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Latest Episode: The Bridge to the Future!

Jan 25, 2014 Season 1 Episode 26 watch on (Paid)

Kira and Zyro battle at DNA Headquarters as Doji, Ginkga, Shinobu and Maru look on. Zyro tries to convince Kira to embrace his bey spirit, but Kira refuses. Zyro defeats Kira, but the shock waves from their battle dislodge the stadium and leave Kira hanging for his life from Zyro's hand. Yoshio arrives and saves the twosome, but Doji then transforms his robotized self into a huge bey and tries to destroy everyone. Zyro, Gingka and a reformed Kira join forces to defeat Doji, but Doji has rigged the building to self-destruct upon his demise and all the bladers must run for their lives. With the help of Sakyo and Takanosuke, they escape, and a new world of Beyblade is formed, where all bladers, WBBA and DNA, compete on a fair and honest basis.

The All-Out Mid-Air Battle!

Jan 18, 2014 Season 1 Episode 25

Zyro, Maru and Shinobu find Gingka being held prisoner by Doji. Zyro is challenged to a match by Kira, and if Zyro wins, Gingka will be set free. Zyro accepts and combines his bey with Shinobu's to form a Synchrome bey, Salamander Ifrit. Kira and Zyro battle hard, but their match is interrupted by a huge robitized Doji. Kira however refuses to accept Doji's help and tells Zyro that he will battle him to the end, alone.
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Entering the Trap

Jan 04, 2014 Season 1 Episode 23

Zyro and his friends join together to battle a swarm of bladers at the DNA mountain headquarters. The WBBA bladers decide to split up and find themselves in battles where each area of the DNA stronghold has been set up to put them at a disadvantage. Zyro and the others, however, manage to outsmart their opponents with the help of the surprise arrival of Sakyo and Takanosuke. Zyro and the others press on as they try to find Gingka and learn the truth about his supposed defection to DNA.
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Doji's Stronghold

Dec 07, 2013 Season 1 Episode 22

Zyro and his friends launch an assault on DNA Headquarters as they try to find out the truth as to whether or not Gingka has joined their rivals. They meet up with a blader named Karura who claims to rule the elements of nature with his bey. The gang discovers his secret and Kite defeats him in a battle. Zyro and the rest of the gang reach DNA Headquarters but find that there is an ambush waiting for them.
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The Legend and the Evil Combine

Nov 30, 2013 Season 1 Episode 21

The tournament to see who will represent the second stringers for Japan at the WBBA world tournament begins but it does not last long. Kira and his DNA accomplices show up and wage battles of their own, which end with Kira defeating Zyro in battle with a Synchrome Bey that contains part of Gingka's Pegasus. An energy form of Doji appears claiming that Gingka has joined DNA and so should every other blader. The DNA thugs leave and Zyro and his friends decide that they must confront them and learn the truth.
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A New Fight

Nov 23, 2013 Season 1 Episode 20

Three months after Zyro won the Neo Battle Bladers tournament, he and his friends are busy training for the upcoming WBBA world tournament. Everyone's training is interrupted by the appearance of Yoshio, Baihu, and other DNA bladers who start to attack Bey Parks all over the country. Baihu defeats Kite in a match, but when Zyro challenges him, Baihu backs down, vowing to battle him another day.
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Get Pumped for the Finals!

Nov 16, 2013 Season 1 Episode 16

In the next round of the Neo Battle Bladers tournament, eight bladers battle to see which four will advance to the semi-finals. Shinobu defeats Yoshio, Kira defeats Kite, Sakyo wins over Captain Arrow and Zyro narrowly defeats Takanosuke. The four victors now wait to see who they will be matched against in the semi-finals.
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The Ultimate Emperor of Destruction Bahamoote

Nov 16, 2013 Season 1 Episode 15

Shinobu faces Kira in the semi-finals of the Neo Battle Bladers Tournament, but Kira switches beys for the match, changing his Behemoth for a brand new bey called Bahamoote. The switch puts Shinobu at a disadvantage and although he battles hard, his bey, Salamander, is defeated by Bahamoote. Shinobu is injured in the loss and Zyro vows revenge. Gingka however visits Zyro and tells him that he must use his Blader spirit, not anger, if he is to defeat Kira in the final.
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A Fierce Synchrome Battle

