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Ratings: Fringe Truly Benefits from House's Return

House by Adam Taylor/Fox; Fringe by Craig Blankenhorn/Fox

"Technical difficulties" just erased my lovely, pithy, three-paragraph ratings recap for Tuesday, and Peter Brady is almost here for a video Q&A, so we're back to just the highlights:House returned to 14.4 million total viewers, dominating the 8 pm hour, but was off some 20 percent from its previous season opener.Fringe, at 13.36 million, enjoyed a 48 percent increase over its week-ago debut.Despite the promise of the babydaddy reveal, 90210 held steady at 3.33 million. Privileged dipped 500K to 2.43 million.The premiere of Biggest Loser: Families did 7.8 million, on par with the show's recent openers. Big Brother 10 said goodbye to 7.63 million, a full million more than the Cycle 9 capper. — Matt Mitovich read more

How Big Brother 10's Dan Talked His Way to $500,000

Dan Gheesling, winner of Big Brother 10

After a long summer of manipulation, betrayal and all the other underhanded adjectives that go along with Big Brother, Catholic school teacher Dan Gheesling was crowned the game's winner by a 7-0 vote from his evicted peers. We caught up with him to learn his plans for the cash after besting his "Renegade" ally, what he believes was the defining moment of his game (which might surprise you), how he really feels about Keesha and when he'll be heading to confession. Congratulations! What are your plans for the $500,000?Dan Gheesling: It's very overwhelming. I do have some plans, but I'm not sure how immediate they will be. My girlfriend Monica is probably going to be getting a gift that fits on her left ring finger, but when that's going to happen, we still need to talk about. Other than that, it will probably be some smart investments. I want to stay in teaching a read more

September 16, 2008 (Finale Night!)

Like last season, Krista and I decided to have a little post-winner crowning chat about the finale episode and the season in general. Below is our conversation. We have so enjoyed blogging this season and want to thank all of you for your very active participation. Share all your final thoughts (and questions for Memphis and Dan) in the comments. We'll see you next time! — AdamAdam: Dan!!! Was there ever any doubt?Krista: No there wasn't! I thought it was pretty obvious after the jury questioning. Though, after Ollie was ousted I thought he'd never win, but it really turned for him in the end.Adam: A well-deserved win in my opinion.Krista: People were impressed with his play. You are right — well deserved! 7-0: That was a bit surprising.Adam: Yeah, but again, it make sense I think. Could April have been more a mouthpiece for Memphis before the interrogation?Krista: I know, she has him by the short ones. She looked like she was summoning Catwoman in that outfit when they w... read more

It's Official: The Winner of Big Brother 10 Is…

Memphis and Dan by John P. Filo/CBS

The following post contains spoiler information regarding the winner of Big Brother 10.After a summer of lying, backstabbing and hooking up (you know, the usual Big Brother stuff), a winner has been crowned. Dan, the Catholic school teacher from Michigan was chosen as this season's champion and winner of $500,000 in a 7-0 vote by the jury of evicted houseguests. Dan was a favorite among fans all summer, being chosen as America's Player midway through the game. (He was also consistently at the top of our weekly Power Ranking polls.)Dan was sitting in the final two beside his "Renegade" alliance member Memphis, who took home $50,000 for coming in second. Also, Keesha, a Final Four housguest and former alliance member of both Dan and Memphis, earned $25,00 after being voted America's Favorite Juror. (Read our special recap of the finale here.)Did the right player win? Were you pleased with America's choice of favorite juror? Also, if you have questions for either of the Final Two, shar... read more

Big Brother 10's Jerry: "I Don't Have to Apologize"

Jerry MacDonald, Big Brother 10

Jerry MacDonald made history before he ever walked through the Big Brother house's front door by being the oldest person ever cast for a reality TV show. And then the 75-year-old made memories by fondling a fellow houseguest two-thirds his age and being in the middle of several of the season's most heated shouting matches. Even so, the great-grandpa from Texas worked his way to the Final 3 before being evicted just short of the prize money. In our chat he tells us why he was so grabby, why he makes no apologies for his behavior in the house and the real reason behind his problems with Dan. Getting booted just short of the money can't feel good.Jerry MacDonald: It was a great ride, and I played as hard as I possibly could. I don't feel I have to apologize for any of my actions. I felt good about the people in the end, and in the last half of the season, I tried to play nice to improve my image. To get to the Final 3, I think, was qui read more

