Beyblade: Shogun Steel

2012, TV Show

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Zyro and Shinobu decide to do some training together so Benkei and Maru take them on a camping trip in the woods for some intense wilderness workouts. When they return to the city the find Eight Unabara waiting for them and he has a message from his brother, Kite. Kite challenges Zyro to a bey battle and Zyro accepts. Zyro surprises Kite with the strength he has gained with his recent training and he and his Samauri Ifrit defeat Kite and his Guardian Leviathan. But Kite then combines his bey with his brothers to create Orochi Leviathan and he defeats Zyro in the second battle.

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Bey Spirit Team-Up
Stadium Destruction
Ultimate Bey Pegasus Bahamoote
The Strongest Blader in History
Labyrinth Chase
Synchrome Griffin Dragoon
Behemoth Golem Synchrome
Sakyo and Takanosuke Appear
Power Training With Ifrit
Kira's Absolute Power
Tremble Before Bahamoote
Arrow Tornado
Still Cyclone Stadium
Ifrit Is Crying
Multiplying Salamander

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