Nov 02, 2013 Season 1 Episode 13

Zyro is training for his upcoming Synchrome bey battle with Kira when he is challenged by Kite to a match. Zyro's Salamander Ifrit defeats Kite's Orochi Leviathan. Zyro and his friends make their way to remote location to battle Kira, and they find that the battle will take place in strange looking stadium. Kira's Golem Behemoth defeats Zyro's Salamander Ifrit, and Kira tells him he is not good enough to even enter the upcoming National Tournament.
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The Ruthless Behemoth

Oct 26, 2013 Season 1 Episode 12

Yoshio answers a challenge for a battle against Akuya and his followers and Yoshio and his Golem claim victory. Zyro arrives and challenges Yoshio and Zyro and his Ifrit send Yoshio and his Golem down to defeat. A blader named Kira appears and he does battle with Shinobu, where Kira's bey Behemoth defeats Shinobu's Salalmander.
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A Heated Battle of Friendship

Oct 19, 2013 Season 1 Episode 11

Zyro is determined to avenge his loss to Yoshio and Ren and Shinobu help him train to do so. Meanwhile, Kikura returns and is defeated by Takanosuke. Takanosuke is then challenged to a match by Kite Unabara, where Kite uses a Synchrome bey, Orochi Leviathan, to defeat Takanosuke's Archer Griffin.
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The Ironclad Golem

Oct 12, 2013 Season 1 Episode 10

A huge Blader named Yoshio Iwayama comes to town and starts causing trouble with his aggressive battling techniques as he badly damages other beys with his bey, Bandit Golem. He is looking to battle Kite Unabara to prove that his bey is the strongest defence type. Eight pretends to be his brother and battles Yoshio and loses. Then Kite tries to avenge his brother's loss, but his Guardian Leviathan is defeated by Yoshio's Bandit Golem.
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Clash! Zyro vs. Sakyo

Oct 05, 2013 Season 1 Episode 9

Zyro Kurogane and his bey Samurai Ifrit are challenged to a battle in a Cyclone Beystadium by Akuya Onizaki and Archer Gargoyle. Akuya's followers join to him battle Zyro all at once, but Zyro and his Ifrit defeat them all. Meanwhile Shinobu Hiryuin and his Ninja Salamander are challenged and defeated by Sakyo Kurayami and his Ronin Dragoon. Zyro then challenges Sakyo but he loses. Sakyo promises that their next match will be in a Cyclone Beystadium.
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The Extraordinary Synchrome

Aug 31, 2013 Season 1 Episode 4

Zyro and Shinobu decide to do some training together so Benkei and Maru take them on a camping trip in the woods for some intense wilderness workouts. When they return to the city the find Eight Unabara waiting for them and he has a message from his brother, Kite. Kite challenges Zyro to a bey battle and Zyro accepts. Zyro surprises Kite with the strength he has gained with his recent training and he and his Samauri Ifrit defeat Kite and his Guardian Leviathan. But Kite then combines his bey with his brothers to create Orochi Leviathan and he defeats Zyro in the second battle.
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The Blazing Special Move

Aug 24, 2013 Season 1 Episode 3

Zyro is training hard for a chance to avenge his loss to this arch rival, Shinobu. Shinobu however refuses to battle him claiming that it would be a waste of his time. Benkei secretly intervenes by sponsoring a one-day tournament that is sanctioned by the WBBA. He knows Shinobu will not be able to resist entering and he is right. Both Shinobu and Zyro enter and each of them defeats all comers until they meet in the final. Shinobu and his Ninja Salamander seem to have Zyro and is Samauri Ifrit in trouble, but in the end Zyro concentrates all of Ifrit's remaining power into one more charge and Ifrit knocks Salamander out of the stadium and Zyro claims victory.
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