he could tell he's a family guy and will stick by his word. Russell thanks Jeff for his trust and admits that he's been thinking of inviting Jeff to team up with him. Jeff impressed Russell in the HOH competition, and Russell thinks they would be an unstoppable force. Also, since their blowout in Week 1, a partnership would also be unexpected by the rest of the house. I'm liking this pairing and hope Jeff's not getting set up. Also, what if Jeff is forced to choose between Russell or a showmance with Jordan?

As for Russell's visitors in the HOH room, Jeff was the tip of the iceberg. Lydia came in and threw some random niceties at Russell to curry favor. She also totally threw Jessie and Natalie under the bus, claiming that they had said they would come after Russell the first chance they got. Natalie and Jessie vehemently deny the claim, and while I do think the two of them will stick together before sticking with Russ, it was awfully convenient for Lydia to say these things now that Russell is HOH.

What Natalie and Jessie don't tell Russell is that they want to keep Ronnie in the house. Even though they know he will most likely go up since Russell made Jeff a promise, they think they can sway the votes and/or win a veto to save him. Ronnie takes some comfort in that, and also muses that he thinks he will win the mystery power because America knows he will use it for good. (I beg of you, America, please don't let me down.)

Ronnie then takes his case to Russell, claiming the alliance wanted to backdoor Russell when Ronnie was HOH, but the superdork didn't follow thorough. (For once, he's actually telling the truth.) Ronnie asks Russell if he should be worried about the nominations and he tells him he is fine.

But later, Russell overhears Ronnie talking to Kevin and Lydia, calling Russell a liar. Russell is furious and feels betrayed by Ronnie once again. So it comes as no surprise at all when Ronnie's key doesn't come out of the box during nominations. And maybe sticking with the lying theme, Ronnie also nominates Lydia. However, only Ronnie gets any venom from Russell during his speech (or at least we only see that part). Russell calls Ronnie a snake and says that he is the mongoose that's going to take the snake out. (But look out Russell, Ronnie is the King Cobra. And he's going to kill the mongoose. With a light saber!!!!)

Do you think Russell is putting on another show with his nomination of Ronnie, or does he really want him gone? What do you think of the possible Jeff-Russell alliance? Who do you think will win the veto, and would you like to see the nominees changed? Sound off on everything in the comments below.


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With the cliques dissolved, it's more important than ever for the remaining houseguests to become head of household to insure their own safety. Along the way, vomit is (almost) spewed, deals are made and brand-new alliances begin to emerge. So, who won HOH and who did he or she target for eviction? Let's find out.

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