• 2002
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y7

Martial-arts students called `Bladebreakers' battle global villains in this anime series.

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BEYBATTLE FOR THE AGES Season 3, Episode 52 Nov 1, 2005 $1.99

It's mid-way through Tyson and Brooklyn's final tie-breaking 'Justice 5' match which could give BEGA a stranglehold on the entire sport of Beyblading. Having suffered his only previous defeat at the hands of Kai, Brooklyn's thirst for revenge takes the form of an unearthly power. Not only has his Beyblade Zeus given Brooklyn sinister black wings with which to fly, it's generated a giant vortex in the sky that is wreaking havoc on the city. Buildings are crumbling everywhere. The entire world is being enveloped by the growing darkness. Only Tyson can stop Brooklyn before it's too late. Summoning his own formidable power from Dragoon, Tyson flies into the sky to convince Brooklyn to cease the negative emotions that are causing the havoc. When reasoning fails, the pair continues their battle above the ever-crumbling city. The tide turns in Tyson's favor when he's able to summon the spirits of his teammates' blades and merge them with Dragoon, which evolves into the most powerful Beyblade ever. By probing deeper into Brooklyn's psyche, Tyson learns that his foe's anxiety stems from childhood isolation at being a genius so early in life. Tyson makes Brooklyn see that Beyblading is a pure sport to be enjoyed for one reason alone - the love of the game. Brooklyn calms down. The chaos ends. And the pair continues their match simply for enjoyment. With BEGA's HQ in shambles, the upstart league and its owner Boris are ruined. Mr. Dickenson's BBA league restarts, but in a much more modest form. And kids everywhere - including Tyson and his friends - return to the simple, purest form of Beyblading.

WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE! Season 3, Episode 50 Oct 28, 2005 $1.99

Brooklyn has gone a little loopy after his loss against Kai. And the loss means either BEGA or the G Revolutions need one more victory to win the Justice 5 Tournament. To determine a winner, one battle is left and it will pit Tyson going up against one of the BEGA Blader's. But who will it be? Garland offers his services, but Hiro turns him down cold saying they need Brooklyn to fight this battle. Brooklyn's on the brink of a breakdown and now it's up to Hiro to get him back into fighting form. Meanwhile, Boris has taken matters into his own hands and dispatches Crusher and Ming Ming to knock Tyson out before he even has a chance to battle the BEGA Blader's. Crusher and Ming Ming arrive and straight away challenge Tyson to a battle. Rick and Lee step in to protect Tyson. At first it appears Crusher and Ming Ming are going to go through with their attack, then stop when they realize Tyson isn't their enemy. Now the stage is set for the big showdown between Tyson and Brooklyn!

THE PRINCIPLES OF VICTORY Season 3, Episode 49 Oct 27, 2005 $1.99

All of G Revolutions hopes now rest on Tyson's match with Garland. Tyson is determined to make sure Kai's brave victory over Brooklyn isn't wasted. Garland is confident he will win. His family have been sports champions for centuries thanks to a book containing the Tzebult Principles of Victory. Those who follow the principles never lose! Tyson seeks the help of his friends to prepare, finding comfort and focus in their company. The match begins and Garland seems unbeatable due to the family principles. But Tyson isn't satisfied... he wants to fight the real Garland, not a book of rules. Tyson convinces Garland to abandon the family code and Beybattle like a true Blader. But can he withstand the full force of Garland unleashed?

THE BEYBLADING SPIRIT Season 3, Episode 48 Oct 26, 2005 $1.99

The battle of "Justice 5 Tournament" continues and Kai is clearly overwhelmed by the power of Brooklyn of the Bega Bladers. Attack after attack sees Kai barely hanging on as he fights to stay in the match. Tyson and his team mates nervously watch, but vow to stay out of the battle because of a promise that Tyson made to Kai. Pleased with the progress of the battle and confident that Brooklyn will win, Boris watches from the sidelines with delight. Kai's determination to win against these unbeatable odds begins to frustrate Brooklyn and he increases the intensity of his attacks. Suddenly, when it seems that Kai can't take any more he manages to draw upon his Beyblading spirit and defeat Brooklyn. The crowd goes wild at this dramatic upset and Kai leaves the stadium only to collapse into Tyson's arms, battered and bruised. Brooklyn remains in the stadium, stunned and confused after suffering the first defeat of his Beyblading career. Kai assures his concerned team mates that he's all right and tells Tyson that he should be more concerned with his upcoming battle against Garland. Tyson, as confident as ever, shrugs Kai's advice off but secretly hopes he can summon the same amazing strength that his old friend showed in his battle. Kai walks unsteadily out of the stadium alone, collapses again, and then watches as Dranzer disintegrates in front of him.

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  • Premiered: July 6, 2002
  • Rating: TV-Y7
  • Premise: Martial-arts students called `Bladebreakers' battle global villains in this anime series. (more)

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