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2009, TV Show

Big Brother 11 Episode: "Big Brother 11"

Season 11, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: Another houseguest is evicted from the compound. Julie Chen is the host.
Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2009

Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: July 29, 2009 (Eviction 3) Season 11, Episode 10

Eviction night is here again, and it's the Southern belle against the banana man. But this episode's biggest news wasn't the eviction, as the Chenbot made two big announcements that should shake up the game. Who went home? What are the new changes? And who is the new head of household? Let's find out.

Julie kicks the show off by telling us what we all expected: the cliques are no more. I'm glad to see them go, but I just wish if Big Brother was going to make a gimmick they could pick one that would make sense to last deep into the game. Quick aside: Everyone knows I have respect for Julie Chen, but the banana pun (Casey's last "a-peel") she used as a setup for the clip package was super groan-worthy.

The footage opened with what Casey promised us: an angry banana. He was shocked to see no outrage from the rest of the house when Jessie made his announcement at the veto ceremony. Although Casey thought the house had a plan, he admits that "Teflon Ron" keeps using his nine lives to stay in the house. Ronnie, however, was "splendiferous" (and annoying) in the diary room, while Jeff shared Casey's frustration. Jessie says that, despite what Casey has said, he is a much bigger threat to Jessie in the house. 

As Casey continues to lament the "season of the dork," Jordan decides to lay low and let Casey talk himself out the door. (Jordan opted for the privacy of the diary room to say that Ronnie is "Jessie's bitch.") And Casey didn't hold back. He said Laura left because she wasn't a sheep, and he fears the same for himself. Casey tries to tell Kevin that he needs to think on his own, not knowing that Kevin and Lydia might consider voting for Casey to stay. Kevin encourages Casey to fight for some votes and assures Casey that if the numbers are right, he and Lydia will vote to keep him.

So, Casey goes to...Russell? I thought Jeff would be the deciding vote and the hardest to turn, but Casey makes some very wise points. He first tells Russell that Jessie has Natalie's back before he would have Russell's. Casey also points out (as Kevin did to Casey) that he can make moves for Russell that Russell can't make for himself (like putting up Jessie and Natalie.) Russell is intrigued, and Casey's plan to save himself gets a little bit of hope.

We now take a break from the "Save the Banana" campaign to bring you a public service announcement: Never fall asleep in a house that Lydia is in without locking your doors. She will watch you sleep, and apparently snoop for info while you're "vulnerable." The footage was creep-tastic but utterly pointless.

Also thrown in for filler is the family visits with Jordan and Jeff's families to talk about their budding showmance. It's the usual BB-goes-to-hometown type of package, complete with the terribly imposed video images on the family TVs. After everyone said this couple might work out, or it might not (decisive!), the best line came from Jordan's mom, who took the relationship to a whole new level: "They'd make pretty babies." Good luck, mom!

In the living room, Julie grills Natalie and Lydia about their fights, and try as she might to get them to say they are fighting over Jessie, Julie was unsuccessful. Jessie said in the HOH room that his relationship with both girls is "platonic" (should he look that word up?) and that he views one as an ally in strength and the other as an ally in brains. But he knows they could be playing him, too. Yawn.

More yawns come from Jordan's "save me" speech, as she falls back on what she said last week, and a few other nice words about Casey. Things get really interesting when Casey, seemingly resigned in his fate to perhaps be evicted, spews some venom. (And he knows how to do it with out getting censored like Chima!) He calls Ronnie a "dork-opotamus" and says Jessie has the IQ of — wait for it — a banana, as he rails against them both for backstabbing him. He warns his houseguests that if they continue to be sheep, they will be led to their evictions one by one. (He had to know he was leaving; I can't believe he has the guts to say all that if he could possibly stay.)

And so, the votes come in, and one by one the houseguests vote to evict Casey. Except Russell, who honors his word to vote Jordan out. I'm sure the plan was for it to be unanimous (I think I even overheard someone say that when the houseguests were preparing for HOH), so I wonder how much will be made over that vote. True, he knew there was no real risk, but now that cliques are gone, could the other athletes use Russell's "betrayal" as a reason to target him?

Casey says his goodbyes gracefully until Jessie starts in with his whole "it's a game" speech. Casey is having none of it, and says it's still about being good to your word. Natalie then comes snapping in to Jessie's defense, and she's relentless. Casey gives it back to her, ignoring every last word. I'm so ready for her to go home, and big muscle man just seemed to shrink back while she fought his battle. Weak, Jessie, weak.

Julie tells the houseguests that the cliques are split, though many of them felt it coming. Julie then reveals another twist. America will vote for one player to be granted the "mystery power" of coup d'état. The player will be revealed next Thursday, and they will be able to replace one or both nominees moments before the live eviction vote in one of the next two weeks. One catch: HOH and veto winner can't go up it seems, based on what Julie said. That's huge, especially if the person with the power is on the block. I can't wait.

The HOH competition is one of endurance. The houseguests must hold on to their rope while swinging around in a circle. Just when they feel like it's a carousel ride, they start getting slapped with a huge diploma every so often. (They graduated high school, by the way.) It also rains on them on and off. No one drops before the show goes off the air, but the first five out get to choose a graduation gift, one of which includes $5,000.

So, who do you hope wins HOH? Are you as sad as I am to see Casey go? (And doesn't it suck that he had to spend even his last minutes in the house in that costume?) Are you glad to see the cliques go? What do you think of the coup d'état power?

Share all your thoughts (and questions for Casey) below. Then, vote in our poll for the new batch of Big Brother Power Rankings! Check back here to see who wins HOH and who he or she nominates for eviction.

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Eviction night is here again, and it's the Southern belle against the banana man. But this episode's biggest news wasn't the eviction, as the Chenbot made two big announcements that should shake up the game. Who went home? What are the new changes? And who is the new head of household? Let's find out.

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