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2009, TV Show

Big Brother 11 Episode: "Big Brother 11"

Season 11, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: In the Season 11 opener, the 12 houseguests are introduced and enter the compound for the first time. They are divided into one of four cliques (popular, athletes, brainiacs, off-beats) to compete in their first challenge. Julie Chen is the host.
Original Air Date: Jul 9, 2009

Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: Thursday, July 9, 2009 Season 11, Episode 1

Hey there, Big Brother lovers! It's been far too long since TV's best guilty pleasure was last on the air, but based on the newest crop of houseguests — and the show's new twists — we should be in for an exciting summer. Which 12 13 houseguests will we love/hate all season as they battle for the $500,000 and what surprises are in store? Let's find out.

But first — a word about the awesome Julie Chen. Not only does the Chenbot always add a little class the proceedings each week, but she also instantly put me back in the mood for this show. Plus, how adorable was she when gestured to her baby bump and amended the show's "expect the unexpected" mantra to include those who "are just expecting"? Heart you, Julie.

Although the twist was no shock to those of you who've been stalking the blogs since the cast was revealed, the houseguests were a bit shaken by the introduction of the show's high school-inspired cliques. But before we can get to those, lets' meet the players. Snap judgments:

Ronnie: He's a self-professed gamer geek, who also is a part of a championship speech and debate team. And if there was any doubt about his dorkiness, his super-emotional reaction when he received his key to the house removed it. Think YouTube videos like this featuring a 30-year-old.

Jeff: The former college football player has already won over several ladies of the house with his looks and Chicago accent. The fact that he's rooming with three women should help him on his quest to have a showmance.

Jordan: The season's buxom blonde is a southern girl who will no doubt flirt her way through the house. But, don't expect any "booger" (aka sex) from her in the house while America's watching.

Natalie: Even though this 24-year-old former taekwondo bronze medalist packs a punch, she wants her houseguests to believe she is a fresh-out-of-high-school teenager. She claims to be a great poker player, but not many of the players believed her bluff.

Kevin: He's a gay, biracial graphic designer who is fond of the suffix "—anese." As in, he's "Blackanese." He also claims a bond with Ronnie because he speaks "geekanese." For now, he's fun enough to overlook this lame habit.

Chima: This freelance journalist claims her deadly combo of book smarts and street smarts will take her to the money. Aside from laughing at her own jokes and having lots of hair, she doesn't stand out in this crowd just yet.

Braden: He is well on his way to being this season's most annoying houseguest. Problems include: his ego, saying things like "surfing is better than sex...mother nature doesn't talk back" and using surfer-dude adjectives like "super-delicious." He might make an interesting villain, though.

Michele: She has a Ph.D. in neuroscience, but, like Natalie, lied about it to her other houseguests. Having brains in the game is important, but only time will tell if she's also smooth enough to earn trust.

Russell: He's big and bad and calls himself "Russell the Love Muscle." Which, despite his mixed martial arts fighting background, makes him much less cool.

Laura: This brunette bikini model is also a southern belle. She's already been described by one houseguest as "boob city." The producers clearly decided to not even hide this attempt at casting a walking house decoration.

Lydia: She's tattooed and works as a special effects makeup artist. She says she's willing to hook up to get ahead in the game. With guys or girls.

Casey: At 40, he's this season's oldest houseguest, but don't compare him to Grandpa Jerry from last season. He's a fifth-grade teacher by day and DJ by night. Sad that he had to miss his son's first birthday party to leave for the Big Brother house, though.

So, now that we've met everyone, let's group them into this season's four cliques: Brains (Ronnie, Michele and Chima), Athletes (Russell, Jeff, Natalie), Popular (Braden, Jordan and Laura) and Off-beats (Lydia, Kevin and Casey). Based on the above descriptions, it was pretty clear who was going to end up in each category, with maybe the one surprise being Casey in the off-beat clique. But he says he was in a rap group in the '80s, so there you go. Fresh!

The houseguests groan about the cliques, but only until they realize the next twist. Every week, the head of household's entire clique will be safe from eviction. And just like that, it's time for the first HOH competition. Keeping with the theme, each of the houseguests gets a monster locker-room wedgie while holding on in a test of stamina.

Then Chenbot drops another bombshell. A 13th houseguest is about to enter the game and give one clique the advantage of an extra team member. However, that 13th player will also be the first HOH. So, basically, the teams are getting wedgies to ensure their whole team's safety.

Each clique has a possible former houseguest waiting to join the game should they win. For the brains, it's Season 10 schemer Brian. The popular clique could add Season 8 showmancer Jessica, the off-beats would get Season 5 runner-up Cowboy and the athletes are competing to have Season 10's egomaniac body builder Jessie join the house. I would love to see Brian or Jessica back in the house, and I could tolerate Jessie, I suppose. But I had my fill of Cowboy.

Luckily, the off-beats drop out early, second to the brains, who, just like in playground dodge ball, were the first to go. Although the athletes received "super wedgies" repeatedly, they managed to outlast the popular clique for the win, sending Jessie into the house as the first HOH. No worries, guys, he says he's bigger and better. Blech.

I wasn't blown away by the cast when I first read the bios, but after tonight's episode, I think we have a fun season ahead. Ronnie, Casey, Kevin and Michele seemed to get the most air time tonight, but hopefully it won't stay as skewed. Who are your early favorites? Are you glad to see Jessie back in the house this season? Who do you hope he nominates for the first eviction? What do you think of the cliques: cool or stupid? Also, did anyone else see Ronnie doing the "Thriller" dance in the teaser clips?

Share your comments and thoughts below and check back Sunday as the first two houseguests are thrown onto the chopping block!

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Hey there, Big Brother lovers! It's been far too long since TV's best guilty pleasure was last on the air, but based on the newest crop of houseguests — and the show's new twists — we should be in for an exciting summer. Which 12 13 houseguests will we love/hate all season as they battle for the $500,000 and what surprises are in store? Let's find out.
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