Beyblade: Metal Masters Episodes

2011, TV Show

Beyblade: Metal Masters Season 1 episodes

Galaxy Heart Season 1, Episode 50

Gingka prevents a meltdown at the Hades City reactor. read more

Rampage! Tempo Season 1, Episode 49

Masamune and Gingka battle Faust at the Spiral Core. read more

The Wild Beast Unleashed Season 1, Episode 48

Kyoya battles Damian; Masamune and Gingka make their way to the Spiral Core. read more

Befall's Trap Season 1, Episode 47

Tsubasa and Jack battle in Hades City. read more

The Fallen Emperor Season 1, Episode 46

Gingka and his pals fight their way toward the Spiral Core in Hades City. read more

Charge! Hades City Season 1, Episode 45

Gingka trails Dr. Ziggurat to Hades City. read more

The Miraculous Spiral Force Season 1, Episode 44

The power of Spiral Force is revealed by Dr. Ziggurat. read more

Showdown! Gingka vs. Damian Season 1, Episode 43

Gingka and Damian face off in the championships. read more

Spirits' Last Battle Season 1, Episode 42

Damian and Gingka face off in the final battle of the championships. read more

The Dragon Emperor Excitement! Season 1, Episode 41

Ryuga and Jack battle. read more

The Final Countdown Season 1, Episode 40

Zeo battles Masamune. read more

The Furious DJ Battle! Season 1, Episode 39

Two DJs battle for the right to announce matches in the championships. read more

The Guard Dog of Hades, Kerbecs Season 1, Episode 38

Damian challenges Julian to a series of battles. read more

The Wicked Peacock Befall Season 1, Episode 37

Jack and Klaus face off in a battle. read more

The Compass of Fate Byxis Season 1, Episode 36

Zeo undergoes changes at Dr. Ziggurat's lab before challenging Masamune to a battle. read more

The Plot Thickens Season 1, Episode 35

Zeo battles Ryuga while Gingka and the gang go to the Dungeon Gym. read more

The Friend's Name Is Zeo Season 1, Episode 34

The team travel to America, where Masamune battles an old friend. read more

Charge! Ray Gill Season 1, Episode 33

Tsubasa and Argo face off to determine whose team will advance to the championships. read more

The Explosive Cyclone Battle Season 1, Episode 32

Gingka battles Selen, who drains Pegasus' power during the match. read more

The Brazilian Trap Season 1, Episode 31

A recuperating Yu battles Enso Garcia. read more

The Midday Street Battle Season 1, Episode 30

The team travel to Brazil for the finals; Yu gets into trouble while wandering off on his own. read more

Gravity Destroyer Season 1, Episode 29

Gingka uses new moves in a battle against Julian. read more

Dark Eagle Season 1, Episode 28

Tsubasa grapples with his dark powers during a match that brings up old memories. read more

Exceed the Limit! Season 1, Episode 27

Masamune battles Klaus, who pushes his limits to survive the match. read more

The Dragon Emperor Returns Season 1, Episode 26

Tsubasa confronts Julian and demands a battle. read more

The Axe of Destruction Season 1, Episode 25

Klaus and Chi-yun battle while Tsubasa watches from the hospital. read more

The Creeping Darkness Season 1, Episode 24

Tsubasa is tormented by a dark presence. read more

The End of a Fierce Struggle! Season 1, Episode 23

Another tag-team match is scheduled, and the injured Kyoya and Gingka decide to pair up for battle. read more

The Third Match, on the Edge Season 1, Episode 22

A double match is arranged after Gingka and Kyoya's match ends in a draw. read more

Eternal Rivals Season 1, Episode 21

Gingka and Kyoya battle in a long-awaited match-up. read more

Horuseus vs. Striker Season 1, Episode 20

A confident Masmune faces Nile, who presents more of a challenge than expected. read more

The Shocking Wild Fang Season 1, Episode 19

Kyoya draws attention as the leader of team Wild Fang. read more

The Scorching Hot Lion Season 1, Episode 18

Kyoya goes to Africa and befriends a fellow blader. read more

We Meet Again! Wang Hu Zhong Season 1, Episode 17

Poor teamwork comes between the gang before a battle against Team China. read more

The Festival of Warriors Season 1, Episode 16

Gingka, Masamune and Yu battle Team Excalibur in an attempt to learn more about their foes. read more

Libra Departs for the Front Season 1, Episode 15

Yu's battle is sabotaged by Anton, but Masamune steps in to help. read more

How Grand! The Cage Match Season 1, Episode 14

Gingka battles Nowaguma in a cage match. read more

The Wintry Land of Russia Season 1, Episode 13

Madoka has a crush on a Russian team member; Masamune falls into a trap. read more

The Bey With a Hero's Name Season 1, Episode 12

Gingka and pals watch a match between Excalibur and Desert Blaze. read more

The 4,000 Year Old Secret Season 1, Episode 11

Da Shan and Gingka battle in a final matchup. read more

Lacerta's Will Season 1, Episode 10

Tsubasa's dark power surfaces during a match. read more

The World Championships Begin! Season 1, Episode 9

Masamune learns to focus his power while training with an old man. read more

The Third Man Season 1, Episode 8

Masamune battles Chow-Shin on the Great Wall of China. read more

The Beylin Temple in the Sky Season 1, Episode 7

The gang travel to China and learn about an ancient temple in the mountains. read more

Soar Into the World! Season 1, Episode 6

Tsubasa and Yu compete for a spot on the team after Kyoya decides not to join. read more

Final Battle! Leone vs. Eagle Season 1, Episode 5

Kyoya and Tsubasa battle for a final spot on Team Japan. read more

Ticket to the World Season 1, Episode 4

Yu wants revenge and challenges Masamune to a battle. read more

A New Challenge Season 1, Episode 3

Gingka and Masamune team up for a tag-team battle. read more

The Persistent Challenger Season 1, Episode 2

Masamune challenges Gingka, who's eager to test Pegasus' powers. read more

Seeking the Legend Season 1, Episode 1

A new challenger surfaces to take on Gingka. read more

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