September 14, 2008 (Highlight Show)

What would this highlight episode have in store? That was my question before this episode of BB started. Would the highlights match-up with what I felt were highlights? Would the new clips entertain me? Would anything be funnier than Jerry falling in the pool? I doubt it, but let's find out.The episode began with — shocker — another lengthy recap of the past episode and then a celebratory dinner for the final two: Memphis and Dan. They basically patted themselves on the back for being Will & Boogie wannabes and making it that far. I only say that because I've seen people on various BB sites referencing them and comparing the Renegades to BB's most well-known duo. If we were to compare them — who would be Will and who would be Boogie? Dan was most Will-like during the season but I wouldn't dare put Memphis in the Boogie category. That's probably worse than calling him a womanizer...Speaking of that very hostile moment, here are some other moments that made it to... read more

September 11, 2008 (Final Eviction)

Well, gang, it's been a long 66 days, but we've made it to the Final 2. After a predictable and pretty thrill-less final HOH competition, the final jury member was set when the new HOH sent him packing, sealing the deal for the two remaining houseguests. Who pulled out the win and who got the boot? Let's find out!As one would expect, Jerry didn't last very long in the first leg of the HOH competitions. Endurance just isn't an older man's game, unfortunately for Jerry. But it couldn't have worked better for the Renegades, who we learned were very much still aligned, despite Dan overplaying (yes, I agree with Memphis) of his anger over Keesha's eviction. But the plan had Jerry fooled, so I guess it was working pretty well. With Jerry out of the way, Memphis held on for a good while to give the appearance he wasn't throwing the competition, before ultimately falling off, giving Round 1 of the HOH battle to Dan.Dan got his bye to the final round, so Memphis and Jerry faced off in a boxi... read more

Big Brother's Keesha Dishes on Being Backstabbed

Keesha Smith, Big Brother 10

As this season of Big Brother winds toward its conclusion, each eviction becomes a little harder to swallow — especially when it's a former alliance member giving you the boot. For Keesha Smith, it was a fellow houseguest who had promised to sit beside her at the end of the game that cast the sole vote to evict her. Here, she sounds off on being betrayed, living and fighting with a 75-year-old man and what's she's most looking forward to in the jury house. I have to say I was a little shocked by your eviction. When did you know something was up?Keesha Smith: I knew that everything wasn't quite like it should be the night before the eviction. I kind of figured it out, because people and things were odd. It just kind of came to me while I was by myself and thinking. Jerry was being exceptionally calm, which is not like him, so I figured he was told he was safe. So, it just kind of read more

September 9, 2008 (Eviction Night)

As we inched closer to the finale, tonight we saw another houseguest sent packing. Who won the power of veto and how did that play into the eviction? And what happened on Dan's day out of the house with jury member Michelle? Let's find out. It seemed Dan and Memphis' plan to put doubt in Dan and Keesha's mind worked wonderfully, as both Keesha and Jerry were invigorated by the possibilities of what that nomination "could" mean. Dan and Memphis were also quite proud of themselves, but were focused on the veto competition, despite feeling confident that even without Memphis winning the POV that Keesha (because of her loyalty to Dan) and Jerry (because of his Final 2 deal with Memphis) would both vote to keep Memphis in the house, should he remain on the block.Before the competition, Dan slipped on his blindfold and headed to the helicopter for his day on the beach with Michelle. I have to applaud Dan's choice, especially considering some of the terrible things Michelle said about Dan... read more

Wig Out: Big Brother 10's Renny on Her Eviction

Renny Martyn, Big Brother 10

Between her multiple wigs and boas as vibrant as her personality, Renny Martyn definitely brought plenty of color to the Big Brother house this season. Her antics kept us (and her fellow houseguests) entertained, but her charm was ultimately seen as her biggest threat, causing the other players to evict her rather than possibly sitting beside her at the end. We chatted with Renny about her feelings toward Memphis, her sleepwalking and whether her not her many wigs symbolize her multiple personalities. That was maybe the most gracious Big Brother exit we've seen. How are you feeling now? Still no hard feelings?Renny Martyn: I'm feeling wonderful, really good. As much as I a hate not still being there, I'm glad to see the world again. I don't have any hard feelings. I don't blame them for not wanting to take me to the end — they probably wouldn't have won. [Laughs read more

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